Is CA difficult than IAS?

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If we compare this with IAS , they have full time for study for exams , where CA students have to struggle for study also. So CA course requires lots of Practical as well as Theoretical efforts. So conclusion is that CA course is not the Toughest but also not less than IAS exams.

Which one is better IAS or CA?

IAS officers are highly respected people, better than CA's but CA's are highly regarded. More than Money I would suggest you to choose a career where in you can put in your interest so as to clear the exam. Both the exams are highly competitive, require long hours of efforts to clear.

Which is harder CA or UPSC?

UPSC is much tougher than CA as CA has limited syllabus to cover but UPSC is like SEA never ending knowledge. Originally Answered: Which is tougher, CA or UPSC? Its UPSC. You can clear CA with 6 months of dedicated focus but for UPSC you need to determined and focused for 2 years ( as per UPSC toppers ).

Is IAS easier than CA?

For our context, yes, IAS is tougher than ca. There is definitely no comparison between both the courses or between any two courses which gives you different identities. Each field has its own respect and we are given independence to choose it on the basis of our interest, calibre and effort which we are ready to put.

Who earn more CA or IAS?

Definitely a chartered Accountant earns more than an IAS Officer; CA is a professional and receives Package with many known firms on yearly agreement and on individual works.


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Can CA become IAS?

As per UPSC, if a student completes any degree from any institute setup by an Act of Parliament, then he is eligible for IAS exams. ICAI setup by an Act and a degree from it called CA final completion makes you eligible for IAS exams.

Can CA write UPSC?

Yes , a Chartered Accountant is eligible for admission to civil services examination on the basis of his professional degree. As per the existing rules of CSE , the prescribed basic educational qualification is degree of any recognised university or an equivalent qualification .

Can I do UPSC with CA?

As per the existing rules of Civil Service Examination, the prescribed basic educational qualification is degree of any recognized university or an equivalent qualification. ... Accordingly, candidates possessing CA qualification are eligible for admission to civil services examination.

Is Commerce Good for IAS?

Commerce as an optional is very technical in nature and hence a sufficient number of candidates are opting for this optional. It is a good scoring optional and provides an advantage to commerce graduates as the undergraduate and professional studies are utilized in both paper 1 & 2.

Where is srushti Deshmukh posted?

She has been allocated to the IAS cadre on the basis of Civil Services Examination (CSE) – 2018 to her home state Madhya Pradesh, as an insider. Her current posting is in the Dindori districts of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Can I do IAS after 12 commerce?

You can't give UPSC exam just after 12th. You should have completed graduation from recognised board. Only then you are eligible for giving the UPSC exam. You can give your graduation in any field Commerce, Arts or Science.

Is IAS worth after CA?

CA is a professional qualification and not a job itself. But it provides a strong foundation for an excellent career ahead. Nature of post qualification success is totally depend upon the efforts by the candidate. Whereas ,An IAS is a top most government job itself and not any professional qualification.

Can CA become IPS officer?

not! All who have completed his/her under graduation. Are eligible for the UPSC EXAMINATION. Through the aspirant will go for IPS officer.

Is CA the toughest exam in India?

Why is CA one of the toughest exams in India? CA aspirants must clear all the levels such as Common Proficiency Test (CPT), Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) and CA Final Examination in order to become a CA. These levels are extremely tough to crack and require extensive planning and hard work.

Can I do IAS after CA Inter?


Is CA considered as PG?

The Commission in its 550th meeting held on 18th February, 2021 decided that: "CA/CS/ICWA qualification be considered equivalent to PG Degree.”