Is MTG good for JEE?

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Yes MTG books are good for qualifying jee main and advance but to score high marks you should follow arihant publication books or HC verma.

Is MTG maths enough for JEE?

Yes,mtg is best book according to current level of jee mains by NTA ,But the point is that if you want to strong your core and fundamentals you can solve Arihant book and if you want to practice lot then you can refer mtg. We can not predict the level of jee 2020 you must fully prepare for it .

Is MTG Physics good for JEE?

Mtg JEE mains physics and chemistry are good books for JEE mains preparation, you can definitely go for it for your preparation. They have the NCERT chapter wise important theory, facts and formulas which can be used for quick revision as well.

Is MTG champion good for JEE?

Mtg JEE champion Mathematics is a book designed for JEE aspirants to prepare better with the knowledge of topic importance within a Chapter it familiarizes all the JEE aspirants with a wide variety of Mathematics questions frequently asked in various engineering entrance exams.

Is MTG fingertips good for JEE?

yes it is a good book for last minute revision if you have prepared before fully. It has main points which are important in exam point of view.

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Is MTG fingertips enough for JEE mains?

Hello, No doubt NCERT at your Fingertips is a good book, but you should not completely rely on it for your preparations. ... Try to solve other difficult books as well to increase your chances of getting qualified.

Is NCERT maths enough for JEE?

Q. Is NCERT enough for physics and maths in JEE Main 2022? Yes, NCERTs are sufficient for physics and maths in JEE Main 2022 but students must follow other practice books with NCERT for these subjects.

Is MTG good for JEE Quora?

Yes MTG books are very useful for JEE preparation. Infact the questions are exactly of JEE main standard. MTG previous years question bank for PCM is also very helpful and there are separate sections for mains and advanced level chapterwise.

What is MTG book?

About us. MTG Learning Media is a Pioneer publishers of K 12 books. It is specialized in Text Books for school, Medical Entrance Exam - NEET, Engineering Entrance Exam Books JEE Main and Advanced, Foundation Course and Olympiad Books.

Is Physics wallah enough for JEE Main?

Yes, JEE Mains can be cracked by Physics Wallah provided you are comfortable with his teaching style.

Which is the toughest maths book for JEE?

As far as I have gone through, the toughest Mathematics book for IIT JEE is Advanced Problems on Coordinate Geometry by Vikas Gupta (HOD, Mathematics, Vibrant Academy, Kota).

Can I crack JEE without coaching?

Besides, if we look at the trend in previous years and the number of successful candidates in IIT JEE it has been confirmed that even without joining coaching institutes it is possible to crack the exam.

Are MTG books good for JEE Advanced?

Yes MTG books are good for qualifying jee main and advance but to score high marks you should follow arihant publication books or HC verma.

Is MTG jee main chemistry good?

It is a very a good book. The Theory given in the book is easy to understand &also it is very cheap . At this price you can't get such wonderful book. There are good number of questions and explanation to each and every question is given.

How are Mtg magazines for JEE?

Apart from these reference books and study materials, MTG's monthly magazines for JEE are of great help for candidates preparing for JEE. ... These magazines offer short summary of important topics in a chapter, scientific facts and definitions which helps in easy recapitulation of important chapters before the exam.

Is Vedantu YouTube enough for JEE?

YouTube sessions are not enough for NEET/ JEE preparation. The majority of these sessions are of low and moderate quality, and they lack 2-way interaction between teacher and students.

Is integration hard for JEE?

Answer. The Most important and scoring part in Mathematics in Joint Entrance Examination is Calculus including Integration. Based on analysis,nearly 40-45% of the questions are asked from calculus.So skipping the Integration in Jee is not a good option either.

Is Chaitanya material good for JEE?

Sri Chaitanya is known as one of the best institutions to crack IIT or any competitive exam. Their study materials for students have been proved quite successful for learning concepts.

Is NCERT fingertips Physics good for JEE?

Absolutely a good book for practice for the JEE & NEET aspirants. Mcqs of ncert class 11th and 12th with some explanation... But there are some errors in answer which you may can see and correct with yourself. This book is good for solving more and more question...

Is NCERT Xtract good for JEE?

Very good for jee mains and develops a great grip on ncert. Buy it if you want you to be perfect in ncert. For other competitive exams like neet, eamcet,kcet etc it is very very useful.

Is NCERT fingertips chemistry enough for neet?

mtg fingertips chemistry is best for neet aspirant... topic wise clearly written and bullet point for quick revision... This book has a lots of MCQs from every chapter thoroughly based on NCERT that gives a good idea on the various questions possible.

Do IIT toppers go to school?

Nobody in Kota, goes to school on all days. We go there for the exams and for the practicals (to meet the attendance requirements). Basically we enrol for a two-year class room contact programme. The preparation strategy is guided by my teachers.

How can I cheat in JEE Mains?

5 Smart Tips to Cheat in JEE Main 2015
  1. 1) Stay away from Extremes: For questions which have answers in numerical values, stay away from the upper most and lower most value. ...
  2. 2) Look for oft-repeated units and values: If three of the options mention the same unit, it is likely that this unit would be correct.

Is Unacademy JEE good for JEE Mains?

Yes! Unacademy is a good platform for the IIT JEE candidates.