Is SSC and ICSE same?

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SSC is Secondary School Certificate. CBSE is the Central Board of Secondary Education

Central Board of Secondary Education
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national level board of education in India for public and private schools, controlled and managed by the Government of India. › wiki › Central_Board_of_Secondary...
. ICSE is an Indian Certificate
Indian Certificate
The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, a private board designed to provide an examination in a course of general education, in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education Policy 1986 (India), through ... › wiki › Indian_Certificate_of_Secon...
for Secondary Education.

Is ICSE better than SSC?

ICSE Board is preferred by most top schools over the SSC Board. But some of the top students who get into preofessional studies like engineering, medicine and management come from both SSC board and ICSE. CBSE is the 3rd major option and is preferred too.

Which is better CBSE or ICSE or SSC?

Many schools abroad recognize the depth and expansiveness of the syllabus and place their trust on ICSE graduates. To put it in simple words, if you are planning to help your child aces national competitive exams like AIEE and JEE, choose CBSE. For international Olympiads and scholarship examinations, go for ICSE.

Is state board and ICSE are same?

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) State Level Boards that go by the name of the state- U.P Board, Delhi Board, Bihar Board, and so on. International Baccalaureate (IB) Boards are limited to the top tier cities of the country.

Is SSC and CBSE same?

CBSE, or the Central Board of Secondary Education, is an educational board under the government of India. SSC, or Secondary School Certificate, exams come under the state governments. 2. Most parents prefer the CBSE as it is more helpful when taking competitive and entrance examinations.

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Is SSC easy than CBSE?

When compared to SSC, children may find that CBSE is slightly tough because you cannot expect the exact same questions to appear in the examinations. This is because the syllabus focuses on learning and understanding, and not mugging up and reproducing.

What is SSC full form?

The full form of SSC is Staff Selection Commission. Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an important organization under the Government of India which takes care of the recruitment aspect for different posts for various ministries, departments and offices.

What is SSC in Bangladesh?

The Secondary School Certificate, also called SSC or Matriculation examination, in madrasah education Dakhil is a public examination in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan conducted by educational boards for the successful completion of the secondary education exam in these countries.

What is SSC and HSSC?

The Higher Secondary School Certificate, also known as HSSC, is an examination taken by students after taking Secondary School Certificate (SSC) / IGCSE / O LEVEL. The students of the age of 16 to 18 years are eligible for taking this Higher Secondary School examination.

Which is harder ICSE or CBSE?

Difficulty Level – ICSE Syllabus is considered to be more difficult than CBSE. The ICSE syllabus has more internal assessments and concepts that can be applied to practicals. Transferability – When it comes to travelling frequently, it is better to choose CBSE because you won't find more ICSE schools in the country.

Which board is best for IAS?

Originally Answered: Which board is the best to study for preparing for the UPSC? School board is not a criteria for civil services , since we have to go through NCERT books from class 6th to 12th. So it's better to go for CBSE board because you will just have to revise all of them again.

Is ICSE international board?

The ICSE is a national level exam offered in India while IGCSE is an international standard curriculum.

What is 10th class called in ICSE?

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.

Which is best board in India?

The top education boards in India are:
  • State Boards.
  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
  • Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)
  • Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE)
  • National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)

Which board is best for my child?

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Board

If you want your child to become an engineer and pursue IIT and JEE or other exams like NEET, this board for secondary education shall serve the best for your children.

Is HSC and SSC same?

SSC stands for Secondary School Certificate (Class 10th), and HSC stands for Higher Secondary Certificate (Class12th)

What is difference between SSC and HSC?

HSC is the Higher Secondary school Certificate, which is conducted at the end of 12th standard by the state boards which makes students elligible for graduation courses. SSC is a 10th standard board and HSC is the 12th standard board.

What is a level in Pakistan?

A Levels are considered to be equivalent to 11th and 12th class, where 11th class is known as As Level (Advanced Subsidiary), and 12th class is known as A Level (Advanced Level), or simply A2. GCE A Levels is an internationally recognized qualification which offers a wide variety of subjects.

Is SSC exam finished?

According to the routine SSC and equivalent exam will be ended on 23 November 2021. The ministry of education has been published all education board routine in 26 September 2021 including nine general education bord, Madrashah and Technical Board.

What is age limit for SSC exam?

The SSC age limit for most of the exams conducted by the Staff Selection Commission is a minimum of 18 years to a maximum of 32 years.

What is 12th pass called in India?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) is a public examination credential in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

What is SSC and full form of SSC?

SSC – Secondary School Certificate. This certificate examination is conducted by various boards of education including CBSE and other state boards for 10th-grade students. Another full form of SSC is: SSC – Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is the other full form of SSC.

How can I apply for SSC?

SSC CGL Apply Online 2022
  1. Visit the official website –
  2. Click on “Apply” and then on “CGL”.
  3. Enter your Aadhaar Number, Name, Father's Name, Mother's Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, and Email ID.
  4. Enter the OTPs received on your Mobile Number and Email ID and click on Submit.