How is TISS Mumbai placements?

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During the TISS Summer Internship Placements for the year 2020-22, the institute recorded 100% placements with the median stipend of INR 2 Lakhs for 2 Month and the Highest Stipend of INR 3 Lakh for 2 months. Some of the top recruiters include Amazon, ABG, Cipla, DRL, Flipkart and HPCL.

How are placements at TISS Mumbai Quora?

The job placement at TISS is pretty good which totally depends on how you will perform at the interview. However, the package varies a lot depending on the chosen programme. The highest package goes to the students of the HR course , whereas the students of the development programmes have to settle with a low package.

Is it worth studying at TISS?

TISS is repeatedly held up as one of the best social sciences institutions in India. It has a national entrance exam and needless to mention quite competitive. If they want to have the best students, they should also have the best standards in terms of infrastructure.

Is it hard to get into TISS Mumbai?

Getting admission in Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), in my opinion, is easier when compared to other management entrance exams, including CAT, MAT and XAT. So, along with other MBA entrance exams, you can prepare for TISSNET, too. The only uncertain topic of this exam is General Knowledge.

Is TISS Mumbai Good for MBA?

Tata Institute of Social Sciences is considered as one of the best universities for MBA in India ranking 34th in NIRF universities. It also repeatedly held as best institute of Social Sciences in India the admission process is easy at my time there was an entrance exam named as TISS NET and it was quite competitive.

TISS Placements 2020. 21.15 lakhs pa salary for HR profiles. CkPlacements.

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Does TISS have a hostel?

TISS campus hosts Six hostels, four on the Main campus and two in Malti and Jal A.D. Naoroji Campus Annexe. The hostels can accommodate approximately 500 students. Students of full time Master MPhil and PhD degree programmes can avail of the hostel facility.

Is JNU better than TISS?

Placements are better in TISS as compared to JNU. TISS provide specialization in both Development and Labour Studies while JNU provide a amalgamation of both. So if you want Development Studies then TISS is Better option. JNU provide better independence in choosing optional subject as compared to TISS.

Which branch of TISS is best?

Top 7 Master's Courses At TISS You Can Consider Regardless of Your Stream
  • Master of Arts (Human Resource Management & Labour Relations) ...
  • Master of Arts (Development Studies) ...
  • Master of Arts (Media and Cultural Studies) ...
  • Master of Arts in Social Work (Public Health) ...
  • Master of Arts (Social Entrepreneurship)

How is life in TISS Quora?

One simple answer to your question: " Life at TISS is AMAZING , leftist or not ". In fact, TISS is the most liberal institute wherein the ideology of every individual is celebrated and debated in a friendly manner.

Does TISS offer 100 placement?

During the TISS Summer Internship Placements for the year 2020-22, the institute recorded 100% placements with the median stipend of INR 2 Lakhs for 2 Month and the Highest Stipend of INR 3 Lakh for 2 months.

Does TISS have 100 placement?

The TISS has a 100% placement record across all programmes.

Which is better TISS or XLRI?

XLRI HR is much better than TISS HR course. In fact XLRI hr is the best in ASIA PACIFIC. Firstly the question would make more sense if you happen to convert both of these schools aa they're the top 2 for HRM in India.

Is there MBA in TISS?

Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Mumbai has released the TISSNET MBA 2022 exam dates. Candidates will be able to know the complete schedule of the admission process to the MBA programme of TISS.

Where do TISS students stay in Mumbai?

Accommodation Options at TISS, Mumbai Campus Introduction: There are different types of accommodation options available at TISS such as hostels, IRO Flat, Guest House, Service Apartments and IRO Off-campus flat etc for incoming International guests (students/ staff and faculty).

How many TISS are there in India?

There are four campuses of TISS, located in Mumbai, Tuljapur, Hyderabad and Guwahati.

How are placements at TISS Hyderabad?

Placements: The placements were good. Many of the Public Policy and Governance students were placed with various departments of Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of Telangana. Apart from this, there were also several NGOs where students of other streams were placed.

Is TISS easy to crack?

So TISSNET is a test that can be cracked if well prepared in advance. Since this exam varies from simple to high level of difficulty. The Institute also gives an M.A. Degree that is similar to the MBA degrees that most colleges offer.

Does TISS accept GRE score?

The entrance exam is conducted in online mode and is of generally descriptive type. It should also be noted that TISS under any circumstances does not accept the CAT / MAT / CET / GRE / GMAT scores. After the National Entrance Test, candidates are then shortlisted on the basis of their performance in the exam.

Is there any scholarship in TISS?

Although there are specific criteria for each scholarship/fellowship available, there are also common criteria applicable to almost all scholarships. These include the following: At the time of applying for the scholarship, the applicant must be a bonafied/registered student in any one of the TISS campuses.