Is OET speaking easy?

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To speak well during your OET Speaking Test can be a little daunting. Even those who are good at speaking falter or hesitate when it comes to taking this OET Speaking Test. But, you can easily get A or B provided you focus on basic things and follow our tried and tested OET tips.

How can I improve my OET speaking?

Tips to score good In OET Speaking test exam
  1. Play your Role. In the speaking sessions, there is an interlocutor who might be playing the role of a patient or any other client. ...
  2. Breaking the ice. ...
  3. Keep the Conversation On. ...
  4. Understand the patient/client (the interlocutor) ...
  5. Upgrade your language. ...
  6. Be ready for unexpected turns.

How is speaking test in OET?

In each Speaking test, your identity and profession are checked by the interlocutor and there is a short warm-up conversation about your professional background. Then the role-plays are introduced one by one and you have three minutes to prepare for each. The role-plays take about five minutes each.

Which part of OET is difficult?

You have to get a lot of questions right in order to pass with a B. For me, the speaking role play and the writing subtest were the easiest. Listening part C and all reading parts were difficult because of the time pressure. This test does not only test your ability to communicate and understand in a medical setting.

How do I pass OET in first attempt?

we have put together some helpful tips to guide you through your OET preparation:
  1. Learn about the test overview and structure. It is important to feel comfortable with the test content. ...
  2. Create a study plan. ...
  3. Sharpen your skills. ...
  4. Take practice tests. ...
  5. Review everything. ...
  6. Rest and Relax. ...
  7. Get the Official OET Course Guide.


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Is OET speaking hard?

To speak well during your OET Speaking Test can be a little daunting. Even those who are good at speaking falter or hesitate when it comes to taking this OET Speaking Test. But, you can easily get A or B provided you focus on basic things and follow our tried and tested OET tips. It is going to be a role-play.

Can I take OET Speaking only?

You must take the Listening, Reading and Writing sub-tests together. The OET Speaking Test Online must be completed within the same test administration (usually 5 days before or after your Listening, Reading and Writing test).

Is OET easier than ielts?

Is OET easier than IELTS? Although there are a few rumours that OET is easier to pass than IELTS Academic. This is not true. The level required from each examination by Regulatory Authorities in the UK is the same.

Who will evaluate OET Speaking test?

Your performances on the Writing and Speaking sub-tests are each rated by at least two trained Assessors. Audio files and scripts are assigned to Assessors at random to avoid any conflict of interest. Your test-day Interlocutor is not involved in the assessment process.

How many Speaking tasks are there in OET?

How many tasks do I have to do for the OET Speaking? You will need to complete 2 role play tasks for the OET Speaking.

What score is C+ in OET?

C+ grade is given to the person getting marks between 300-340 and C to those who have obtained marks between 200-290. This means that the candidate can maintain the interaction in a relevant healthcare environment despite occasional errors and lapses.

How many times can I take OET?

There is no limit on the number of times you can retake OET Medicine, subject to scheduling availability.

Is it easy to get B in OET?

But while more and more candidates are taking up the OET test, it is not easy. A large number of candidates are not able to get Grade B in all the sub-tests, which is something that most organizations ask for.

Is OET accepted in UK for doctors?

Occupational English Test (OET) is widely accepted now for all purposes of proving your English language proficiency as an international doctor lookinf forward to making your career in the UK.

How long is OET valid for?

OET results are valid for two years. This means that there might be a deadline for you to apply for your exam and you should take this into consideration before booking and sitting your OET test. You should contact the relevant authority to check their exact validity period and whether they will expire.

Can I retake only one section of OET?

The good news is that OET allows you to resit the exam one section at a time. You may for example fail and retake the reading exam only instead of taking all four tests again.

Is OET valid for 3 years?

How long is your certificate valid for? OET certificates are valid for two years. If you are taking the PLAB test, your certificate must be valid on the day you sit PLAB part 1. If you are applying for registration with a licence to practise, it must be valid when we approve your application.

What if I fail in OET exam?

Some professions require candidates to pass all four subtests in one sitting; meaning if you fail one or more sub-tests you are required re-sit all 4 sub-tests in one sitting. To ensure you're up-to-date with your individual requirements, please check with the Regulatory Authority that governs your profession.

How can I self study OET?

How to study for the OET test at home
  1. Book some one-on-one tutorials with an expert E2Language tutor. ...
  2. Attend E2Language OET live classes. ...
  3. Do the E2Language OET mini-mock test. ...
  4. Get feedback on your OET writing. ...
  5. Expose yourself to as much English as possible.

How long should you prepare for OET?

Yes, you need to have proper study plan for the preparation of OET. Successful candidates are those who spend like 2-3 months in preparation for the exam.

Should I take ielts or OET?

The IELTS test will test your English within the context of a wide variety of topics. The OET will test your ability within the context of your medical profession. Therefore, if you are a nurse or a doctor, you will be tested on things related to your job. Many see this as the main reason to take OET instead of IELTS.