How can I start my Tnpsc exam?

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How to Prepare TNPSC Exam at Home – 5 Best Tips
  1. Understanding the Tamil Nadu public service commission exam syllabus.
  2. Collect crucial information and resources.
  3. Begin your study preparation with complete sincerity and dedication.
  4. Make legible revision notes.
  5. Practice mock tests and Quizzes.

How should I start preparing for TNPSC?

The state board books (class 6th-12th) are the recommended starting point for TNPSC preparation. Here is a list of TNPSC books in Tamil/or for preparing the Tamil Nadu state-related part. State Board books: Social Science (6th-10th)

How many hours should I study for TNPSC?

If You are a full time aspirant, a dedicated study of 6 to 8 hours for a period of nearly 6 months would Suffice. 4. If You are working person or House wife then try to spend atleast 3 to 4 hours for nearly 8 months would suffice. 5.

Which app is best for TNPSC exams?

Top 4 best apps for Tnpsc exams preparation including Current Affairs and General Knowledge.
  • 1) TNPSC Quiz Group 4 + VAO & Group 2 App.
  • 2) TNPSC Current Affairs Tamil App.
  • 3) Nithra TNPSC CCSE 4 2020 (GROUP 4 + VAO) Exam Materials.

Which language is best for Tnpsc Group 2?

if you dont know tamil than english is the better language for tnpsc group 2 exam because written examination divided in 2 parts. 1st is general knowledge and 2nd is general tamil/general english. there is a option either attempt tamil or english.

how to Start tnpsc exam preparation

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What are the subjects in Tnpsc Group 4?

TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus for General Studies
  • General Science,
  • Current Affairs,
  • Geography,
  • History and Culture of India and Tamil Nadu,
  • Indian Polity,
  • Indian Economy,
  • Indian National Movement,

How can I start preparing for Tnpsc Group 1 at home?

Buy Tata Mc Graw Hill or Spectrum General Studies Manuals (Though state board books are enough, get any of the books for ready reference for all subjects.) Read regularly a standard newspaper in Tamil . Cover current affairs of at least last one year. Concentrate more on Tamilnadu Related General Knowledge.

How long does it take to clear Tnpsc Group 1?

After a thorough study, candidates can revise the whole syllabus within 30 days by following a smart study plan. Here, we provide you with a smart 30 days plan.

Is Tnpsc Group 4 Easy?

"Any person, with a strong commitment and desire to succeed the TNPSC Group IV Examination in a very single attempt can surely pass the exam. No need to go for a coaching centre, sincere self study for 3 to 6 month is more than enough to clear the TNPSC Group 4 Exam."

How can I apply for TNPSC online?

How to apply Online for TNPSC Group 4 exam 2022
  1. Step 1: Go to the TNPSC official website, ...
  2. Step 2: Get TNPSC One Time Registration Login details. ...
  3. Step 3: Fill & Submit TNPSC Group 4 Application form 2022. ...
  4. Step 4: Application fees payment. ...
  5. Step 5: Optionally, take a print of TNPSC group 4 application.

Is Tnpsc exam hard?

A concentrated study is worthy of several hours of distracted study. If you know how to study well with concentration, you will achieve in the tough competition. Most of the aspirants fail to succeed in the TNPSC exam because they could not answer as many questions as possible in a given duration of time.

Is TNPSC easy?

Yet to a common view , TNPSC exams are considered easy as they have no negative marking like the bank exams. They also cover subjects which are of school standard and the aptitude topic also remains to be easier one compared to bank.

How many groups are there in TNPSC?

What is meant by TNPSC Exam? Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) recruits for Group 1,2,3,4 services of the state government. TNPSC Group 1, Group 2, and other exams are called TNPSC exams.

Which degree is best for Group 1?

The general educational qualification needed to be eligible for the TNPSC Group 1 posts is a graduate degree from a recognized university in India.

Which academy is best for TNPSC?

This TNPSC hires candidates for the Tamil Nadu government to work in various Best Government departments.
  • VETRII. ...
  • RACE. ...
  • SUCCESS IAS. ...

What is the salary for Tnpsc Group 1?

TNPSC Group 1 Salary

The pay structure for the TNPSC group 1 post in Level 22 is Rs. 56100- 177500. This is the revised scale. The pay scale is in level 22, and the salary in hand is that of the group 1 trainee.

Can we write Tnpsc exam in English?

TNPSC is a state-level exam that is held in offline mode and the question papers are set in English and Tamil languages.

What is pass mark in Group 4?

What is the minimum TNPSC Group 4 Cut off marks? Candidates are required to score a minimum of 90 marks to pass the TNPSC Group 4 written exam 2022.

Is tamil compulsory for Tnpsc?

The TNPSC included Tamil language as a compulsory subject after the state Assembly passed a resolution during the last session, making Tamil language test mandatory for getting jobs in state government services.

Does Tnpsc have negative marks?

No, there will be no negative marking in the TNPSC Group 1 Exam.