Are IITians happy?

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The survey conducted in the institute also shows that the students on the campus, in general too, are not happy as compared to the average individual's happiness score (4.3).

Is life at IIT enjoyable?

I found that studies was the last thing on the list of an IITian which is amazing. The College fests were as magnanimous as touted and I personally enjoyed every bit of it. To sum it up, it was an amazing experience and it is worth the hard work people put in to get inside.”

Are all IITians happy Quora?

Everyone is an individual and is different, some are happy and some are not. Same for the IITians; some IITians are happy, some are not. Everyone is an individual in its own and has his own sense of happiness. No one can account for all the IITians, as they all are not same.

Are IITians happy with their jobs Quora?

There is some happiness. But the ones who really worked hard are never satisfied. It is common character trait seen in all the 'maggus' across IITs. Then there are people who thought they will get jobs of some particular kind and don't get it and are unhappy.

Are IITians unemployed?

Is it true that some students from IITs are jobless? - Quora. Yes it is true, 15–20%(or even more) do not get job during campus placement. There will be always some students who doesn't fit in the crowd. It is mainly due to low CPI, poor communication and management skills.

Delhi's IIT topper reveals his mind

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Are there unsuccessful IITians?

Not everyone can make it to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), some either fail at the entrance exam or even drop out after getting into one. But that doesn't mean they will be left behind in life. Cracking IIT JEE has never been easy and the competition has only increased in recent years.

Is job guaranteed after IIT?

Even an IIT degree can't guarantee a job!

What are IITians doing?

Statistically, in every batch of IITians:

around 20-30 percent go abroad, majorly to pursue higher studies and sometimes for a job. about 10 percent go for further studies (MBA/M. Tech) within the country. the rest, around 60 percent, take up jobs in India itself.

What are IITians doing now Quora?

70% of IITians take up run-of-the-mill jobs and work alongside other engineers, mostly in IT firms doing mundane jobs, because, well, placement. Of the remaining, 15% go abroad to work or study; and close to the other 15% take up an MBA and go to the corporates.

Are you happy after IIT Quora?

99.9% of the students at IIT(UG's) are there because of the social stigma attached to the big “IIT Dream” of good job implying a happy life after that. And it is true for the majority, but a high paying job(which is not so high for the majority of the population) isn't enough to be happy.

Does IIT Bombay have girls?

Like every other technical institute in the country, IIT's gender ratio is terribly skewed, so much so that out of 16 hostels, only three are for women.

Is IIT stressful Quora?

Absolutely not! I have completed 2 years in IIT and not a single exam has passed without phrases like "JEE k time pe kese padh lete the yaar, ab to padha hi nai jata". Most of the students scrape a decent grade by studying for a week before the exams and attending at least 50% of the classes.

What are the disadvantages of IIT?

Here are a look at some negative things about being in an IIT.
  • The skewed gender ratio. The most painfully excruciating among the negative things about being in an IIT (and only a few people may be able to sympathise with this abject condition of IIT-ians). ...
  • Tasty food? What's that? ...
  • Mutual respect! ...
  • Culture-starved?

Where is Arpit Agarwal now?

Currently, Arpit lives in Delhi.

Are IIT toppers successful?

He was doing B. Tech in Computer Science from IIT Bombay. However, he left engineering to pursue bachelors degree in physics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). You may have noticed that all JEE toppers are leading different lives but are successful in their respective fields.

What are Air 1 in Jee doing now?

Pranav Goyal (AIR-1, 2018)

Currently, he is pursuing B. Tech in Computer Science from IIT Bombay. Along with studying, he is a trading intern with Jane Street.

Can I join IIT after 10th?

After completing 10th, a student is not eligible to get admission into IIT in any course.

Do IIT students go abroad?

More than 40% of our undergraduate students receive an overseas study abroad, overseas internship or other experience; 30 of our PhD have a semester abroad experience. Between 10% and 15% of our faculty is visiting faculty, primarily from overseas," said Sudhir Jain, Director of IIT Gandhinagar.

Do IITians go abroad?

About 500 IITD students, including about 350 undergraduates, have been placed and another 30-35 students are expected to go abroad for further studies. In the first round lasting four days, 177 students were placed at an average package of about Rs 8 lakh.

Why IITians are paid so much?

The truth is that most IITians get the salary as per the industry standards during the campus placements, he adds. Institutes are introducing reformative measures to bring parity during placements and ease the pressure on students as big corporates making exorbitant offers continues to make headlines.

What is the lowest package of IIT?

The highest IIT Placements package at IIT Madras in 2020 was 82.5 LPA, while the average package was 18.12 LPA, and the lowest was 5.4 LPA.

Can an IITian buy Audi?

I think the only qualification required to buy an Audi is Money. You have to Just know by yourself that getting into IIT is not a success. There are hundreds of examples (really hundreds of) of people who were not IITian and today they are a successful person.

Did Satya Nadella give JEE?

Later, he received an MBA from the University of Chicago. He's not an IITian, but various IITians, Ivy league students work under him.

Did Satya Nadella fail JEE?

Satya Nadella

Satya did not bother about failing in JEE exam because he is good at finding alternatives. He graduated in engineering from Manipal University, started his career at Sun Microsystems and then, joined as Program Manager at Microsoft while pursuing MBA.

Did APJ Abdul Kalam studied in IIT?

One such example is Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, better known as "the Missile Man of India", who was not from any IITs but did his engineering from Madras Institute of Technology (MIT). Nonetheless, he became one of the finest engineers in the world inspiring many aspiring IITians.