Is GCE second series result out for 2021?

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2021 WAEC GCE Result is out. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has released the 2021 GCE Results (2nd Series WASSCE) for Private Candidates.

Is GCE result 2021 out?

The Registrar of the GCE Board is pleased to inform the general public and especially candidates of the 2021 Examinations organized by the Board that the Board has today, 21st August 2021, released results of the 2021 Examinations.

Is GCE second series out?

UPDATE: The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Second Series Result is Officially Out!!!

How can I check my GCE result 2021?

Students can check for the 2021 GCE results using your Mobile Phone through the following procedure;
  1. Open the message pad on your Mobile Phone.
  2. Type the Full Examination Number (Leave Space)
  3. Type Examination Year (Leave Space)
  4. Type Examination Grade and then.
  5. Send to 8383.

How long does it take GCE result to be out?

The body is conducting two series per year and usually release results within 45 days of the last paper.


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Can I use GCE AS awaiting result?

The answer is YES! You can register and write your school Post UTME screening exams with awaiting result. ... You can also register for your post UTME with awaiting results but for you to be considered for admission, you must first upload your WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE result to the school portal and JAMB website.

Can I gain admission with GCE result?

Yes, you can use WAEC Gce to gain admission into any higher institution because the West African Examination Council (WAEC) conducts both the SSCE and GCE for this very purpose.

Are the Grade 12 GCE results out 2021?

Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) is pleased with the announcement made on 4th November, 2021 by the Minister of Education Honourable Douglas Syakalima MP on the release of the 2021 General Certificate of Education (GCE) for Grade 12 Examination Results.

Has the GCE result been released?

The GCE Results 2021 Cameroon General Certificate of Education has been released today the 21st August 2021. At the Ordinary Level and at the Advanced level, 38000 registered, 33037 sat for the exams, 11670 passed giving a percentage of 60.52% at the 2018 General Certificate of Education.

Are the G9 results out 2021?

The results for Grade 9 for type the exam year, which2021 are now available Online. The Honourable Minister of General Education, Douglas Syakalima, MP has on Monday, 3rd January 2021 released the 2021 Grade 9 Examination Results to the nation.

How can I check my GCE result?

How to Check Grade 12 and GCE Results online
  1. Step #1. Open the Message app on your Phone.
  2. Step #2. Type the Full Examination Number (Leave Space)
  3. Step #3. Type Examination Year (Leave Space)
  4. Step #4. Type Examination Grade (G7, G9 or G12) and then.
  5. Step #5. Send to 8383.

Is private Wassce 2021 results out?

The date to release Ghanaian candidates results will be announced later. A staff of the Examinations Council Sunday told EducationWeb plans are far advanced for WAEC Nigeria to release the second series of 2021 results of WASSCE for Private Candidates on Monday, February 14, 2022.

How can I check my GCE result without scratch card?

Here is the procedure on how to check your WAEC result through SMS;
  1. Open the text message app on your phone.
  2. Select Send New Message.
  3. Type your WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear.
  4. Enter 32327 for the receiver.
  5. Click on send message.
  6. You will receive your WAEC result via SMS.

Are the G12 results out?

ECZ Grade 12 Results 2021 Zambia: ECZ Grade 12 Results 2021 Zambia G9 Results 2021-2022 Examinations Council of Zambia Grade 12 Results 2021 will be announced on January 2021. ... Grade 12 also known as Senior Secondary (G12).

How can I check my GCE result in MTN 2021?

Students can check for the 2021 GCE results using your Mobile Phone through the following procedure;
  1. Open the message pad on your Mobile Phone.
  2. Type the Full Examination Number (Leave Space)
  3. Type Examination Year (Leave Space)
  4. Type Examination Grade and then.
  5. Send to 8383.

How can I check my GCE result without exam number?

All you have to do now is to:
  1. Pay a visit to the school where you took your WAEC.
  2. Notify the school administration that you have misplaced your examination number.
  3. If necessary, make a token payment.
  4. The school will look up your information in their records and provide you with your WAEC examination number.

How can I get Grade 12 2021 result?

How to check Grade 12 Result 2021:
  1. Switch on your laptop or mobile and connect to the Internet.
  2. Open a web browser and type
  3. Check the main menu and click on Student Result.
  4. Now select Grade 12.
  5. Enter “Student Registration Number”
  6. Finally, click on GO.

How do I get my grade 12 results?

Grade 12 Ordinary Level results from the Official website:
  1. Step 1: Open your Internet browser.
  2. Step 3: “DNEA Exam Results Query Service” Page will open.
  3. Step 4: Now select “Grade” From list textbooks as “Grade 12”
  4. Step 5: Select the “Examination Session:” as 2021.
  5. Step 6: Enter Student Number: “__________”

How can I get my grade 12 results online?

The examination results for grade 12 (Ordinary and Higher Levels) can be obtained using the online result web application called MY RESULTS ONLINE.

Is GCE accepted abroad?

Nigerian undergraduate students wanting to abroad are expected to have a WAEC result with at least five/six credits including English and Mathematics. The National Examinations Council (NECO) certificate and the General Certificate of Education (GCE) are also accepted at the embassy but in rare occasions.

Does unilorin accept GCE result?

at the 'O'Level is acceptable as equivalent to SSCE/G.C.E. (O' Level) for admission purposes.

What date is GCE exam starting?

According to the 2022 WAEC GCE Timetable, the examination has been scheduled to take off on Friday, 31st January 2022, and ends on Saturday, 19th February 2022.

Can I gain admission without WAEC result?

You Can't Gain Admission Without O'level Results

Generally, all universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education will need you to possess at least certain subjects in WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE. You may be thinking, with part-time or related courses, one should be admitted without SSCE results.

Can I gain admission without JAMB?

Basically, there are five different ways one can gain admission without Jamb. They include; admission into NOUN, applying for IJMB, through JUPEB and admission into some private university that offers admission without JAMB.