Are GCSE really important?

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As minimum requirements and a barrier to entry for most roles and university courses, they are arguably the most important qualifications you can do. A Levels will only get you so far without strong passes in the core GCSE subjects. Studying GCSEs provides you with an essential foundation in a range of subjects.

Is GCSE a waste of time?

All GCSEs apart from four core subjects are a waste of time and should be scrapped, the former chief inspector of schools has said. Sir Mike Tomlinson argues schools, teachers and students waste valuable resources, namely time and money, because of the high numbers of GCSEs that pupils need to sit each year.

Do universities really care about GCSEs?

Do universities look at GCSE grades? Some universities will only look at your A-level grades and your application before they consider accepting you. But at more competitive universities, they will look at your GCSE results to see how consistent your academic career has been.

Do jobs look at GCSEs?

Employers are most likely to use GCSE grades to identify candidates with specific grades in specific subjects, while two in five look for a minimum number of specific grades/grade ranges. In both cases this most commonly amounts to at least 2 to 3 GCSE grades A to C in English, Maths and sometimes, a science subject.

What happens if you dont do GCSE?

Even if you don't have a pass in GCSE English and Maths, you'll be fine, you'll just need to take a basic numeracy and literacy test in most cases. As part of the apprenticeship, you will get up to speed by taking a GCSE or equivalent course.

Are GCSEs Important? Why You Shouldn't Be Worried About Your GCSE Results

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Can you get a job without GCSE?

In a nutshell, yes you can! There are a number of apprenticeship schemes out there that you can apply for even if you don't have any qualifications. So if you're wondered and thinking, “I failed my GCSEs”, don't worry – a fantastic career could still be available to you. There are different levels of apprenticeships.

Can you walk out of a GCSE exam?

You are not allowed out of GCSE and A level exams (which last over an hour) for the first hour in order to prevent you from talking to someone starting late elsewhere. After that it is up to your school's policy.

Can you lie about GCSE on CV?

So, can employers check your GCSE results and find out that you have undeclared or false grades on your CV? In short, the answer to this question is yes, employers can (and probably will) check your GCSE results, especially if they suspect that you have lied about them to apply for a position with them.

Is it illegal to lie on your CV?

In short, yes. CV lies are illegal. Making changes like inflating your university grades or changing previous job titles may seem small, but they can be classed as 'fraud by false representation', which carries a maximum 10-year jail sentence.

Are GCSEs 2022 Cancelled?

GCSE and A-level exams are set to make a return this summer following the upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Tests will go ahead as normal in 2022 after formal exams were cancelled two years in a row because of the virus.

Is a 7 good in GCSE?

In general, a grade 7-9 is roughly equivalent to A-A* under the old system, while a grade 4 and above is roughly equivalent to a C and above. Fewer students will receive a grade 9 than would have received an A* under the old grading system.

Are 8 GCSEs enough?

Fewer GCSEs with good grades are the best - a minimum of 8. It's a great collection of advice and information. 8 is plenty.

Do King's college look at GCSE?

Like all UK universities, they are mainly interested in your A level results. But they expect you to have 5 or more good GCSEs, including Maths and English, or an acceptable alternative. And if you haven't yet done your A levels, they will look at your GCSEs as an indication of how well you are likely to do.

What can you do instead of GCSEs?

So, what are my options?
  • Stay at School, go to a College or Sixth Form and study full time courses.
  • Get a job and take a work related course alongside it such as an OCR National, BTEC, City and Guilds or other accredited course.
  • Be Self Employed but you will also need to do some accredited learning or training course.

Is giving a fake reference illegal?

Fake references are illegal – if you're caught. Directly lying is incredibly unethical, and if caught, you could be fired or face legal trouble. Companies rarely sue for lying, but the people you named on your reference list have every right to.

Can you fire someone for lying?

Technically, an employer can fire any at-will worker at any time, for any reason. But in the case of a suspected lie, workplace experts recommended that employers double-check the facts before firing the employee to avoid a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Do employers actually check your grades?

Employers will rarely look at your high school grades if you've completed a university degree and you have relevant work experience. Many think that if you were academically strong enough to get into university, your school academic record doesn't merit further scrutiny.

Can I go to jail for lying on my resume?

In this post, we'll go over three of the potential legal repercussions of lying in your job application, which can include fines, litigation, and even jail time.

How long are GCSEs valid for?

In short, GCSEs are valid and held on record for life. Schools are required to keep GCSE certificates for at least 12 months after having received them from the exam boards – they may or may not decide to keep the results after this period is over.

Can I get my GCSE results from 20 years ago?

The only way that you will be able to come across this information is by contacting the school which you sat your GCSEs at. In order to get the information that you need, you should tell your school which year you left, as well as which subjects you took.

What happens if someone faints in a GCSE exam?

If someone dies during an exam, all the other students present pass. If a natural disaster occurs during an exam, all students present pass. If a university burns down or is destroyed otherwise, all current students immediately graduate with a bachelor's degree.

Is it true that if someone dies in an exam everyone passes UK?

Many people erroneously believe that if someone dies in the exam room, everyone else gets an automatic pass. This certainly is not the case in the UK.

Are you allowed to go to the toilet during a GCSE exam?

Are you allowed to go to the toilet ? Yes, any invigilator will take you out of the hall.

What GCSEs do you need to be a flight attendant?

You'll usually need: 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, including English and maths, for an advanced apprenticeship.

What jobs pay well without a degree UK?

40 Highest Paying Jobs without a Degree in the UK
  • Personal trainer. Average Salary – £27,000. ...
  • Estate Agents. Average Salary – £21,500. ...
  • Recruitment Consultant. Average Salary – £23,000. ...
  • Pilates Instructors. Average Salary – £25,000. ...
  • FireFighter. Average Salary – £30,027. ...
  • Health & Wellbeing Coach. ...
  • Police Officer. ...
  • Marketing Executive.