How can I get admission in Cairo university?

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To apply to CU you need to submit the following documentation:
  1. An (equivalent) high school certificate accredited and approved by the Egyptian Embassy where the student obtains it or by the Cairo-based embassy of the country wherein the student procures it. ...
  2. Original birth certificate or an official copy of it.

How do I apply for university in Egypt?

The student must apply through the website of the study in Egypt platform, bearing in mind that the student writes his name according to the passport and the application will be starting on 5/20/2021. The applicant must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

How much does it cost to study in Egypt?

How much are the tuition fees for Egyptian universities? Undergraduate studies cost from $1,254 to $8,360 per year. As for post-graduate tuition, the fees range from $1,800 to upwards of $8,000.

Does Cairo University accept international students?

Cairo University is classified as a large university with more than 207,000 concurrent students. Foreign citizens can also apply to the university. The ratio of foreign students at CU is 3% of all students. The academic staff consists of more than 14 thousand specialists.

Does Cairo University teach in English?

Six of the university faculties offer courses in English or French. Administrators bill the foreign-language programs as prestigious avenues to high-level jobs.

Why I left Cairo University | Did I drop out?

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Do colleges in Egypt accept SAT?

Some 60k Egyptian students follow the American Diploma system, and a minimum SAT score is an entry requirement for them to attend Egyptian universities. For private universities, this ranges from 730–950 for the latest version of the SATs. Public universities require a minimum of 1050.

How many Igcse subjects are required in Egypt?

University General Entrance Requirements:

To qualify for admission to Egyptian universities, the I.G.C.S.E. graduates need to have passed a minimum of eight O.L. subjects, plus one A.L. subject or two A.S. subjects, if they aim to join certain faculties, such as Medicine and Engineering.

Can international students work in Egypt?

International students cannot work in Egypt for the duration of their stay. Many Egyptian universities offer scholarships to international students on the basis of merit or need.

What are the requirements to study in Egypt?

If you wish to study in Egypt, you will find many great universities and higher education institutions.
Admission Requirements in Egypt
  • Original Diploma/Transcript of Records.
  • Valid Passport.
  • ID Photo.
  • Certificate of Acceptance from a University.
  • Proof of Finance.

How do I get a student visa for Egypt?

To apply for a student visa, you require a passport valid for at least six months after your intended return from Egypt. You will need to enter Egypt on a standard tourist visa, then proceed to register your name and address at the nearest local police station within 7 days of your arrival.

How many universities are there in Egypt?

Universities in Egypt

Egypt currently has 20 public universities (with about two million students) and 23 private universities (60,000 students).

How do I apply for Ain Shams?

Ain Shams University Admissions Process

Now go to the university's official website and seek the entrance form that will be available there. Fill it out and send it in. After verification, an offer letter will be prepared and delivered to the email address provided during registration.

Which university is cheapest in Africa?

Cheap Universities in South Africa
  1. Stellenbosch University (SU) Tuition Fee: From USD 3,500 to USD 6,500 Per Year. ...
  2. University of Venda (Univen) ...
  3. Nelson Mandela University (NMU) ...
  4. Durban University of Technology (DUT) ...
  5. University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (Wits) ...
  6. University of the Western Cape (UWC)

Is studying in Egypt expensive?

Moreover, studying and living in Egypt will incur considerably lesser costs than in other countries. Approximately, an international student would spend $7,000 to $14,000 for a degree program in a university in Egypt.

Are universities free in Egypt?

There are both private and public institutions of higher education in Egypt. Public higher education is free in Egypt, and Egyptian students only pay registration fees. Private education is much more expensive.

What is Cairo University known for?

It is considered as the mother university among other younger universities in Egypt. Cairo University is also offering its education and research facilities to Arab and foreign students and scientists and has become well known world wide.

How safe is Cairo?

Cairo has been ranked the 57th safest city out of 60 major urban centers assessed by the Economist Intelligence Unit for its 2021 Safe Cities Index.

Does Cairo University require SAT?

Students must also submit copies of test scores from SAT I or ACT exams. The minimum scores for admission consideration are a combined total score of 950 for the SAT 1 or a score of 20 on the ACT composite section. Having the minimum recommended SAT/ACT score does not guarantee acceptance.

Why was SAT Cancelled in Egypt?

Background: SATs were canceled indefinitely in Egypt at the beginning of September due to “persistent test security incidents,” according to nonprofit organization College Board, which develops and administers them.

Is SAT canceled in Egypt?

The College Board has later confirmed that the SAT and SAT Subject Tests administration will no longer be available in Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabic for the upcoming academic year and will remain in cancellation until June 2021.