Does du accept NIOS Marksheet?

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Greetings! Yes you can take admission in DU with NIOS marksheet . , Students who have completed class12th from National Institute of Open Learning are surely eligible to take admission in regular college of DU. This is simply because NIOS is a recognized board.

Is NIOS accepted in DU?

Yes, being Indian University, DU accepts the NIOS board for the admission of students who have passed the 12th.

Is NIOS good for future?

No Dear, you will not face any problem in getting the job in future. NIOS is a board of Open schooling that's why people thinks that is has less value which is not true. NIOS is a highly reputed and recognized board of India. You can take admission in any college after passing class 12th from NIOS board.

Is NIOS valid for MBBS?

As a consequence of the decision of Medical Council of India (MCI), the learners of National Institute of Open Schooling became ineligible for MBBS and BDS Entrance Examination.

Is NIOS valid for TCS?

Now the TCS is accept the NIOS, No Need to worry about the board. Now the TCS is accept the NIOS, No Need to worry about the board.

क्या Nios Board की Value हैं या नही..? is Nios degree Valid for govt. Job or College Admission

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Is NIOS certificate valid?

Yes, the NIOS board is recognized by all universities and education institution in India. It is the most authentic open school in the world.

Do Canadian universities accept NIOS?

Yes NIOS certificate is accepted in Canada. you can get a student visa for Canada.

Is NIOS valid in UK?

Yes, You can apply for the United Kingdom student visa . NIOS certificate is accepted by many foreign universities for providing admission in their universities.

Is NIOS valid in UAE?

Students from Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Sharjah who have completed 14 years can join the 10th standard / secondary course through us at National Institute of open schooling. NIOS 10th or Secondary certificate is equivalent to the certificates provided by any other board like CBSE or, ICSE.

Do Indian colleges accept NIOS?

NIOS Board is recognised by the government authorities. So, a student who has done schooling from the NIOS board is eligible to take admission to any college/university in India without any hassle bustle.

Is NIOS valid for Indian army?

Yes. NIOS is one of the National Boards and the Students passing Secondary &Sr. Secondary from NIOS are eligible for recruitment in Indian Army as well.

Is NIOS valid in London?

ANSWERS (4) NIOS is a board under Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India and same thing is clearly mentioned in marksheet too. The board will be very much recognized in UK.

Is NIOS valid in Italy?

NIOS is an open school, not a regular school. So, NIOS certificate is not accepted in Europe for further studies.

Is NIOS valid in Germany?

No! NIOS is not a valid board for Germany education. German universities require students from regular board.

Is 12th from NIOS valid?

The class 10 th and 12 th class pass certificates of NIOS are valid and equivalent to the other boards- CBSE,ICSE and the state boards of India.

Can NIOS students go abroad?

Candidates who have completed 12th standard from NIOS are equally eligible to study in Abroad as candidates who have completed 12th standard from CBSE/ State Boards.

Does IISC accept NIOS?

Your answer is YES.! The National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS), formerly National Open School, (name changed in 2002) is the board of education under the Union Government of India .

Is NIOS valid for IAS?

Yes, but first you have to have atleast a Bachelor's degree for applying for UPSC exams. NIOS provides education only upto Secondary and Sr. Secondary (10th and 12th). Minimal qualifications for entering UPSC exams is BA, BSc, Btech etc.

Does Afcat accept NIOS?

Yes! You can! Eligiblity for IAF Flying branch is GRADUATION + PHYSICS AND MATHS AT 12TH LEVEL. So, if you applying for the AFCAT/CDS, and mentioning your 12th qualification from NIOS, nobody can question your eligibility.

Can NIOS join NCC?

Definitely you can join NCC( NATIONAL CADET CORPS) NIOS (National institute of open school) its having the same value as cbse and other boards so you can join ncc..

Does open board have value?

The answer is YES because NIOS board, is constituted under the ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. It is the third largest board after CBSE & ICSE and have an equivalent weightage to that of CBSE & ICSE.

Can I skip class 11?

No, it is not possible for you to skip your 11th standard and directly appear for 12th board exams. First you have to pass your 11th standard and then only you will be promoted to 12th.

Is NIOS Ncert?

The books for NIOS are specially designed by NCERT (National council of Education Research and Training) so as to make the students understand the subject properly and gain maximum knowledge without any assistance.

Is NIOS valid in JEE?

Yes Definately You are Eligible to appear In the IIT JEE Entrance Examinations. So, if you have Completed Your 12th Then You are Eligible to appear In IIT JEE Examinations.

Is NIOS valid for Defence?

Yes, NIOS certificate is acceptable in Defense sector. You can apply for GD post in CISF, CRPF, BSF and state government police. You can apply for Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force post through NDA exam.