How selective is Launchx?

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Students come from around the US and world to our top university locations of MIT, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and Northwestern University. We have maintained a selective program averaging between 10-20% admissions to have top aspiring high school entrepreneurs attend.

How competitive is LaunchX?

Launch X, a pre-college entrepreneurship program for high schoolers, boasts a 17% admissions rate, which is near UCLA's acceptance rate of 14% in 2018 (see above screenshot taken from the Launch X website in January 2019).

Is LaunchX prestigious?

The name of it is LaunchX, which you might have heard. It's one of the more prestigious programs for high school entrepreneurs.

Is LaunchX a good summer program?

LaunchX is the top high school entrepreneurship summer program, equipping high school students with the skills and mindset to launch a real company.

How selective is the summer science program?

Is admissions very selective? A. In recent years the admission rate has been around 10%, so definitely have an alternate plan for your summer. However, some applicants are surprised that they are admitted, and others are surprised that they are not.

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Is Tasp prestigious?

offered free of charge since it was founded in 1954, TASP is perhaps the most suc- cessful and prestigious academic summer program in the nation. The more than 2,500 living TASP alumni include leaders in politics, journalism, academia, the sci- ences, education, medicine, business, and the arts.

Is Summer Science Program prestigious?

The Summer Science Program (SSP) is a prestigious and highly sought after opportunity for high school students to explore specific scientific fields in more depth before entering college.

Is LaunchX MIT?

We want to make entrepreneurship education available to more high school students, so we left the Trust Center and rebranded from “MIT Launch” to “LaunchX” for growth beyond MIT and expansion to other universities and reach even more students. See our programs page for our most recent locations.

Is LaunchX a profit?

Creating an entrepreneurial revolution overnight isn't easy. Just don't tell that to the non-profit LaunchX, which started within MIT in 2013 to empower High School students through entrepreneurship.

How long is LaunchX?

LaunchX Summer Entrepreneurship Program 2020 is an intense 4-week program for entrepreneurially-minded high school students to help them build a thriving business. Throughout the program, you will be challenged to identify promising market opportunities while building entrepreneurial skills and mindset.

Is SSP hard to get into?

SSP is what you make if it, and I don't think anyone would have trouble fitting in. It was undisputedly the best summer of my life, and I highly recommend that you apply without worrying about "fitting in". If you go, you definitely won't feel out of place.

Is Cty impressive?

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) – A selective summer program that is generally well-regarded. CTY is more academically intense than TIP and SIG, but also quite restrictive in terms of the independent opportunities available. 4.

How selective is Columbia Summer Program?

As you can imagine, admission to Columbia's summer programs for high school students is highly selective. Though there are no specific GPA requirements, all application materials should establish that the student has the appropriate academic background and ability for the academic focus for which he or she is applying.

How hard is it to get into SUMaC?

Admissions is competitive.

SUMaC students are selected based on their grades in math courses, their teacher recommendation, their reasons for wanting to come to SUMaC as expressed on the SUMaC application, their performance on standardized math exams and math contests, and their performance on the SUMaC admission exam.

How do I use LaunchX?

1) Creating an Account. First, create an account at or log in if you already have an account. We will use the email that you used to create the account for all further communication with you, so please make sure you include an email that you check frequently.

Who is Laurie Stach?

Laurie is the Founder and Executive Director of LaunchX entrepreneurship programs for high school students. She previously worked as an MIT instructor and the Program Manager for High School Education at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.

How old do you have to be to apply for LaunchX?

When can I apply? What grades and ages may apply? Students in current grades 9-12 (freshman through senior, or international equivalent) may apply.

What is LaunchX?

About us. LaunchX gives students the skills and mindset to start real companies. Our signature summer program prepares high school students for real world success through entrepreneurship. We bring ambitious young entrepreneurs together from around the globe to build a startup on a team of peer founders.

Who runs LaunchX?

Laurie Stach - Founder and President - LaunchX: High School Entrepreneurship Programs | LinkedIn.

Is Notre Dame summer Scholars selective?

The most prestigious summer programs are typically both highly selective and free (or very cheap). Because Notre Dame Summer Scholars is both more expensive and somewhat less selective than the very best summer programs, it is a less good option.

How hard is it to get into SIMR?

This private, top-ranked university is known for its academic achievements, wealth, selectivity, and Silicon Valley location. U.S. News and World Report listed Stanford at #6 in its 2020 Best Colleges edition. Stanford's undergraduate acceptance rate is 5%.

What is the TASP acceptance rate?

Acceptance rate to TASP is often below 5%, so it is among the most competitive summer programs and the application is quite intense.

How selective is TASP?

Highly selective, TASP admits around 5 percent of applicants. Location: Various college campuses across the United States.

How many people take TASP?

Admission to TASP is highly competitive. We will offer scholarships to 64 students this year. Last year, there were over 1,200 applicants for 64 positions. Even if you have been successful with other competitions or scholarship opportunities, you should not expect to get in automatically.

Is TASP good for college?

Just having attended TASP doesn't qualify you to get into your dream college or a top-ranking college, but it gets you closer. The way of life TASP is much like what you'll witness at any top college. Plus, the fellow students that you meet at this summer program are always going to keep your brains busy.