Is IIM Shillong worth it?

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You should definitely go for IIM Shillong. First of all, it is a great college in terms of placements. Secondly, the situation is quite unfavourable and doing an MBA now will give you 2 years before things improve and final placements can be much better.

What is special about IIM Shillong?

With a batch size of 180 it has one of the best student-teacher ratio among premier B-schools in the country. Diversity is also an important factor in judging the quality of a B-School. IIM Shillong gives high importance to both gender and academic diversity. The gender ratio in the current batch is near 40%.

Why should I choose IIM Shillong?

The peer learning at a b-school defines a great deal of your experience there. Having people from diverse backgrounds offers you the opportunity of being exposed to multiple perspectives and ideas. IIM Shillong with its 11th batch has one of the most diverse batches among all the b-schools in the country.

Is IIM Shillong worth it Quora?

IIM Shillong is in top 20 B schools of India. Though IIM Shillong was started in 2008 and still has no campus of it's own, it's an IIM which is doing good with an average placement (Domestic) roughly around 15 LPA. You can surely choose IIM Shillong over all new and baby IIMs, XIMB, IMT, KJ Somaya , GIM , etc.

How are hostels at IIM Shillong?

Hostel Facilities :

The total fee for hostel accommodation at IIM Shillong for the 2 years is INR 16,000 only which can be paid in two yearly shifts of INR 8,000 each. The hostel facilities are very modernised and the infrastructure is quite large.

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What is the average package of IIM Shillong?

IIM Shillong completed its final placements for the 2020-22 batch, which saw participation from 70+ recruiters, and achieved a 100% placement record for the largest batch since its inception. The average CTC of the batch stood at 23.10 LPA. The median CTC for the batch increased by 27.35% to INR 22.28 LPA.

Is IIM Shillong a baby IIM?

In this article, you will read all about new IIMs established in and after 2008 and third generation or baby IIMs established in and after 2015. Oldest of these new IIMs is IIM Shillong established in 2008, followed by IIM Ranchi and IIM Rohtak in 2009.

Is IIM Shillong old or new IIM?

The older IIMs were set up almost a decade apart - IIM-C and IIM-A in 1961, IIM-B in 1973, IIM Lucknow in 1984, IIM Kozhikode and Indore in 1996 and IIM Shillong in 2005.

Is IIM Shillong Tier 1?

IIM Shillong is definitely a tier 1 B-school in India. It may not be a top 10 institute in India, but definitely in the top 15 which qualifies itself to be considered a tier 1 B-school. Its NIRF ranking is 30 in management schools for the year 2020.

Are IIM Shillong calls out?

IIM Shillong Shortlist 2021: How to Apply

To express interest in participating in PI round of IIM Shillong, the candidates will have to fill an online application form. Interview calls will be made to candidates in February 2022 and an email regarding the same will be sent out to all selected candidates.

Does IIM Shillong have a permanent campus?

The sprawling new 120-acre permanent campus of IIM Shillong is set amidst natural greenery and is replete with all the facilities to make it a temple of study. ... The campus has an auditorium for conducting seminars, conferences, culture programmes, students' events and other significant events of the Institute.

What is Pgpwe IIM Shillong?

Course Details

IIM Shillong offers 2-year PGP for Working Executives having a minimum experience of 3 years. Candidates with a Bachelor's degree with 50% marks are eligible to apply for the program. Admission to IIM Shillong PGP WE program is conducted in two rounds based on CAT/ GMAT score.

Which new IIM is best for marketing?

Though IIM Trichy is known to be the best for Finance among the new IIMs, I can tell you that it is great for Marketing as well and you can certainly consider it at the time of taking admission.

Is IIM Raipur worth joining?

Moreover it has been making great strides in all dimensions which is evident from improvement in B-school rankings. It is definitely worth joining if compared with many other institutions in its league.

Which is better IIM Rohtak or IIM Ranchi?

The decision depends on what you are looking for, in your MBA. At present, IIM Ranchi is the 2nd fastest growing new IIMs after IIM Trichy. IIM Ranchi is better than IIM Shilong and IIM Rohtak.

Which IIM is better Ranchi or Raipur?

Note - When we look at IIM Ranchi vs IIM Raipur, we discover that both the institutes are ranked similarly, with the biggest difference in positions for the InsideIIM Rankings. Clearly, even though the two were established in the same year, IIM Ranchi is perceived as a better institute.

How are placements at IIM Shillong?

15 LPA. The institute has concluded final placements for the 2020-22 class, with over 70 recruiters in present, and has achieved 100% placement record for the largest batch since its founding. The highest CTC shot up by 72.56% to INR 55.22 LPA whereas the average CTC increased by 20.50% which stood at INR 23.10 LPA.

Does Bank recruit from IIM?

If public sector banks are allowed to recruit talent from premier institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management, will they find enough takers? Apparently, the answer is yes! Public sector banks will, however, have to think out-of-the box to recruit candidates who think likewise.