Is NCERT enough for JEE Advanced?

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Ques. 1 Are NCERT books enough for cracking JEE Advanced? Ans: No, because JEE Advanced asks conceptual questions and concepts of that level can't be cleared just with the help of NCERT.

Is NCERT of chemistry enough for JEE Advanced?

Reading only NCERT books is not sufficient to score good marks in any subject or topic in jee advanced specially in organic chemistry. Understanding mechanisms of reactions is the moto in organic chemistry . NCERT is definitely not sufficient for that .

Which study material is best for JEE Advanced?

Best Books For JEE Advanced
  • NCERT Textbooks.
  • Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. Verma (Highly Recommended)
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker.
  • Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov.
  • IIT Physics by D.C. Pandey.
  • Problems in Physics by S.S. Krotov.

Is self study enough for JEE Advanced?

Self-study is often underestimated in the scenario where the hype of coaching institutes is increasing day by day. But self-study can prove to be a beneficial factor if you wish to crack JEE Main 2022 without joining any coaching institute. You must devote the maximum possible hours in self-study.

Is Unacademy is good for JEE preparation?

Yes! Unacademy is a good platform for the IIT JEE candidates. After enrolling on the Unacademy platform, they will get in touch with those teachers who already have cleared their IIT JEE exams, which will benefit the students.

Is NCERT enough for inorganic chemistry ? JEE Mains 2021 | JEE advanced 2021 preparation strategy

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Which YouTube channel is best for JEE?

Top 10 Youtube Channels for JEE Preparation
  1. Unacademy JEE. Unacademy is one of the fastest growing ed-tech companies in India. ...
  2. Khan Academy. ...
  3. Etoos Education. ...
  4. Physics Galaxy. ...
  5. Vedantu JEE. ...
  6. eCareerPoint- JEE. ...
  7. Motion Education. ...
  8. Goprep: JEE Main and Advanced Exam Preparation.

Is JD Lee needed for JEE Advanced?

A must have book for jee adv aspirants. I said must for adv and a reference for mains. because inorganic can be done with ncert and should be done with it.

Is NCERT fingertips enough for JEE mains?

But ofcourse no, only NCERT is not enough for your JEE MAIN preparation. You have to go through the concepts and then solve questions with different concepts as much as you can.

Is Resnick Halliday enough for JEE Advanced?

Resnick Halliday covers almost all areas of physics at an undergraduate level, at least from the perspective of JEE. It stays fairly within limits so as to not feel very advanced for an undergraduate course but at the same time isn't too dilute to be of no use for a JEE aspirant.

Is N Awasthi enough for JEE Advanced?

Yes. I would recommend N Avasthi. This book has all that you need for Physical and Inorganic. If you are more interested to know a question has arouse.

Is K Kumar enough for JEE Advanced?

book gets you a level better than JEE ADVANCE. it's tough for beginners of inorganic chemistry but definitely charging for someone who has gone through basics of periodic properties ,chemical bonding and salt analysis. I personally like and prefer that book but only if you already have basics of inorganic chemistry.

Is JEE Advanced tough?

Only the top 2,50,000 JEE Main rank holders who want to study at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) will sit for JEE Advanced, which is considered one of the toughest exams to pass. JEE Advanced is regarded as one of the most difficult exams in the world.

Is 11 and 12 NCERT enough for JEE Advanced?

whatever you have studied in class 11 and 12 is very important for jee advance. keep revising those concepts and keep practicing exam as it will help you alot in JEE advanced preparation. NCERT books are the best source of preparation for your exam.

Is NCERT enough for S Block JEE Advanced?

Yes Yash yes. JEE chemistry k liye NCERT is sufficient.

Is JEE Advanced syllabus same as NCERT?

“JEE Main syllabus covers all the topics that students learn in class 10, 12 as part of the NCERT syllabus. But, JEE Advanced syllabus was different and had chapters and topics that students did not learn as part of their school curriculum,” Arora added.

Is NCERT fingertips Physics good for JEE?

Absolutely a good book for practice for the JEE & NEET aspirants. Mcqs of ncert class 11th and 12th with some explanation... But there are some errors in answer which you may can see and correct with yourself. This book is good for solving more and more question...

Is NCERT Xtract good for JEE?

Very good for jee mains and develops a great grip on ncert. Buy it if you want you to be perfect in ncert. For other competitive exams like neet, eamcet,kcet etc it is very very useful.

Is MTG NCERT at your fingertips good for JEE?

yes it is a good book for last minute revision if you have prepared before fully. It has main points which are important in exam point of view.

Is Wiley physical chemistry enough for JEE?

5.0 out of 5 stars Theory language is quite easy and a good book for jee preperation. Awesome loved it,Good for Jee Mains,detailed theory even a 9th or 10th standarad student can also understand,last year questions are also added which is a awesome feature of the book,it is enough for 90% preparation.

Does JD Lee have theory?

A mix of theory and application of Chemistry, the book is more practical-oriented. It is a good reference book for college students as well. You can also buy this book from Amazon.

Is JD Lee sufficient for inorganic?

It has sufficient question to practice. In inorganic you need to revise,revise and revise. JD Lee is on of the best book but you can't cover it completely, and it becomes tougher to revise. Hope it helps.

Is Vedantu YouTube enough for JEE?

YouTube sessions are not enough for NEET/ JEE preparation. The majority of these sessions are of low and moderate quality, and they lack 2-way interaction between teacher and students.

Is physics wallah enough for JEE Main?

Yes, JEE Mains can be cracked by Physics Wallah provided you are comfortable with his teaching style.

Who is the best physics teacher on YouTube for JEE Advanced?

Physics Galaxy: The Physics Galaxy YouTube channel from renowned Physics tutor Ashish Arora is the go-to place for learning important concepts of Physics for the JEE exam.