Is BITS Pilani fee high?

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BITS is not . Though the fee structure is high, it is not as high as it is hyped to be. Moreover students whose parents have income less than 8 lakhs per annum can apply for MCN ( Merit cum need scholarship) which give scholarships to especially these students based on their performance in each semester .

Is BITS Pilani very expensive?

Yes bits is very much expensive for 4 year btech total fees is 23Lakhs and for 5 year course btech+msc it's 31 lakhs.

Is bits more expensive than IIT?

BITS Pilani fee is expensive than IIT's. Students will have to pay Rs 89,500 per semester. The hostel fee in BITS is Rs 6500 per semester.

Is BITS Pilani fees high Quora?

Are the BITS fees really high? - Quora. That would depend on your definition of really high. The fee currently is 3.4 Lakh per year. There are a lot of opportunities for scholarships and there are scholarships particularly for people with financially weak backgrounds.

Is bits better than IIT?

BITS Pilani wins hands down when it comes to attracting excellent faculty from India and abroad. It offers better salary and more freedom to its teaching staff. On the other hand, faculty crunch at various IITs often become media highlights.

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Does BITS Pilani 100% scholarship?

Students who have secured top three positions(First, Second and Third position) in 12th standard in their respective boards (General Secondary Education Certificate Exam of Ministry of Education, UAE or CBSE-India or any other State, National or International Board) are given a merit scholarship of 100%, 75% and 50% of ...

Is BITS Pilani worth joining?

It's worth it if you get what you want out of it. Bits gives you good people (teachers, students) around you, it gives you good infrastructure and a good platform to develop yourself and also to project yourself in job market ( many good companies come to recruit). So, I'd say, it's worth it. Without any doubt.

Is BITS Pilani hard to get into?

It is not HARD to get in to BITS Pilani, but it means going through a different pattern of studying and different approach in preparations. Staying focused, having faith in your calibre and constant practice in the right direction is all you need to get into BITS Pilani.

What is the total fees of BITS Pilani for btech 4 years?

As per the BITS Pilani fees structure, candidates will have to pay Rs 39,800 as admission fee and Rs 1,78,000 for Semester 1 and 2. The fee for 2nd year is 1,94,000, for 3rd year is 2,11,500 and Rs 2,30,500 for 4th year.

Is Vit better than BITS Pilani?

BITS Pilani, (all campuses) are far better than every private engineering college, like VIT, SRM, etc. Much higher ratio of students selected in JEE Advanced. BITS Pilani, (all campuses) are far better than every private engineering college, like VIT, SRM, etc. Much higher ratio of students selected in JEE Advanced.

In which state is pilani?

Pilani is a small city situated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, India. Administratively, it forms a part of Jhunjhunu district.

Is NIT better than bits?

If you talk about value for money, NITs totally outstrip BITS. BITS is a private college, while NITs are government-run colleges. While you have to spend lakhs for your education in BITS, you can do the same with less than half that cost, with almost equal output, in NITs.

Is Hostel compulsory in bits?

Yes ,it is mandatory to stay at hostel because at the time of admission you have to pay hostel fees as DD along with the admission and tution fees for the entire semester .

Is 2 months enough for BITSAT?

Hello, If you are devoting your full time only on studies then only you can clear BITSAT in 2 month of duration as it is not an easy task to do. You have to be very fast and accurate to solve questions asked in BITSAT exam. This exam tests your speed and approach in question solving.

Can we buy seat in BITS Pilani?

There is no donation seats in BITS Pilani. The admission to BITS is purely basis on merit. There is no kind of reservation or donation seats.

Can I get BITS by Jee?

You can not get admission in BITS through JEE Mains, you will have to appear for BITSAT to get admission in any BITS campuses.

Is BITSAT tougher than Jee?

BITSAT is easier than the JEE Main exam but it is a lot more competitive. While 15 students compete for each IIT seat, there are as many as 79 students competing for each seat in BITS Pilani campuses.

Is BITS easy to crack?

BITSAT is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in India. Cracking it can require dedication and tenacity. Reading and re-reading the topics until everything is clear is absolutely necessary.

Is BITS Goa Tier 1?

According to the personal experience of one of my friends, BITS Goa neither comes under Tier-1 nor is referred to as Tier-2 college.

Is there any fee waiver in BITS Pilani?

Candidates admitted through GATE / GPAT will be eligible for a tuition fee waiver of Rs. 13,400/- per month over and above the GATE / GPAT scholarship that they will receive. All other remaining students admitted to the HD programme will be eligible for a stipend of Rs. 13,400/- per month.

How can I get free seat in BITS Pilani?

No ,there are no free seats for anyone. The admissions are purely on basis of merit ,based on bitsat exam. There are some seats reserved for board toppers .

Can a middle class Indian study in BITS Pilani?

Definitely, a middle-class student can avail admission in BITS Pilani. If you are having a financial constraint, you can easily get an educational loan from public sector banks provided you score decent in BITSAT. BITSAT is the key to admissions.