Is IGNOU MCA valid in TCS?

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An Ignou MCA student can appear for recruitment exams conducted by companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys etc. Since IGNOU MCA is through distance learning, therefore you should have relevant work experience in the same domain, to expect an interview call.

Does TCS accept IGNOU degree?

Tcs doesn't accept distance education because they prefer a degree from a regular college over online or distance education. They think that distance education is still not a serious form of education.

Does TCS accept distance MCA?

No, TCS does not consider distance education. The only distance education that is valid in TCS is the internal TCS-SASTRA MCA program which is offered to its graduate employees.

Can IGNOU graduate apply for TCS?

Sorry to say that , IGNOU student are not eligible for TCS ,Because they can't allow Distance Mode education. TCS is the top most MNC company.So they have a placement criteria. 1)Candidate must be score at least 60% in through out career.

Is IGNOU MCA valid in USA?

So, the answer to the query – Is IGNOU Degree valid in USA for higher education/jobs, is Yes but with some exceptions where there is a specific demand for a degree from a regular classroom program.

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Is IGNOU MCA valid in top IT companies?

All the best! Hi, it is not true. An Ignou MCA student can appear for recruitment exams conducted by companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys etc. Since IGNOU MCA is through distance learning, therefore you should have relevant work experience in the same domain, to expect an interview call.

Is MCA from IGNOU valid?

Yes, IGNOU MCA is valid for government jobs as after completing the course you will get the chance to apply in the private as well as government sectors.

Is IGNOU MCA AICTE approved?

IGNOU is both UGC and AICTE approved. AICTE recognises the Masters of Computer Science (MCA) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs of IGNOU. Formally DEC (Distance Education Council) used to work under IGNOU. IGNOU is the only National open university of India.

Is IGNOU degree valid in USA?

Is IGNOU Degree Valid In USA? Yes, all Indian universities whether regular or correspondence, distance education, distance-learning, or online learning courses are valid in the USA and also worldwide.

How can I apply for MCA in IGNOU?

IGNOU MCA Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Students who have a BCA/B.Sc/ Bachelor's degree with mathematics as one of the subjects in 10+2 are eligible to apply for MCA admission.
  2. Students need to Obtain at least 50% marks in the qualifying examination (45% marks in case of candidates belonging to the reserved category) “OR”

Does TCS allow extended education?

For example, if you have a backlog in the final semester of BE, it is considered as extended education as the stipulated time to complete BE is 4 years. Maximum upto 1 pending backlog/arrear in the highest qualification will be permitted only at the time of appearing for the TCS Selection process.

Is MCA from IGNOU worth IT Quora?

It is good at a certain level because IGNOU is a distance education university and you cannot again as much knowledge as you do MCA from a regular full time University. But it is helpful as you are working some where and you are trying to opt from MCA then definitely go for MCA in IGNOU.

Does TCS allow educational gap?

3) A maximum of 2 years of gap is permissible (for valid reasons only) in the entire education/work experience. It is mandatory to declare the gaps/backlogs, if any, during academic and/ or work experience.

Is IGNOU degree valid in UPSC?

IGNOU is a central open university, established by an Act of Parliament in 1985, recognised by the government. All the degrees, diplomas from IGNOU are valid for UPSC and other Selection Boards.

Is online MCA worth it?

So moral of the story is it was not possible without MCA degree it might be on basis of BCA but not that much. now days most of the IT companies consider MCA student as well resource. Obviously you need to spend more time like three years but its worth if you gain gud amount of knowledge.

Is IGNOU degree valid in MNC?

Yes, it is possible. IGNOU degrees are valid and recognized. So, if you apply for a role at MNC, then the recruiter won't reject you on the ground of holding any degree from IGNOU. So, if you're competent for any role, go ahead and apply for it.

Is IGNOU valid in Canada?

In India IGNOU is the only international open university and considered in many countries. Yes IGNOU is valid in Canada, America , Africa as well as most Europe and Asia.

Is IGNOU valid in UK?

Yes it will be recognised in UK.

Is IGNOU degree valid for private jobs?

Graduates from IGNOU are eligible to apply for jobs in both government and private sectors. Also, they are eligible to appear for various UPSC, SSC and banking exams.

What is the fees of MCA in IGNOU?

IGNOU MCA Fee structure

The fees for the full programme are 72,000 INR, with 12,000 INR to be paid per semester. Non- Mathematics students have to pay an extra 1,400 INR in the first semester for the BCS-012 course.

Is MCA a good degree?

Candidates having an MCA degree may have great employment opportunities in top IT companies and top consultancy firms. At present, with the advancement of IT & Communication systems, people with good computer application skills are highly demanded in IT sector.

Which university is best for MCA distance education?

Best Universities Offering MCA Distance Education Course in India
  • Suresh Gyan Vihar University.
  • Lovely Professional University.
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University.
  • Jaipur National University.
  • Teerthanker Mahaveer University.
  • University of Mumbai.

Is IGNOU MCA tough?

MCA IGNOU is very very very difficult to pass. From the first sem to the final sem, the mathematics, the practicals, the lab exams, the theory papers, the assignments, and finally the extremely difficult project evaluation will haunt you for the rest of your life. Extremely difficult to pass.

What is the scope of MCA from IGNOU?

IGNOU is a Very Good University for Distance learning And After Completing MCA from IGNOU You Will Get Good Jobs In Private And Government Companies, Because IGNOU is Recognized by AICTE and UGC. So, Please Dont Worry, After Completing MCA Course From IGNOU, You will get Good Jobs In IT Companies.

Is IGNOU 2 years MCA?

The Indira Gandhi National Open University MCA course has a duration of 2 years and can be stretched for 4 years. Read the complete article to know more about IGNOU MCA 2022.