Is SSC tougher than Upsc?

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The screening process for both the exams is also quite different with the IAS exams being a lot tougher and more extensive in terms of matter as well as competition, compared to SSC examinations. This is the most obvious different as far as both the exams and associated jobs are concerned.

Is SSC better than UPSC?

2: UPSC is a lot more important exam than SSC. UPSC is older. Civil services have been there since British times. It has always been an exam for humanities subjects because they are better tools to recruit people rather than Math's in this field.

Is SSC syllabus same as UPSC?

Upsc and SSC are two different all India exam in India, in UPSC there is total 8–10 papers with some common and specialized subjects and it requires deep knowledge of subjects as well on the other hand ssc has common syllabus including maths reasoning English and gk in objective nature, which doesn't require a deep ...

Is SSC exam easy or tough?

This exam is among the toughest ones in the country. Not only the extensive syllabus but the fierce competition for a limited number of seats makes it difficult to crack. Aspirants should familiarize themselves with the SSC CGL exam before actually starting preparing for it.

Is UPSC tougher than PCS?


The difference between UPSC and state PSC exam is: As it is a well-known fact that the UPSC exam is still considered the toughest examinations in our country, i.e., the IAS examination which is conducted by the UPSC is the most difficult paper in India.

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Can PCS become DM?

In Bihar, if a PCS officer gets promoted to the rank of Joint Secretary, then he is eligible to get promoted as an IAS officer. Due to a lack of recommendation, if he is not promoted to IAS rank then he will get a post correspondent to DM.

Which is better SSC or PCS?

SSC provides the central government jobs and state civil service exams provides administrative jobs in state government. State PSC is better because it gives you a job near your home town and secondly in your home town spent money is less. State PSC gives a respectful government job.

Is maths tough in SSC CGL?

MYTH-4: Math is only about shortcuts & tricks. REALITY: Math (Quantitative Aptitude) section of the exam is considered by many students to be the most difficult and time consuming one. It has questions from all the major areas such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

Can a student weak in maths crack SSC CGL?

If an aspirant is weak in mathematics and feels that he or she will not be able to qualify SSC CGL EXAM then you are wrong. Nothing in impossible in this world all you need is strong will and determination to accomplish your goals. Aim for the exam and work for it.

Why SSC is called mini IAS?

Despite these major differences, some IAS aspirants, who have exhausted their number of attempts or have failed to clear civil services exam several times, may opt for SSC exams as an alternative to become part of the government's administrative infrastructure, but it still won't place them at the same position which ...

Is SSC tough to crack?

The first thing that you have to kept in mind is that cracking SSC exam is not an easy task, most of the student that qualifies the exams are repeaters (i.e. they have given the exam before also) so if you want to crack the exam in your very first attempt then you really have to work hard, and also have to follow a ...

Can I become IAS officer after SSC CGL?

For such candidates, SSC CGL is among the best opportunities to become an IAS equivalent officer. It may take several years after deputation as an Assistant Section Officer. However, it is advisable to opt for SSC CGL exam along with the IAS exam preparation.

Is Bank PO easier than SSC CGL?

Reasoning of Bank PO exams is tougher as compared to SSC CGL exam. Bank PO exams focus more on computer aptitude section, which is not the case with SSC CGL exam. Under General Awareness, Bank PO exams focus more on banking awareness and current affairs on economy and finance.

What is the maximum age for SSC CGL?

The SSC CGL age limit for different posts in the 2021 exam is a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 32 years. Apart from this, there are certain age relaxation criteria for the reserved group of candidates.

Which SSC has highest salary?

Which SSC CGL 2022 Post is the highest paid ? Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) post of SSC CGL 2022 is the highest paid job.

Is SSC better than bank po?

The SSC job is more relaxed in comparison to a Bank PO job. An SSC staff gets to work on different tasks such as Administrative Task, supervision or any other tasks as asked by the senior official. SSC jobs ensure an excellent work-life balance.

What is the highest post in SSC?

The top post of SSC CGL are:
  • Income tax inspector.
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer in ED.
  • ASO in MEA.
  • Sub inspector in CBI.
  • Excise Inspector.
  • Assistant Audit Officer in CAG.
  • Divisional Accountant.

Is SSC GD tough?

A: The difficulty level of SSC GD CBT exam is usually easy to moderate. However, candidates also need to pass the medical and fitness tests in order to crack the exam. For the same, candidates need to ensure that they are medically and physically fit as per the standards specified by the Commission.

Which SSC Exam is best?

Candidates willing to join a government job immediately after class 12th can opt to apply for the SSC CHSL exam and for those looking for a Government job in different Government Departments and Ministries, SSC CGL is the best option.

Is SSC a good career option?

Career progression: SSC keeps conducting grade-wise departmental competitive exams for existing Central Government staff members. This provides them with ample growth prospects. Superior performance in these exams can set a person on a path of accelerated career progression.

Is PSC exam easy?

But as PSC exams are counted among the toughest competitive exams in India, it is a hard task to crack the exam and make your dream fulfilled.

Which state PSC is best?

Top State PSC Exams in India
  1. Rajasthan PSC. Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) comes under the Government of Rajasthan and is responsible for conducting the examinations for different posts under the state of Rajasthan. ...
  2. Kerala PSC. ...
  3. Bihar PSC. ...
  4. Assam PSC. ...
  5. Uttar Pradesh PSC. ...
  6. Chhattisgarh PSC. ...
  7. Tripura PSC. ...
  8. Punjab PSC.