Is MBA good or PGDM?

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MBA is an old version for those wishing to pursue management studies, a two-year diploma course PGDM, Post Graduate Diploma in Management sounds better. Generally, the PGDM course is far more industry-relevant and practical as far as the job market is concerned.

Which has more salary MBA or PGDM?

Usually, the salary depends a lot on your college and the experience that you have. For example, a PGDM from ISB will have a better salary than an MBA from a general university. However, the average salary of an MBA is INR 21 LPA while that of PGDM is 12.9LPA.

Is PGDM is equal to MBA?

PGDM is a Diploma and is equivalent to MBA from any Indian University. Exams are conducted by affiliated University. PGDM institutions are authorized by AICTE to conduct the exams.

Can I do both PGDM and MBA?

No you can't do mba and pgdm at same time from different college. MBA and PGDM are the same degree of field , as you know MBA stands for MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION and PGDM stands for POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA .

What is MBA called in India?

The MBA in India. MBA is the abbreviation for Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate program offered by various B Schools, management institutes and colleges and MBA departments of various Universities in India.

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Does PGDM have value?

In India, as well as overseas, both MBA and PGDM courses are regarded as having equal value when it comes to career prospects. Having a PG diploma instead of a degree is certainly not considered to be a drawback.

Which MBA has more value?

1. General Management. Of all the specialized MBA programs, General Management is consistently one of the most popular. General management students will learn a variety of management skills and perspectives that can be applied to organizations in any industry, from human resources and marketing to systems and UX.

Is PGDM equal to MBA for government jobs?

PGDM (AICTE approved) is equivalent to an MBA and is considered at par with MMS. PGDM approved by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) as equivalent to MBA is a valid qualification for government job and higher studies. We-School PGDM is an approved degree by AIU which is equivalent to MBA.

Is Indian PGDM valid abroad?

Yes, this is possible. PGDM students are absorbed by a number of companies in India and overseas. Some of the colleges give placement opportunities abroad.

How tough is PGDM?

Is PGDM a tough course? Nothing is tough and nothing is easy. You need passion, driven by ambition and a strong career goal to pursue a certain course. So its all about how u take it.

Can I give net after PGDM?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for UGC NET after PGDM course. For UGC NET course the candidate should have completed post graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university. You should have completed the PGDM course from an AICTE approved institute and should have been awarded the diploma.

Does PGDM have placements?

Any student after the PGDM course can get placed in the PGDM Course placements(if it exists in their institution). Other than that, there are various job opportunities in both the private and government sectors. Job openings are almost equal to the number of students, thus providing it for everyone.

Can I do MBA after PGDM in India?

A: As per the eligibility criteria of the MBA, candidates should have a bachelor's degree from a recognised institute or university. Postgraduate candidates are also eligible to apply for MBA. Hence, if a candidate wants to pursue MBA after completing PGDM are eligible to do so.

Is PGDM eligible for PhD?

No, you cannot pursue PhD right after doing PGDM. PGDM means Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a diploma course. If you want do PhD means After PGDM or PGPM you must do MBA for a PhD. PGDM is generally not allowed as an eligibility for Phd admission.

Which is best MBA or PGDM Quora?

In the job market, both MBA and PGDM are considered equivalent. But more than the degrees, it's the reputation of the institute and the quality of education it provides that matters. An MBA from a good institute can get a better salary than a PGDM from an average institute.

Is PGDM valid for NET exam?

Only those students who have completed their Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) from an AICTE-approved institute and have been awarded diploma which is considered to be equivalent to the Master's degree of recognized Indian Universities from Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi are eligible for ...

Is Executive MBA eligible for NET exam?

And what is the age limit for UGC-NET? You are pursuing executive MBA course. If your course duration is more than 2 years then you are eligible for UGC NET exam. You degree must be recognized.

Who can appear for UGC NET?

Candidates securing at least 55% marks in their Master's Degree or equivalent from a recognized university in Humanities (including languages), Social Science, Computer Science and Applications, Electronic Science, etc. are eligible to appear for the UGC NET exam conducted by NTA.

Can I do PGDM after BCOM?

By pursuing PGDM after B.Com polishes your skills and knowledge related to business and management with a practical approach. It is mostly based on experiential learning. It opens the door to a number of career opportunities for B.Com students and provides specialization in HR, Finance, Marketing, ad so on.

How can I pass PGDM?

Passing criteria:
  1. To be declared as 'Pass' in a course a student should secure 40% marks in aggregate (Assignments and ETE combined) with minimum 25 marks in ETE.
  2. Student has to attempt two assignments of 15 marks each for each course.

Is PGDM accepted in Canada?

PGDM isn't equal to a Masters for a Canadian PR. PGDM could be equivalent to a PG Diploma obtained in Canada and would award you similar points while applying for Canada PR & same need to be evaluated by WES or any other authorized body before we claim any points for the application.

Is PGDM a master's degree?

MBA, short for Master of Business Administration, is a Post Graduate Degree in Management. PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. One often wonders why some colleges and universities offer MBA while others offer PGDM.