Do Imperial look at GCSEs?

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Like all UK universities, they are mainly interested in your A level results. But they expect you to have 5 or more good GCSEs, including Maths and English, or an acceptable alternative. And if you haven't yet done your A levels, they will look at your GCSEs as an indication of how well you are likely to do.

Does Imperial College care about GCSEs?

go through to the next stage of the selection process (the BMAT grades). ... GCSE grades when accessing candidates. When assessing applications, we look at predicted grades, not AS level or. GCSE results.

Can I get into Imperial with bad GCSEs?

GCSEs are particularly important for applicants from the UK, as they are the only examinations that most applicants are likely to have taken. Thus they provide a basis for comparison. An applicant with poor GCSEs is unlikely to be considered further unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Do GCSEs matter for Imperial College London?

Your GCSEs are an important part of the university application process, but they aren't quite as important as your more recent study e.g. your A levels or BTECs. All courses at UCL require GCSE passes in English Language and Maths at grade 5 or higher, and some courses may ask for higher grades in these subjects.

What GCSEs do I need for Imperial College?

All candidates must have a minimum English language qualification of at least grade B/6 at GCSE/iGCSE or other equivalent qualification or proficiency test (equivalent to CEFR level A2-B1, e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE).

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Does imperial look at as grades?

Our admissions tutor won't just look at your grades; they will also consider other aspects of your application – see below for more information.

How hard is it to get into Imperial?

How hard is it to get into Imperial? Imperial is a very competitive university with it's overall acceptance rate being only 15%.

Does Imperial give 4 A level offers?

Is it worth taking the fourth a level? Our minimum requirement is for grades AAA in three A-levels including Chemistry and Biology, with a standard offer being A*AA (with the A* in Chemistry or Biology). When initially assessing applications, we look at predicted grades, not AS level or GCSE results.

Does everyone get an interview at Imperial?

Most departments at Imperial use an interview as part of the selection process, which may form part of an admissions day. Interview processes will vary by department and your child will be provided with further information if they are invited to interview.

Is Imperial College London good?

We're consistently rated in the top-five UK universities and in the top twenty worldwide. Our reputation among researchers and employers provides you with a degree that is valued worldwide. By studying with us you can benefit from global recognition of our innovative environment and world-leading teaching and research.

Do you need 4 A levels for Imperial?

No need. I did three A levels and got into Imperial. I start in October. My brother did three A levels and is now at Cambridge.

What MAT score do you need for Imperial?

Generally speaking, your score needs to be in at least the low 50's in order to be shortlisted for interview.

How long does it take for Imperial to make offers?

All applications are given careful consideration. Applicants can normally expect to receive a decision on their application within six to eight weeks of receipt of a complete application (including references).

Does Imperial go through clearing?

Imperial does not typically enter into Clearing, which is a UCAS process that lets you apply for a course which still has places for 2021 entry.

Is 7 a good GCSE grade?

In general, a grade 7-9 is roughly equivalent to A-A* under the old system, while a grade 4 and above is roughly equivalent to a C and above. Fewer students will receive a grade 9 than would have received an A* under the old grading system.

Is a 5 in GCSE good?

The new GCSEs will be graded 9–1, rather than A*–G, with grade 5 considered a good pass and grade 9 being the highest and set above the current A*. The government's definition of a 'good pass' will be set at grade 5 for reformed GCSEs. A grade 4 will continue to be a Level 2 achievement.

Do universities care about GCSE?

Do universities look at GCSE grades? Some universities will only look at your A-level grades and your application before they consider accepting you. But at more competitive universities, they will look at your GCSE results to see how consistent your academic career has been.

Does Imperial College London do law?

Law | Administration and support services | Imperial College London.

Can you go to college twice UK?

Yes of course you can return to college and undertake further study.

Is it worth applying to Imperial?

So yes, it's worth it. To get admission to Imperial, you'll have to an application that reflects your holistic profile well. Components of an impressive application will include high school grades, IELTS/TOEFL scores, Letters Of Recommendation, personal essays, extracurriculars, etc.

What should I wear to an Imperial interview?

There is no formal dress code for interviews and you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Does Imperial interview for maths?

Yes, we often get applicants who take Maths A2 early, and as long as they achieve the required grade (A*) this is fine.

Can I get into Imperial with AAA?

Imperial College Medical School Is Now Accepting AAA Grades.

Do queen Mary do contextual offers?

Our contextual offer eligibility

Contextual offers can only be applied to A-Level qualifications only for home students starting the first year of a three or four year undergraduate degree.

Does LSE accept BTEC?

We also accept unreformed BTEC qualifications (using the QCF specifications), again on an individual basis. Typically all other entry requirements need to be met, including GCSE English and Mathematics at grade B and any Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-level requirements.