How many times can I take OET?

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There is no limit on the number of times you can retake OET Medicine, subject to scheduling availability.

How many attempts are there in OET?

Similarly, in India, OET is held 24 times in a given year or twice a month and is available in popular cities across India.

What happens if you fail OET?

Some professions require candidates to pass all four subtests in one sitting; meaning if you fail one or more sub-tests you are required re-sit all 4 sub-tests in one sitting. To ensure you're up-to-date with your individual requirements, please check with the Regulatory Authority that governs your profession.

How much does it cost to resit OET?

1.1 What does re-marking involve? To have your subtest(s) remarked, you must pay a fee of AU$120 (OET on Paper) US$95 (OET on Computer) per sub-test to complete your re-marking request. You will receive the outcome of your remarking request three weeks from the day you submit the request.

Can I retake OET reading and speaking only?

That means that if you got the score you require in only 3 out of the 4 sub-tests (listening, reading, speaking and writing), and are just short in one sub-test, you can take the OET test again and if you pass that sub-test the second time, you can COMBINE the TWO OET test results and apply for registration.

Can You Resit OET? (If You FAIL The Exam)

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Can I take 1 subtest in OET?

There are no exceptions to this rule and you can not resit single sub-tests of the OET exam or combine results. This result would be accepted. The candidate has achieved at least a B in each section of the exam.

Is it hard to get B in OET?

But while more and more candidates are taking up the OET test, it is not easy. A large number of candidates are not able to get Grade B in all the sub-tests, which is something that most organizations ask for.

Is OET valid for 3 years?

How long is your certificate valid for? OET certificates are valid for two years. If you are taking the PLAB test, your certificate must be valid on the day you sit PLAB part 1. If you are applying for registration with a licence to practise, it must be valid when we approve your application.

Is OET easy than ielts?

Is OET easier than IELTS? Although there are a few rumours that OET is easier to pass than IELTS Academic. This is not true. The level required from each examination by Regulatory Authorities in the UK is the same.

Is clubbing possible in OET?

The individual sub-test grades of both the OET administrations should not be below C+, to be clubbed, After clubbing, at least Grade B is to be achieved in all the four sub-tests.

Is OET repeated?

OET test is held once a month only. This is usually on the second or the third Saturday of the month. You can check exam dates here.

Is OET difficult to pass?

Well, either you love it or hate it, OET exam is always difficult. Just think of preparation you may have to focus on for the big OET exam day - a race against the clock. You will be at your desk worrying over what to do. There will be question for you to crack and you find them to be difficult.

Is OET hard to pass?

OET is not hard for the medical professionals instead this the only suitable exam for you. This is not a test of medicine whereas it is the test which tests your language skill how well are you able to communicate effectively with native speaker. So don't take too much burden on the difficult parts.

How long should I study for OET?

Yes, you need to have proper study plan for the preparation of OET. Successful candidates are those who spend like 2-3 months in preparation for the exam.

How long is OET valid for?

OET results are valid for two years. This means that there might be a deadline for you to apply for your exam and you should take this into consideration before booking and sitting your OET test. You should contact the relevant authority to check their exact validity period and whether they will expire.

Is OET refundable?

You can cancel or withdraw a booking through your OET account. You will receive a refund if you withdraw or cancel two days before the start of your first test. If you withdraw or cancel less than two days before the test start time you will receive no refund.

Is OET valid for Canada?

/ OET News / Specialist English language test OET now accepted in Canada. Overseas-trained doctors who want to work in Canada will now be able to take an English language test designed specifically for doctors.

Is OET different for doctors and nurses?

There are 12 different versions of the OET test. Each version of the test is designed for different healthcare professions (i.e. nursing, medicine, radiography etc). The reading and listening sections are the same for each, but the speaking and writing sections are tailored to each profession.

What is the OET score for Canada?

OET Score for Canada

The entailed OET score for Canada is a B grade for all the four subtests- Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia accepts OET results as proof of English language skills.

Is OET accepted for doctors in UK?

an English language test designed specifically for healthcare professionals. proof of English proficiency for registration purposes. accepted by the UK's Nursing and Midwifery Council and the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.

What is the OET score for UK doctors?

Whilst doctors looking to move to the UK are required to take the IELTS for visa purposes, the OET pass rate required is an overall score of 4.0.

What is C+ OET?

C+ grade is given to the person getting marks between 300-340 and C to those who have obtained marks between 200-290. This means that the candidate can maintain the interaction in a relevant healthcare environment despite occasional errors and lapses.

How do I pass OET in first attempt?

we have put together some helpful tips to guide you through your OET preparation:
  1. Learn about the test overview and structure. It is important to feel comfortable with the test content. ...
  2. Create a study plan. ...
  3. Sharpen your skills. ...
  4. Take practice tests. ...
  5. Review everything. ...
  6. Rest and Relax. ...
  7. Get the Official OET Course Guide.

Is OET speaking easy?

To speak well during your OET Speaking Test can be a little daunting. Even those who are good at speaking falter or hesitate when it comes to taking this OET Speaking Test. But, you can easily get A or B provided you focus on basic things and follow our tried and tested OET tips.

How many answers should be correct for B in OET listening?

The OET does not provide a definitive mark to obtain a grade B, but generally test takers must get at least 30 items correct out of a total of 42 items to be awarded a grade B.