Is NMIMS recognized abroad?

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NMIMS students can do International Internship in cities like Berlin, Boston, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver and many more.

Is NMIMS internationally recognized?

Often ranked among the top 100 universities in India, It has today 10 schools and three campuses besides the main campus in Mumbai. The university's programs are nationally and internationally accredited by NBA, NAAC, AMBA, SAQS and Bureau of Indian Standards.

Is NMIMS MBA recognized abroad?

Yes, all Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering, NMIMS degrees are recognised abroad for higher studies in engineering and management. The alumni have been offered Master's admission in reputed universities across the world.

Is NMIMS distance MBA valid abroad?

The Canadian equivalency of the PGDM 2-year program in all specializations provided by NMIMS distance education is Post Graduate Diploma (1 year). In the past various students have successfully migrated to Canada and other countries, which signifies that distance MBA is recognized by WES.

Is NMIMS degree valid in India?

7 Answers found. Yes, you can persue your studies with NMIMS since NAAC being an autonomous institute of the University Grant Commission has conferred this Institute with the grade A rating. It is enjoying deemed university status based on the recommendation of UGC.

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What is NMIMS famous for?

The NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai is one of the highly ranked management institutes in India. School of Business Management (SBM) of NMIMS, Deemed to be University (as per UGC Norms) is one of India's premier business schools.

Is distance learning from NMIMS is good?

Verdict – As compared to any other institution, NMIMS distance Learning placements are better and the career services and placement assistance is best in class. The Learning platform is user-friendly & The Flexibility offered in examinations are really good.

Is NMIMS degree valid in Canada?

The Canadian equivalency of the PGDM 2-year program in all specializations provided by NMIMS distance education is Post Graduate Diploma (1 year). In the past various students have successfully migrated to Canada and other countries, which signifies that distance MBA is recognized by WES.

Is NMIMS certificate valid?

All programs of the NMIMS School of Distance Learning are approved by the Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC.

Is MBA from NMIMS worth?

In conclusion, NMIMS is a great option to pursue your MBA journey, especially if you get a chance to get admitted to PGDM Core or PGDM HR programs which are the highlights of NMIMS as an institute. It has proven its mettle over the years in giving ample growth opportunities and placement opportunities to students.

Is NMIMS under AIU approved?

Yes, the university is a part of AIU and it Awarded Graded Autonomy 1 by UGC , so the degree is valid overseas.

Is Ignou degree valid in Canada?

In India IGNOU is the only international open university and considered in many countries. Yes IGNOU is valid in Canada, America , Africa as well as most Europe and Asia.

Is Narsee Monjee UGC approved?

L- Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, an institution affiliated to the University of Mumbai and recognized by UGC under Section 2(F) of the UGC Act, 1956 had submitted its proposal for Deemed to be University Status through the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Is NMIMS NAAC approved?

Further, NMIMS deemed-to be University is accredited by NAAC with 3.59 CGPA and Grade A+ in the 3rd cycle (Mumbai Campus). Additionally, Bachelor of Technology programs of IT and EXTC are accredited by NBA since 2014.

Is NMIMS approved by AICTE?

NMIMS Bangalore has been approved by the 'All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)' in the year 2016 adding another jewel to its crown. NMIMS is also the youngest to be accredited by the Association of MBAs, UK – an international accreditation body for niche management education across the globe.

Can I do PhD after distance MBA from NMIMS?

Yes, one can do a PhD after a distance MBA. The institute must be recognised by UGC. Universities cannot differentiate between the degrees. The degree earned must be in tandem with the degree mentioned in the eligibility criteria.

Is NMIMS executive MBA online?

What is NMIMS Online MBA? Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies is offering an online MBA course for aspirants. The online MBA course is equivalent to the MBA course as the curriculum, syllabus, course structure of both the courses are similar.

Which is better distance MBA or executive MBA?

While an executive MBA is an MBA for working professionals, the distance MBA is mostly pursued by individuals who can't opt for a regular MBA and so a significant number of working professionals end up opting for it as well.

Is Scdl Recognised by WES?

No, WES does not consider Symbiosis Distance learning. However, you can try IQAS or ICAS as they consider symbiosis distance learning.

Is LPU degree valid in Canada?

Thanks. No not at all LPU and LPU degrees are well recognised and valid in all embassy and countries all over the globe.

Is distance education degree valid for abroad jobs?

Is distance education degree valid for abroad jobs? Yes, make sure first check the recruitment notification of the recruiting agency, and also your degree should be approved by the UGC & AIU.

Is NMIMS distance MBA fake?

NMIMS Distance MBA is approved by UGC-DEB enabling it to deliver distance and online education. Also, it is approved by NAAC by grade A+. The university has scored 3.59 CGPA out of 4 on the NAAC scale.

Which is better Ignou or NMIMS?

So comparatively, an online and distance MBA course from NMIMS is a better choice than IGNOU MBA because it offers you more management courses and the Learning Management System and placement assistance of NMIMS are also better than IGNOU.