Is HC Verma and DC Pandey enough for IIT JEE?

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Yes,both book are more than sufficient for jee advance but no. Of question is more only if you solve 2 books . For different type of question you must go to hc verma and IE irodov to secure good rank in jee advance and with help of this book you can also crack bits ,wbjee and other state exam.

Is DC Pandey and HC Verma enough for JEE Advanced?

Answer. DC pandey is one of the best books recommended for Physics -numericals and has modearte level of difficulty, However books bY HC Verma and NCEERT books are having an edge over DCPandey since the theory has more elaborate structure and contains advanced complex problems which are more suitable for JEE advanced.

Is DC Pandey good for IIT-JEE?

yes DC Pandey is a amazing book for JEE mains as all the concepts and topics are covered in this book and explained very beautifully. the book also have a very amazing number of questions which are very much appropriate for JEE mains which will definitely help you for preparation.

Is HC Verma enough for IIT-JEE?

H.C. Verma is indeed a good book for JEE preparation and it contains an in-depth explanation of the topics. Candidates can use it to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. However, for numerical and to practice solving problems, you can make use of additional books like D.C. Pandey, etc.

Can I do DC Pandey instead of HC Verma?

Truth be told, Concepts of Physics by H C Verma stays true to its name. It is single-handedly the best available book for concept building. And for those wondering what about D C Pandey, we strongly suggest against starting with D C Pandey or even clearing your conceptual doubts through the book.

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Which is better DC Pandey or BM Sharma?

Answer. For Physics preparation DC pandey is the Best as it contains a sufficient theory with a good number of examples and then questions in an increasing order of difficulty. BM Sharma is considered to be difficult and you shall take time to tackle with the basics.

Which is better Irodov or HC Verma?

You can safely rely on HC Verma and/or Resinck Halliday as both books have stood the test of time. The problems is IE Irodov are little complex and you need to master the concepts before attempting them. Always keep in mind that many problems in Irodov beyond the syllabus and complexity level of JEE.

Can I self study HC Verma?

No. Seriously, no. While Chemistry's rich content has chapters which can stand out for themselves, reading chapters of Physics in a random order is similar to solving an equation of ellipse without understanding the Cartesian co-ordinates. H.C.

Is IE Irodov good for JEE Advanced?

IRODOV in preparation for IIT-JEE is considered as a very advance book and can be used only if you have a lots of time and patience to invest, toppers for all around India use it for their studies.

Is DC Pandey Level 1 enough for JEE?

Yes the level 1 questions are enough to score good in physics as they are the easiest ones. Level 2 questions are JEE-ADVANCED level ones .

Is H C Verma Concepts of Physics enough for JEE mains?

Answer. Yes it is enough if you did all exercise qustion and objective..

Is HCV enough for JEE mains 2021?

YES !!! HC Verma is enough if you are focusing only on JEE Main.

Is OP Tandon enough for JEE Advanced?

The OP Tandon Chemistry book has both theoretical and numerical problems, which make it a must-have for all those who are preparing for JEE advanced examinations. Topics like Energetics, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium, Solutions and Electrochemistry are very well explained.

Is Resnick Halliday enough for JEE Advanced?

Resnick Halliday covers almost all areas of physics at an undergraduate level, at least from the perspective of JEE. It stays fairly within limits so as to not feel very advanced for an undergraduate course but at the same time isn't too dilute to be of no use for a JEE aspirant.

Is K Kumar enough for JEE Advanced?

book gets you a level better than JEE ADVANCE. it's tough for beginners of inorganic chemistry but definitely charging for someone who has gone through basics of periodic properties ,chemical bonding and salt analysis. I personally like and prefer that book but only if you already have basics of inorganic chemistry.

Is JD Lee needed for JEE Advanced?

A:Yes. Its has everything you need to learn in inorganic. You can refer other books for more practice but this is best for theory.

Is physics wallah enough for JEE Main?

Yes, JEE Mains can be cracked by Physics Wallah provided you are comfortable with his teaching style.

What is the cost of HC Verma book?

English HC Verma Physics Book, Rs 120 /piece Jacario | ID: 21734283462.

Is HC Verma easy Quora?

it will be very easy and intersting . If you are having doubts you can visit the lectures of hc verma in youtube and make them clear. For a beginner, yes it will be difficult.. In fact it also contains some previous year IIT JEE Questions and some questions from even tougher books..

How do I start studying HC Verma?

Start from the first chapter. Do not jump or proceed in a random manner. Read the entire chapter before attempting to solve the problems. Read at your own pace and make sure you understood the concepts.

Does DC Pandey have theory?

Yes DC Pandey objective book contains theory as well. The pattern of the book includes theory, examples and then so many questions. The book is available in two parts vol1 for class 11 and vol 2 for class 12.

Is DC Pandey good for theory?

At first it seems that theory part is very good but when you do the same with books like H C Verma and I E Irodov, you will be able to find out the glitches from these books. So personally I will suggest you to go with this book for practicing numerical but for theory you can follow H.C Verma and NCERT.

Is Cengage good for JEE?

Absolutely. Cengage comprehensive books are really good for JEE Advance since they have all sort of level of competitive questions that will help you practise all sort of questions and therefore will help you prepare better.