Can we do a l privately in Sri Lanka?

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Applying or appearing as a private candidate by being a student in a government school is entirely prohibited. Committing of such offense shall be subjected to invalidating of examination results and debarring from sitting any future examinations.

How do I apply Al exam privately?

Private student can submit application via link given website. Also private candidates can apply through the mobile application mobile App 'DoE”.

Can we do a l private?

The majority of candidates enter the exams via their respective schools, while candidates who have finished school education can also apply as private applicants. The qualification also serves as an entrance requirement for Sri Lankan state universities. The exams are held in three mediums: Sinhala, Tamil and English.

Is Sri Lanka al exam hardest?

Sri Lankan Advanced level examinations in physical sciences and biological sciences are probably most difficult examinations in the world as it is used as the entrance examination for the admission of Sri Lankan state universities..

How do I choose Al subject in Sri Lanka?

To qualify for A/L's, a minimum of 6 passes with three (3) C passes and passes in Sinhala/Tamil Language, Mathematics and English are required. Students must offer six subjects, of which three subjects could be of their own choice selected from courses available in school.

2021 A/L Online Application | Private Applicants

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How do I study for Al?

Top Five study tips for the upcoming A/L examination 2019
  1. Find out the dates of your exams and write in it down in a paper and attach it somewhere you constantly look at. ...
  2. Prepare yourself a timetable for studying and other activities. ...
  3. Prepare short notes. ...
  4. Revising past papers and answering them.

How do I apply to al school in Sri Lanka?

Visit the official website and click “Online Applications (School Exams)” under “Our Services” or, • Visit the official mobile app, “DoE” and click “Online Applications (School Exams)” or, • Visit . ii) Private applicants should select “G.C.E.

Which is most toughest exam in world?

Top 10 Toughest Exams in the World
  • Gaokao.
  • IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination)
  • UPSC (Union Public Services Commission)
  • Mensa.
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
  • CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert)
  • GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, India)

Which is the tough exam in the world?

#1 Master Sommelier Diploma Exam

This exam is considered the world's toughest examination.

Is Edexcel better?

Both examinations are highly respected and have equal value in regard to further studies or employment. Both examinations are set at similar levels of difficulty, although individual opinions differ with some students find certain subjects in one examination more difficult than in the other.

How do I apply for school in al 2022?

Visit the and click on Admissions 2021-2022 for more information.
  1. Apply to at least 3 schools (Including the ones closest to your home)
  2. Indicate your order of preference on the system.
  3. Don't Block places at Schools.

How many times can I appear as private candidate?

As per 12th exams there is no limitations for attempts..

but for the exams you can wait for long months.. so its better if you clear as soon as possible..

What is the date of OL exam 2021?

2021 O/L exam has been postponed again. O/L examination will be held from 2022 May 23 to June 1. Earlier, G.C.E O/L examination was scheduled to be held from 21 February 2022 to 03 March 2022.

How can I get result sheet online?

O/l Results Student Result Sheets Online
  1. Students get their personal result sheet. use your index no.
  2. Schools can get their school results Sheet (whole students) – use username and password of AL online or Scholarship online application.
  3. Zonal can get their zonal wise results sheet.

How can I get education certificate in Sri Lanka?

Candidates wanting to obtain certified education certificates have to apply online or through e-mail after logging into the Education Ministry official website Further details can be obtained from the Certificates Branch by dialling 011278423 or the hotline number 1911.

Which country has the hardest education system?

Following countries are well known for their toughest education system across the globe:
  • South Korea.
  • Japan.
  • Singapore.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Finland.

Which country has most difficult exam?

Gaokao (China)

Each year, millions of students in China take the gaokao, taken by students in their third and final year of high school typically from June 7 to June 8 or 9. It's China's version of the American SAT and British A-level tests, and is known as one of the hardest exams in the world.

Which is the easiest exam in India?

List of Easiest Government Exams to Crack in India
  • SSC Multi Tasking staff.
  • IBPS Cerk Exam.
  • SSC Stenographer.
  • IBPS Specialist Officer Exams.
  • Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET)
  • LIC Apprentice Development Officer (ADO)
  • State PSC Exams.

Which is the easiest exam in the world?

List of easiest competitive exams in India are given below:
  • RRB Group D. ...
  • RRB NTPC. ...
  • SSC Multi-Tasking Staff. ...
  • SSC CHSL. ...
  • SSC Stenographer. ...
  • IBPS Specialist Officer Exams. ...
  • Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET) ...
  • LIC Apprentice Development Officer (ADO)

Who is the gaokao topper?

Fight against all odds. Zhong Fangrong. Zhong Fangrong, who recently aced the gao kao, China's challenging pre-university entrance exam, has announced that she wants to study archaeology.

Which is the toughest board in India?

Which board is toughest in India? Ans. ICSE is one of the toughest boards managed by CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination). It is similar to AISSE conducted by CBSE.

How can I study al science?

  1. You must have a self confidence that you can do in the finals well.
  2. Follow only FEW CLASSES.
  3. You must have a goal what you would be.
  4. Study with interesting and understanding.
  5. Do past paper questions as well as possible.
  6. Get your own notes for every three subjects in short.
  7. Help others in studying.

How do I get physics?

How To Get An A In Physics – 7 Steps
  1. Make good notes. ...
  2. Understand your formulae. ...
  3. Practice using your formulae. ...
  4. Look for “reasonable” numbers. ...
  5. Start EEI's early. ...
  6. Do your research before you test. ...
  7. Make a formula sheet, then ignore it. ...
  8. 7.5.

How can I study physics for a level?

11 Tips to Pass A Level Physics
  1. Manage your Time. Before you even focus on any subject, time management should come first. ...
  2. Work on your Practical Skills. ...
  3. Understand Equations. ...
  4. Enroll for Physics Tuition. ...
  5. Discuss with Coursemates. ...
  6. Use Visuals. ...
  7. Practice! ...
  8. Use Past Papers.