Can biology student join Indian Army?

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Biology graduates do have two options at Indian Army for becoming an officer. Combined Defence Services Examination conducted by UPSC: Candidates need to qualify in CDS exam and then they need to be recommended by Services Selection Board in SSB interviews.

Can a bio student join army?

Yes you can eligible for Indian army after completing 12th with Biology. To join Indian Army you can write the NDA exam. NDA stands for National Defence Academy.

Can PCB students join Indian Army?

Originally Answered: Can I join the Indian Army after 12th with PCB? Yes. You can join Indian Army through NDA And NA Examination after your class 12. Already official notification is released once go check it out.

Can BSC biology student join Indian Army?

Originally Answered: Can I join Indian army as an officer after bsc in biology? Yes sure. You an join as short service commissioned officer and can later apply for permanent commission. Exam - OTA non tech entries ( till the age of 24 1/2).

Can I join army with bio stream?

Yes you can join the Army after taking biology as your subject in 12th.

Can biology students join Army/Navy/Air force (Defence). Army jobs for biology (PCB)students.

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Can a biology student apply for NDA?

A 12th student having biology, can't apply for NDA. Student must have Mathematics & Physics subjects in his/her 12th.

Can a PCB student join navy?

In your case, as you have a PCB Group, you cannot join Merchant Navy as an Officer.

Is Bipc students eligible for NDA?

Yes you are eligible for NDA exam.

Can I join Air Force with PCB?

Yess you can join Indian Armed forces after 12th with PCB. PCB candidates eligible for ground duties in Indian Airforce.

Can I join MNS after BSc biology?

Re: Can I join Indian Army after completion of BSc Biology? yes,through CDSE examination you can get into Indian army . Graduation from recognized university. Have to fulfill minimum physical fittest requirement.

Can a PCB girl give NDA exam?

Originally Answered: Can I apply for NDA when I'm a PCB student? Yes ofcourse you can. Anyone who has completed class 12th in any stream can apply for NDA, but you have to pass in the Mathematics paper of NDA which is of 300 marks.

Can PCB student become commando?

Yes , you can join Indian Army by giving NDA examination or you can apply for indian Army after your graduation as a medical corp.

Can biology student join Navy?

yes, a bio student can apply if he has Maths. There are 5 ways to join Indian Navy as an Officer. Most of the officers recruited by the officials are aged 16.5 to 19 but there are opportunities for others as well.

Can Bio student join BSF?

Yes! Just clear your competitive written examination and SSB.

Which job is best for PCB students?

Popular careers for PCB students
  1. Medicine and Surgery (Medical doctor) A career in medicine and surgery is the most sought-after profession by PCB students after class 12th. ...
  2. Dentistry. ...
  3. Biotechnology. ...
  4. Botany. ...
  5. Pharmacy. ...
  6. Ayurved. ...
  7. Physiology. ...
  8. Zoology.

Can biology student apply for NDA without maths?

No. Biology students can take the written exam, but they won't be able to take the SSB interview unless they have a 12th certificate from either the PCM or PCMB stream. If you are a science, commerce, or arts student, you can give NDA.

Can PCB student become pilot?

Yes, a Physics, Chemistry and Biology student can become a pilot by enrolling for Physics while entering the academic year of Second your junior college (SYJC) or if some student doesn't know about this while entering the academic year of SYJC then he or she will have to give a separate exam for physics after passing ...

Can PCB student give JEE?

YES they can fill jee main application form and appear for the exam.

What can I do after 12th with PCB?

Top 8 Career Options After 12th Science PCB 2022-2023
  1. #1 MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
  2. #2 BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)
  3. #3 BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery)
  4. #4 B.Sc. ( ...
  5. #5 BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
  6. #6 B. ...
  7. #7 BPT (Bachelors of Physiotherapy)

Is Biology student eligible for UPSC?

Yes, Biology students are eligible to appear for IAS (Indian Administrative Services) Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission. But in order to appear in IAS Examination, you must have completed Graduate Degree (Bachelor Degree) in any discipline from a recognized university.

Can Biology student apply for UPSC?

The minimum eligibility criteria to apply for UPSC exam is a Bachelor's degree from a recognized University. So, even Biology students can apply for UPSC exams. You can even opt Biology related subjects in mains.

Can bio students apply IIT?

Yes, Biology students are eligible to apply for the JEE.

Can biology student apply for Air Force Y group?

Yes, Definitely you can apply for Y Group. You can be allotted with Medical Assistant Trade in IAF.

Can I join Army after BSc biotechnology?

Yes, you can join Indian Army after Completion of B.Sc. Biotechnology through appearing CDS entrance exam provided you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

How do you become a military doctor?

For the role of doctor in Indian Armed Forces, you are required to appear in NEET examination and apply for admission in Armed Forces Medical College . You can opt for an MBBS course there to become a Doctor .