Does LPU accept NIOS?

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Hello! NIOS board is recognized by all universities and education institution in India. So, you can of course get admission in LPU with your NIOS board results.

Does IPU accept NIOS?

Yes it is! NIOS ( The National Institute of Open Schooling) is the board of education under the Union Govt. of India and it's result is valid to take admission almost in every university in India.

Is NIOS valid for placement?

As far as to my knowledge. You wouldn't have any problem in placement. Yes they would hire a NIOS student. Often, you college marks are referred and accounted, along with skills and specialisation .

Do private colleges accept NIOS?

Yes, private colleges accept NIOS Students.

Is NIOS valid in America?

Yes NIOS is valid in USA provided you fulfill the necessary eligibility criteria.

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Does UK universities accept NIOS?

In UK you wont have a problem with NIOS board to get admission. Many of the Foreign Universities do consider the NIOS board studies. While you can also write to the admission department with regards to this and can get it confirmed with them.

Is NIOS valid in London?

ANSWERS (4) NIOS is a board under Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India and same thing is clearly mentioned in marksheet too. The board will be very much recognized in UK.

Is NIOS valid for MBBS?

As a consequence of the decision of Medical Council of India (MCI), the learners of National Institute of Open Schooling became ineligible for MBBS and BDS Entrance Examination.

Is NIOS valid for IIT?

Nios is a government board valid accross the world. Yes Definately You are Eligible to appear In the IIT JEE Entrance Examinations. So, if you have Completed Your 12th Then You are Eligible to appear In IIT JEE Examinations.

Is NIOS valid for IAS?

Yes, but first you have to have atleast a Bachelor's degree for applying for UPSC exams. NIOS provides education only upto Secondary and Sr. Secondary (10th and 12th). Minimal qualifications for entering UPSC exams is BA, BSc, Btech etc.

Is NIOS valid in TCS?

Now the TCS is accept the NIOS, No Need to worry about the board. Now the TCS is accept the NIOS, No Need to worry about the board.

Do Infosys hire NIOS students?

YES. THEY DO. During the campus drive organised by our college, I filled the online applications of final year students applying in various companies like TCS, infy etc and they do list NIOS as one of the boards under the higher secondary section.

Do companies accept NIOS?

Yes they do accept. Let me clear your confusion, National Institute of Open Schooling is an organisation run by central government. They have complete authority to conduct board exam and no one can question their validity. The certificates issued by NIOS is hundred percent valid.

Can Nios student apply for BCA?

Yes, you can be admitted for BCA course after passing the exam from NIOS board.

Does JEE Mains accept NIOS?

Yes, definitely you can apply for JEE Mains and Advanced after passing your 12th from NIOS board as NIOS board is a recognized board. The students whose result of 12th class is awaited can also apply for the same.

Is NIOS good for future?

No Dear, you will not face any problem in getting the job in future. NIOS is a board of Open schooling that's why people thinks that is has less value which is not true. NIOS is a highly reputed and recognized board of India. You can take admission in any college after passing class 12th from NIOS board.

Can NIOS students write JEE?

Nios students can give jee main and jee advanced 2020??


Is NIOS valid for D pharmacy?

As per guidelines of PCI, NIOS passed out students are not eligible for taking admission in Pharmacy courses.

Is NIOS valid for NEET 2021?

Yes, NIOS students are now eligible to apply for NEET 2021. NIOS is a recognized open boards and recognized open boards students are eligible for NEET examination.

Does MCI Recognise NIOS?

The Medical Council of India doesn't allow NIOS students to sit for the MCI Screening exam also known as FMGE, only reasons best known to them, although MCI states that they have legal binding on this decision they don't & there has already been enough protests on this matter.

Does Italy accept NIOS?

ANSWER (1) Yes, NIOS certificate is accepted by many foreign universities for providing admission in their universities.

Is NIOS accepted in Japan?

NIOS stands for National Institute of Open Learning. It is a board established under the law and recognized by Government of India. So, the certificates provided by the NIOS board is valid everywhere in India as well as in all foreign countries including Japan.

Is NIOS valid in UAE?

Students from Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Sharjah who have completed 14 years can join the 10th standard / secondary course through us at National Institute of open schooling. NIOS 10th or Secondary certificate is equivalent to the certificates provided by any other board like CBSE or, ICSE.

Do Canada accept NIOS?

Yes NIOS certificate is accepted in Canada. you can get a student visa for Canada.

Is NIOS valid in Australia?

NIOS certificate is valid, recognized and is equivalent with the other national and state education education boards. Many private universities in Australia who don't have any issue with NIOS or open schooling education. You can apply for admission there but it will expensive.