Is NEET syllabus same as 12?

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NTA NEET Syllabus Subjectwise – Detailed Syllabus
The NTA (National Testing Agency) provides the syllabus for NEET under each section – Physics, Chemistry and Biology which predominantly covers the NCERT syllabus for classes 11 and 12. The table below provides links to the detailed syllabus for each subject.

Is NEET syllabus same for Class 11 and 12?

NEET syllabus consists of topics and chapters from class 11 and 12. Whether a student starts NEET preparation in 11th or 12th standard, he/ she has to study a 2 year syllabus.

Is board and NEET syllabus same?

To score good marks in Class 12 boards you need to be thorough with the topics that were covered in class 11 also. Hence, barring a few topics, the syllabus of Class 12 boards and NEET examination is the same for the core subjects, that is, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Is NEET syllabus same as CBSE syllabus?

NEET syllabus is based on the CBSE syllabus of class 11 and 12 . The deleted CBSE syllabus will impact NEET 2021 preparation as some portions of the syllabus may not be taught in the school and students will have to depend on other means to learn the same.

How many MBBS NEET marks?

As per the this year (2021)result of NEET UG ,General category aspirants need minimum 138 marks (50 percentile). On the other hand General-PH(122 Marks 45 percentile) and SC/OBC/ST requires 108 marks (40 percentile). Click here to download NEET UG Score card 2021.


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Is NEET harder than boards?

According to students who appeared for NEET 2020 exam, the difficulty level of the paper was between moderate and difficult as the paper was comparatively easier than last year's NEET exam. This can be a little difficult for students hailing from different backgrounds and boards such as State Boards, ISC, and more.

Should I study for boards or NEET?

Till one month before board exam, NEET is your priority during self-study. Keep NEET your priority because understanding concepts from NEET syllabus and solving problems will make it easier for you to solve board exams level problems. ... After school hours, during coaching and self-study, stick to your NEET schedule.

Is NEET easy?

No doubt, NEET is a difficult and challenging exam. We are talking about the single-level medical entrance examination of the country with lakhs of students appearing for the exam, and limited seats offered in desired colleges.

Is 11th harder than 12th?

Yes, 11th is more tough than 12th because if you are a PCM student you have to learn Physics which requires calculus and technically you learn it in 12th.

What is the percentage of 11th syllabus in NEET?

NEET syllabus comprises 97 chapters totally, roughly 50% of which is constituted by the class 11 syllabus for all subjects.

Is Ncert and NEET the same?

Answer. Yes ..the are almost same ....the know the exam writer is 12th pass and not doing mbbs already..if you are thoroughly studying your ncrts then you could tackle neet well.

What is NEET exam pass mark?

NEET cutoff passing marks for general category is 720-138, while for SC/ST/OBC it is 137-108. NEET 2021 cutoff percentile for general category is 50th and for SC/ST/OBC it is 40th. NEET result 2021 cut off is the minimum marks required to pass the entrance exam.

What if I fail in NEET?

NEET failed students cannot get mbbs admission in India as there is no question of direct mbbs admission in India without NEET. Even admission in mbbs through management quota in private medical colleges through NEET. From 2019 onwards, even for studying MBBS from abroad, clearing NEET UG is required.

Is MBBS hard?

Is MBBS First Year Hard? First year MBBS is tough and requires hard work. Though 1st year is a lot to take in as a novice, the syllabus isn't impossible to learn, it's just lengthy and if underestimated, MBBS becomes difficult to cope up with.

Is NEET easy for CBSE students?

Up to class 10, CBSE syllabus is considered to be very easy. Class 11 and 12 syllabus is well focused on the preparation of competitive examinations. The general past trend is in favor of CBSE on the number of students qualified for IIT JEE and NEET.

Can a CBSE student crack NEET?

NEET preparation is based on the CBSE curriculum but that alone is not sufficient to crack the exams. Extra help in the form of tuitions and coaching classes is required to clear the entrance exams.

Which is tough IAS or NEET?

After analysing the level of questions that appears in various exams, UPSC is undoubtedly the toughest one. However, NEET is one of the toughest national level exams in India as well.

Which is India's most toughest exam?

List of Top 10 Toughest Exams in India
  • UPSC Civil Services Exam.
  • IIT- JEE.
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • NEET UG.
  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)
  • National Defence Academy (NDA)
  • Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT)

Which is hard JEE or NEET?

A for difficulty level, NEET is slightly tougher than JEE Mains but easier than JEE Advanced, but that is subjective, as seats are comparatively limited in NEET making it more competitive.

What is B category in NEET?

B category seats are private management seats governed totally by private bodies and costs much than A category. Approximately 9 lakhs per annum excluding Hostel fees. C category seats constitute the remaining 40% seats. These are called the NRI quota seats.

Which state has lowest cut off in NEET?

The lowest cut off in NEET are scored in Goa. Particularly in Goa Medical College, Bambolin which is a Government Medical College(GMC).

What is the age for giving NEET?

NEET Eligibility Criteria - Age Limit

Candidates must have completed 17 years of age either at the time of admission or else on or before December 31, 2022, as per the NEET 2022 eligibility criteria. The decision over the upper age limit for NEET exam eligibility has been challenged in the Supreme Court.