Can I go to university without A-levels?

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Although A Levels are primarily for those seeking to get into university, yes it is possible to get to university without A levels and qualify for a university course. An Access to Higher Education (Access to HE) course is a flexible way of getting into university and suits those who are returning to education.

How can I get into university without A levels?

You can apply through Ucas for an integrated degree, which includes a foundation year for students who don't meet the typical entry requirements. There is no single listing of these courses – you will have to contact Ucas for help or call individual universities to ask if they offer these courses.

Can I go to uni without GCSEs or A levels?

Whether you just missed out on a grade at GCSE or lack certain subjects or qualifications, you can still get to university if you're willing to put some extra work in.

DO YOU NEED A levels to go to university in the UK?

This is one of the most common questions students make. The answer is yes, you can go to university in UK without A-Levels. However, note that UK universities are very competitive therefore an equivalent academic qualification is a necessity.

Are A levels necessary for university?

If you're thinking about going to university, most higher education courses require specific A levels or combinations of A levels (or alternative level 3 qualifications). If you're not sure what career or job you want to do, studying a selection of A levels can be a good way of keeping your options open.


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Are A-levels worth it?

On the other hand, if you want to work in something like engineering, finance, or law in the future then it is definitely worth pursuing A-levels, whilst it is possible to get into some of them without qualifications it is exceptionally hard.

What can I do instead of A-levels?

8 Alternatives to A-Levels
  1. National Vocational Qualification (or SVQ in Scotland) ...
  2. Apprenticeships. ...
  3. BTEC. ...
  4. Advanced Diploma Qualification. ...
  5. International Baccalaureate. ...
  6. Cambridge Pre-U Diploma. ...
  7. Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers. ...
  8. Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and Interdisciplinary Project.

What age do you do A Levels?

A Levels are usually studied by students in Sixth Form, which refers to the last two years of secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, taken at ages 16–18.

What grades do I need for uni?

Most universities will look for an 4/5 at GCSE (A*-C under the old grading system) in English, maths and possibly science. Specific courses may also ask for minimum grades in certain relevant GCSE subjects, while competitive courses will look for strong GCSE results as an indicator of your academic ability.

Can you go to university without Level 3?

NCEA credits for university. To enter a New Zealand university you usually need at least University Entrance (UE), made up of: NCEA Level 3. three approved NCEA subjects at Level 3 with 14 credits in each.

Can you go to uni with 1 GCSE?

You must now have Maths and English GCSEs at grade C or above, for the majority of degree courses. Some will also specify additional ones e.g. Science. You will at leadt need to retake those GCSEs in order to improve your grades. Your other grades seem quite low to be useful for uni.

How many GCSE do you need for university?

Most colleges like you to take a minimum of five GCSEs, including English Language and Maths at grade 4 (C) or above, while sixth forms have slightly higher entry requirements, looking for at least six GCSE examination results achieving at least a grade 4 (C).

Can I take a levels independently?

Although most people take A-levels in sixth form between 16 and 18, you can take them at any time. For example, if you missed a university offer taking an A-level independently can give you a better chance when reapplying.

Can I go to university at any age?

The main difference when applying to university as a mature student is the entry requirements. A mature student can be as young as 21 but many are in their late 20s/early 30s or older, and may have left school without the necessary A Levels or equivalent.

Can you take A levels at any age?

Actually, there's no age limit to A Levels, providing the entry requirements are met! So it doesn't matter if you're 16 or 79, you can still take your A Level exams.

Is 2 A levels enough for uni?

2 is the minimum though it is a very narrow course and the more prestigious universities will require three. Doing four or more isn't usually recommended any more UNLESS it is further mathematics (and maths, further maths and physics is a very narrow combination so, if doing that, I would add an extra subject).

Will my uni accept me if I don't get the grades?

There's still a chance a university will accept you with lower grades if you narrowly missed the mark (though trying your luck with three Cs when your offer was ABB probably won't work). There can be a disparity between what a university asks for and what it will accept.

What happens if I fail my A levels?

If you completely failed your A levels or didn't even sit the exams, there are still apprenticeships you can take advantage of. You'll most likely have to start on a Level 2 apprenticeship. These are a great entry point to a career and will usually lead on to higher levels.

Do predicted grades matter?

Predicted grades help show a university how academically capable you are, and whether you're likely to achieve the entry requirements needed for the degree you want to study.

How much does A Levels Cost UK?

A-Level courses are provided for free to students aged 16 to 18 in the UK. All they have to pay to get their A-Levels are a symbolic fee for taking their final exams, which at maximum can be £100. However, there are some further education colleges, which apply fees as high as £1,000 for two standard A-Levels.

Can you do A Levels at university?

The vast majority of schools and colleges now focus on A Levels, with the one-year AS Level less popular and available. If you already know what you'd like to study, you can contact the university admissions office and ask about entry requirements for the course(s) you're interested in.

Can you get an A * at AS?

You cannot get A* at AS level, no.

Can you dropout of college at 16?

This can leave others wondering: at what age is it considered legal to leave education? ... In short, although it is against the law to quit education before you turn 18, there are really no legal consequences for breaking this rule.

Do I have to do sixth form?

Sixth form is not compulsory, but a preferable choice for students wishing to continue in academic studies leading to university level.

What jobs can I do without going to university?

The top 10 highest paying jobs which you don't need a degree for
  1. Firefighter. Firefighters can earn up to £40,000 per year, depending on their rank. ...
  2. Police Constable. ...
  3. Entrepreneur. ...
  4. Train and Tram Drivers. ...
  5. Training Managers. ...
  6. Project Manager. ...
  7. Air traffic Controllers. ...
  8. Sales Managers.