Is 8 hours of studying enough for JEE?

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So 4 to 5 hours study starting form 11th class will be helpful for JEE. As the exam date approaches, say 6 months from the JEE Mains, the study hours need to be increased to 8 hours. Give more focus on revision and solving last year's JEE Mains and Advanced question papers.

Is 7 hours of study enough for JEE?

It is recommended that students invest a minimum of six hours regularly while preparing for the IIT exam.

How many hours a day should you study for JEE?

JEE Daily Schedule:

Even if you study for 2 hours daily, make sure you make full use of two hours. The ideal time from my experience to study is 4 hours at least daily and give 1 extra hour daily only for solving mock papers (only those questions you have covered).

Is 6 hours enough for JEE mains?

Answer. 5-6 hours daily in-depth study is required.

How much time is enough for JEE preparation?

Some students take 2 years for preparation and some students take only 6 months to crack the paper. It depends on you how much time you take to complete the syllabus and for revision. To score good marks in your exam make sure your concepts are clear and you have strong fundamentals.

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Will JEE 2021 be easy?

The overall difficulty level of the JEE Main 2021 exam was moderate. Overall the paper had more weightage of the Class 12th syllabus. Maths- The section was a little tricky and was the toughest among the three sections.

Can I crack JEE in 2 months?

IIT JEE seems like a tough exam, but in reality, it is not as hard as everyone says it is. The only challenge that many students face is that they have to simultaneously prepare for Board exams along with IIT JEE. However, with proper preparation and dedication, it is easy to crack IIT JEE.

How many hours does IIT topper study?

Number of Study Hours Required to Crack IIT-JEE

5–6 hours can get you a good rank and just in case you are the one who can spare 8–10 hours, you are certainly talking within top 50–100.

How many hours do MIT students study?

At MIT most students spend between 40–50 hours a week total on classes, homework and labs. That leaves plenty of free time to have fun, eat, sleep and explore Boston. At the liberal arts colleges, students often spend more hours.

How many hours should an IIT aspirant sleep?

The brain also needs proper rest in the form of sleep and students should get an ample amount of sleep to study productively. It's important to be healthy as well. Hence, 6-7 hours of sleep is a must.

Is studying 10 hours a day enough for JEE?

So 4 to 5 hours study starting form 11th class will be helpful for JEE. As the exam date approaches, say 6 months from the JEE Mains, the study hours need to be increased to 8 hours. Give more focus on revision and solving last year's JEE Mains and Advanced question papers.

Why is Jee advanced so tough?

The main reason is mostly the neck-to-neck competition between the most brilliant minds in the country. These minds, pitted against each other in a one-off show, create an environment of extreme turbulence and competition, which in turn makes the JEE Advanced tough to crack.

Is 6 hours of sleep enough for JEE aspirants?

An IIT aspirant should sleep for approximately 6-7 hours. If a student sleeps more than that, he or she would have to cut down on their leisure activities. The Importance of Sleep: Many times sleep is considered an utter waste of time.

How do IIT toppers study Quora?

These students study the main and important topics of all three subjects. They study for approximately 8–9 hrs . That is 3–4 hours learning or revision, rest 5–6 of the hours solving. They are the ones whose percent of cracking IIT JEE ADVANCED exam is pretty good.

Can an average student get into IIT Bombay?

Short Answer – Yes, an average student can absolutely crack IIT JEE provided he/ she is ready to work hard with consistency. There have been many average students who cleared JEE with good ranks.

Where is Aman Bansal now?

Aman Bansal is currently pursuing B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He is also a member of Technical Staff of Rubrik.

Is MIT costly?

Cost and affordability: Cost of attendance

The cost of attendance for the 2021–2022 academic year is $77,020. ⁠It includes costs that are billed by MIT, such as tuition, housing, and dining, and estimates for other expenses, such as books, supplies, and personal expenses.

Is MIT harder than Harvard?

Which is harder Harvard or MIT? Based on acceptance rates that is the ratio of applicants to admitted students, Harvard is harder to get into. Harvard get twice as many applicants than MIT.

How many hours study in Harvard?

Course load

Harvard students spend, on average, 12 hours per week in class and enjoy wide latitude in setting priorities for study and free time.

Is Goc important for JEE?

1. Is GOC important for JEE? Yes, GOC is very important for exams like NEET, JEE and many other competitive examinations. As it covers the entire fundamental concepts of organic Chemistry , you need to have a thorough knowledge.

Is self study enough for JEE Advanced?

Self-study is often underestimated in the scenario where the hype of coaching institutes is increasing day by day. But self-study can prove to be a beneficial factor if you wish to crack JEE Main 2022 without joining any coaching institute. You must devote the maximum possible hours in self-study.

How many hours should a 11th class student study?

How many hours should a Class 11 student study? A: It is good to dedicate at least 6 hours to study apart from your school hours. Taking sufficient breaks while studying will help you retain interest without overwhelming the mind.

Who is Nishant Jindal?

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable young entrepreneur with a demonstrated 5 years history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in business development, marketing, entrepreneurship, english language, interpersonal relationships, negotiations, etc.

Is Ncert enough for JEE Mains?

NCERT books explain all the topics in a more detailed way so that the students understand and perform well in the exam. JEE Main toppers and experts also recommend NCERT for JEE Main preparation. According to experts, studying NCERT is enough to qualify JEE Main.

Can I get 200 marks in JEE Mains one month?

One can study the whole course and revise it all once. After that, revision of important topics shall prove enough to score above 200 in JEE Main in 21 days.