Is BA good for IAS?

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Answer. No, it is definitely not possible. The recruitment for IAS officers is made through UPSC examination. The minimum academic requirement to appear in UPSC examination is successful completion of a bachelor's degree programme.

Which subject is best for IAS in BA?

Some of the best BA subjects for UPSC exams include, Economics, Ecology, Psychology, Polity and Geography.
BA Subjects List
  • English.
  • Sociology.
  • Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • Philosophy.
  • Psychology.
  • History.
  • Political Science.
  • Education/Physical Education.

Is BA degree good for IAS?

First of all, if you think that you want to be an IAS then I will suggest you to go for Bachelor In Arts. You can take majors Political science or sociology. This subjects help one to crack any government exams like UPSC, SSC CGL and State Public Comission Exams and RRB too.

Which BA is useful for UPSC?

Subjects that are part of the UPSC Syllabus

As you see, most of them are humanities subjects. In your graduation, you could take up any of the above subjects like history, geography, political science, public administration, philosophy, etc. Economics is also recommended for those who are interested in it.

Which degree is best in IAS?

BA (bachelor of art's ) degree is best to become an ias officer . If you have to prepare for civil service before graduation then you can go with BA. Because mostly humanity's subjects are included in the civil service. General studies paper 2= political science and public administration.

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What is the degree of BA?

Bachelor of Arts or BA is an undergraduate program in arts. There are various disciplines such as English, Hindi, History, Journalism and Psychology in which BA can be pursued. The course can be pursued right after passing class 12th in India.

Can we do IAS with arts?

So if you wish to pursue Civil services as your career aim, Humanities (Arts) is definitely going to provide you with the extra edge to do so. It covers the widest range of subjects which could be taken up for higher studies and also provide a strong base for CSE.

Can a BA student clear UPSC?

Answer is, Yes, BA graduate can clear UPSC exam.

Can BA student apply for IPS?

Those candidate have completed graduation in any discipline from recognized university are eligible for IPS exam. Final year graduate candidates are also apply for this examination. There is not required any kind of percentage marks in graduation. You have completed BA degree so you are applicable IPS Exam.

Can I give UPSC in 3rd year of BA?

Yes, final year students can also sit for the UPSC prelims exam.

Is BA or BA LLB better for UPSC?

BA is sufficient. Then only u can get sufficient advance time to prepare for IAS. if u want to become a lawyer then do BALLB.

Can 12th pass apply for IAS?

The basic eligibility criteria required to appear for this exam is – candidate must possess Graduate Degree from a recognized University/Institute! So technically, 12th passed students can't appear for this exam right after 12th.

What I can do after BA?

Career Options after BA
  1. Study Further in your Subject (MA) ...
  2. Become a Manager (MBA) ...
  3. Specialize in Business Analytics. ...
  4. Become a Data Scientist (Diploma in Data Science) ...
  5. Learn Digital Marketing (PG Certification) ...
  6. Enter the Insurance Industry (Certification) ...
  7. Become a Lawyer (LLB) ...
  8. Journalism.

How many years are there in BA?

BA or Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate degree in India conferred for a study program in either social sciences or liberal arts or both. The duration of BA or Bachelor of Arts courses is normally three years.

Which BA is best for IPS?

The selection process has three stages - Preliminary, Mains and Interview. You can give the UPSC Civil Services exam with a graduation in any discipline so B.A. Economics and B. Sc. Botony are both good options.

What is the age limit for IAS?

Education Qualification for IAS exam: Candidate must hold a Graduate Degree from a recognised University. UPSC Civil Services Exam Age Limit: Candidate must be a minimum of 21 years of age and must not be more than 32 years of age.

How many IAS are in India?

The leading daily named Print had accessed the data from DoPT which stated that as of now there are just 5104 IAS officers against the sanctioned strength of 6553 officers. There is still a shortage of 1440 officers approximately.

Can a BA graduate become IAS?

Yes, you can become an IAS Officer after studying BA in graduation. The eligibility to appear for Civil Services Examination is any Graduation from a recognized university. The aspirant can choose Economics or History or Geography or Sociology or Psychology in graduation to become an IAS Officer in future.

What are BA Honours?

Bachelor's degree – Level 6

The (Hons) bit stands for Honours. This generally means you study for 3 years, or 4 if the course is offered with an optional sandwich-placement year. You study 360 credits, including a major project or dissertation in your final year.

Is BA sociology good for IAS?

How effective is Sociology as an Optional in UPSC? Sociology is very effective optional. It not only helps you to get good marks in optional paper but is also helpful in Essay and better writing skills.

How should I start my IAS after 12th?

The best course after 12th for IAS exam is BYJU'S IAS Coaching.
What should you do after 12th to prepare for the IAS exam?
  1. Read more about civil services. ...
  2. Take up a graduation course that involves history and polity. ...
  3. During your graduation, study these subjects well keeping in mind the UPSC syllabus.

What can I do after 12th in arts?

Career Options After 12th Arts
  1. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) ...
  2. Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) ...
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) ...
  4. Integrated Law course (B.A + L.L.B.) ...
  5. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (B.J.M.) ...
  6. Bachelor of Fashion Design (B.F.D.) ...
  7. Bachelor of Hotel Management (B.H.M.)

Is BA a good degree?

Owing to this fact, BA can be considered to be one of the most popular degrees in India as well as around the world. BA courses can be a good fit for almost any type of student after class 12th.