Is ifs better than IAS?

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Is IFS better than IAS? Ans. Though a majority of UPSC candidates choose IAS over IFS, the choices are partly due to the limited number of vacancies in the IFS. The service profile of IAS and IFS are different for the majority of their career, and both are equally important for the functioning of the government.

Which is higher rank IAS or IFS?

IAS – The last rank of a general category candidate allocated to IAS was 77. IFS – The last rank of a general category candidate allocated to IFS was 113. IPS – The last rank of a general category candidate allocated to IPS was 215. IRS (IT) – The last rank of a general category candidate allocated to IRS (IT) was 217.

Why is IAS preferred over IFS?

IAS has a decent measure of the pay scale, which is nearly the equivalent of an IFS. Yet, the compensation of IFS is much higher than that of IAS on the grounds that an IFS gets a greater number of remittances than an IAS. Uncertainties get significantly more consideration with regards to paying scale.

Can IFS choose country?

An IFS officer has to choose three places of his choice out of the number of vacant posts which are circulated. If he/she is lucky then he/she can get one of the three places of his/her choice. Foreign postings are decided by the Foreign Service Board which is headed by the Foreign Secretary.

Is IFS easier than IAS?

No doubt, the IAS exam is tougher than the IFS exam. But, the IFS exam has a higher level of competitiveness. It is because vacancies in the IFS have been smaller than in the IAS. Further, the admission cards for both IAS and IFS are separate.

Which one is better IAS or IFS? | IAS vs IFS

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Is IFS a stressful job?

An IFS officer is the one who represents the nation in various countries. So, you should mold your personality accordingly. The benefits and perks are very eye-catching but the responsibilities are very stressful.

Who is youngest IFS officer in India?

Abhay Kumar is the youngest IFS officer in India. Abhay Kumar is the Youngest IFS Officer Achievements across The Globe. Abhay the youngest Indian foreign service officer (2003 IFS batch) was born and raised in Rajgir, in the Nalanda district of Bihar. He studied at Nehru Jawaharlal University.

Can IFS officer carry gun?

“According to international norms, diplomats are not free to carry weapons when on assignment, regardless of where they are posted,” a senior MEA official told The Hindu, adding, “Even the weapons they carry personally must be registered and licensed in the country they are posted to.

What are the powers of IFS?

The major powers of IFS are negotiations, observation and protection of Indian interest in the foreign state. IFS officers are the diplomatic agents of the first category. They are the representatives of the completely sovereign States and hence entitles to the title of Excellency.

Do IFS officers travel a lot?

IFS officers typically spend two to three postings abroad and return to the Foreign Ministry for a posting before returning to foreign postings. Whenever an IFS officer travels abroad on personal business, they have to use a standard blue passport.

Do IFS officers get free housing?

IFS Officer Facilities: Free Air Travel, Blue Car Plate, Free Housing, And Lot More! Do you know the perks IFS officer enjoy.

Which degree is best for IFS?

Candidate should hold a Bachelor's degree with at least one of the subjects namely, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology or a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture or Forestry or Engineering of a recognised university or equivalent.

Can a IFS marry foreigner?

Clause 8(1) of the Indian Foreign Service (conduct and discipline) Rules, 1986 says no member of the service shall marry any person other than an Indian citizen "without the prior permission in writing of the government".

Can a girl become an IFS officer?

In the end, she was given abysmally low marks, in spite of which she topped the Foreign Service list and became the first woman IFS officer in 1949. When she entered the service, Muthamma was made to sign an undertaking that she may be required to resign from her job once she got married.

Is IFS a good career option?

Q1. Is IFS a good career option? Ans: Yes, IFS is a great career option with rewarding pay and several allowances.

How many IFS are selected every year?

On top of that, there are very few vacancies for the IFS each year. On average, only about 35 successful candidates are chosen for the Indian Foreign Service.

Can IFS officer join raw?

RAW officers and RAW agents can be appointed from fields like IPS, IFS, and even IAS.

What do IFS officers wear to work?

The uniform for IFS officers is usually formals for both males and traditional sarees for females. In case if male officers, the considered dress code for males is formal 3 piece suit (blazer, trouser and waist coat) or 2 piece suit (blazer and trouser) with a tie.

Can two officers get married?

There are no laws governing military marriage. Military members can marry whomever they want, including same-sex partners.

How do I get an IFS job?

To become an IFS or Indian Foreign Services officer, aspirants must appear for the civil services examination conducted by UPSC every year. Candidates must clear each round of the exam - Prelims, Mains and Interview, and acquire a recommendation from UPSC to get appointed as an IFS officer.

How can I join IFS after 12th?

Since you need to pass the Civil Service Exam (CSE) conducted by the UPSC to get into IFS, choose a subject (for graduation) that you like and you are confident about. Choose that subject as an optional for CSE.
CIVIL SERVICES consists of 3 rounds.
  1. Preliminary.
  2. Mains.
  3. Interview.

What group should I take in 11th for IFS?

Arts Subjects such as History, Civics/Polity (if it's there separately), Geography…..Apart from that, keep a close eye on the developments in science and tech.

Is IFS exam difficult?

The officials of the IFS are selected by the Union Public Service Commission through a three-stage combined selection process called the Civil Services Examination, known for being extremely challenging, that recruits officers for 20 other Group A services and five Group B services.

Do IFS get car?

Not only cars are provided to the IFS officer, but more facilities are also provided such as travel trips, family insurance and many more.

Do IFS officers stay in India?

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has now issued new posting guidelines for the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officers, which make it mandatory for the officers to return and serve at home after every posting abroad.