Is Hostel compulsory in IIM Indore?

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It is compulsory in IIM Indore to stay in hostels as it is under the rules of IIM Indore. The MBA program of IIM Indore is a full residential program, that means you need to stay in hostels.

Is it compulsory to stay at hostel during MBA?

Hello! It is not compulsory; you can stay wherever you want to. The college generally specifies whether a student should stay only in a hostel or not.

Are boys allowed in girls hostel in IIM Indore?

At IIM Indore, the girls are even allowed to visit the boy's hostel without any supervision or restrictions of time. However, boys are sometimes not allowed to go to the girl's hostel.

Is there Gym in IIM Indore?

There are 2 Olympic size swimming pools, squash courts, multiple gyms, a movie theatre and multiple courts for various other sports. IIM Indore boasts of a strong sports culture and is well supported by the faculty members.

Do IIM hostels have AC?

In fact, most of the new IIMs, including Udaipur and Raipur, plan to have air-conditioned hostels in their new hostels, unlike most of their older counterparts, including IIMs Ahmedabad (which has just a few air conditioned dormitories for students of short-term and PGPX programmes), Bangalore, Calcutta and Lucknow.

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Are phones allowed in IIM Indore?

Unlocked GSM Mobile Phone Handset: Indian SIM cards, which are easily available, should work with any tri-band unlocked GSM mobile phone handset. Clothing and Apparels: At IIM Indore, students attend classes in casual wear, which includes shirts, t-shirts, jeans, trousers.

Is there any dress code in IIM Indore?

There is no specific dress code that are imposed on PGP students. However, they should wear decent dresses during regular classes. For any functions and in the placements, formal dresses are compulsory.

Does IIM fees including hostel?

The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad has accommodation facilities provided for candidates within the campus. It must be noted that the accommodation fee for hostel fee is included in the IIM Ahmedabad fees per year. Apart from IIM Ahmedabad hostel fees, mess charges are also included in the annual fee.

Can I study in IIM without hostel?

No it is not necessary to stay in hostel in IIM and also in other colleges.

Is it better to stay in hostel or home?

It has been observed that there is less privacy in a hostel room for students as compared to their stay at home, PG or in a private room than in a hotel. Hostels encourage more social interaction between the students due to the shared sleeping areas and communal areas such as lounges, kitchens and internet cafes.

Should I stay in hostel or go home?

Hostel - Plenty of privacy. Home - Lack of privacy. Hostel - Can wear any clothes inside the room. Home - Need to wear descent clothes.

What is the cut off for IIM Indore?

IIM Indore CAT 2021 Cut off and admission criteria for MBA Admissions 2022-24 have been released online for domestics and international candidates. The overall qualifying CAT 2021 Cut off is 90%ile for the General & EWS categories, 80%ile for NC-OBC candidates, 60%ile for SC, and 50%ile for ST & PwD candidates.

Does IPM fees include hostel fees?

The course fee include lodging, access to lectures , computer facilities and . Accommodation would be arranged on sharing basis for the last three years of the IPM. Single room accommodation would be available for the 4th and 5th years of the Programme.

Do we get holidays in IIM Indore?

During engineering, we used to receive approximately 4 months of holidays (including all holidays) every year. In MBA, we receive less than one month of holiday in a year. We only get a one week holiday after each semester and 3 national holidays, that's all.

How far is IIM Indore from airport?

IIMI Campus is located approximately 20 KMs from the Airport/ Railway Station.

Are there holidays in Iims?

In the first year, the courses are compulsory and laid out evenly, with at most 3–4 holidays in between any 2 terms. Apart from that, there is a break for Diwali for about 3 days. ... Since the courses are elective, sometimes there is a lot of gap between my last exam and the beginning of the next term.

How many hostels are there in IIM Indore?

Hostel Facilities :

There total 5-6 hostels to stay.

Does IIM have a swimming pool?

IIM-A has extensive recreational facilities for its students. These include access to a gym, basketball, tennis and badminton courts, running tracks, cricket and football grounds, restaurants and a recreation centre which consists of a swimming pool among other features.

Does IIM A have a gym?

The IIMA campus promotes the maintenance of physical health. It has a gym and workout area along with running tracks and sports facilities.

Are girls allowed in IIM hostel?

And the number of women at all six IIMs has edged up a few percentage points every year: 10-15% of students at IIMs are women, depending on the campus. Though hostel rules at IIM-A require signing-in to get into the girls' area, they are not strictly imposed.

Can I study in IIM for free?

Now talking about fee compensation so there is no fee scholarship or compensation for any student in any IIM even if you score 100 percentile.

How is IIM Indore campus?

Life at the IIM Indore campus may be hectic, frenetic, downright hair-splittingly tiring but it is never dull. ... Since it is a completely residential campus, with accommodation for all the participants of the courses, it creates camaraderie and long-term friendships. The flip side of this, however, cannot be ignored.