Is Turkish MBBS valid in India?

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Studying MBBS in Turkey is an often chosen destination for Indian students who want to realize their dream of becoming a doctor. You can study MBBS In Turkey either in English or Turkish. These MBBS Universities are located in Istanbul, Ankara, or İzmir, hence the students have lots of options to choose from.

Which countries MBBS is valid in India?

As per Govt. Of India Students who have studied MBBS in UK, USA/Caribbean, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and are eligible to practice in the country are exempted from MCI/FMGE screening in India.

Is it good to do MBBS from Turkey?

MBBS in Turkey has a remarkable reputation in providing higher medical education due to high education standards with advanced and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches. Turkey has one of the best medical universities recognized by the world's major organizations which includes WHO, PMC & UNESCO.

Is studying medicine in Turkey worth it?

Studying in turkey will give you the access to world class laboratories, latest technological advancements, a conducive atmosphere for educational and life perusing, you will also have the opportunity to be taught by world class professors, Doctors and masters in the field of medicine.

Is MBBS taught in English in Turkey?

Turkish universities provide a wide range of courses in the field of medicine such as Pharmacy and Dentistry. Turkey has both public and private universities which provide MD/MBBS programs in English and the acceptance rate ranges from 22% to 70%.


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Is medicine in Turkey in English?

Several public and foundation(private) universities offer the program Medicine in English. When you study medicine in Turkey, you coma into contact with many nations. Turkey is a country of the so called health tourism.

How much marks are required for MBBS in Turkey?

MBBS is a 6 year course program. The student must have qualified +2 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math with minimum 50% marks.

Is Turkish MBBS valid in Pakistan?

Is MBBS degree from Turkey valid in Pakistan? Yes, MBBS from turkey is valid in Pakistan.

Is MBBS free in Turkey?

Tuition Fee of MBBS in Turkey

The total cost for the MBBS program in Turkey is very affordable. It costs 15000$ – 30000$ per year for the medical course program at First Year. So, this makes the students choose Ukraine for their MBBS program.

Which country has lowest fees for MBBS?

Czech Republic has the cheapest MBBS fees in the world and welcomes international students from all over the world. Foreign students are drawn to study medicine in this country, due to its comprehensive and reputable medical education which is globally recognised and works with other institutions in the world.

What is the YOS exam in Turkey?

YÖS is an examination taken by international students who wish to study Associate's and Bachelor's Degree at Higher Education Institutions in Turkey. The results obtained from this exam can be used to apply for the quotas allocated by Higher Education Institutes for international students.

Is MBBS in Turkey MCI approved?

Turkey's Universities for MBBS are recognised by the MCI and WHO as well, Turkey's education system is ranked 43rd number in the world.

Which country MBBS is not valid in India?

The exam does not apply to MBBS graduates from the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, who can practice in India without having to take it. The data shows that an average of 13,000 students appear for the FMGE annually.

Is Canadian MBBS valid in India?

ANSWER (1) Hello, Yes, recognised however very few universities in Canada accepts international students into their medical schools. Also there is no such thing called MBBS there, you have to enroll in a Bachelor's degree in biological sciences and take the MCAT before seeking entry into a medical school.

Is entry test required for MBBS in Turkey?

MBBS scholarships for Pakistani students 2020 in turkey

Anyone holding Turkish citizenship or previous study in turkey is not allowed to apply for a scholarship. It is only an Entry test base scholarship. Students' marks in Fsc and Test are considered for the scholarship.

How do I become a doctor in Turkey?

First, and foremost, you need a diploma from a foreign university. After that, you need to take and pass the equivalence exam or STS exam. You then need to prove proficiency in the Turkish language. After that, you need to apply for a residence and work permit at your local Turkish consulate.

How can I get MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
  1. The student shall complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year of admission.
  2. The candidate must secure 50% marks in their 12th standard from Science stream (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) in CBSE / ISC or any other Equivalent Board of Examination.

How much does it cost to study in Istanbul?

The cost of education in Istanbul is lower as compared to its counterparts. Tuition fees for English-taught degree programs can range from USD 450 to 1,500. Living costs in Istanbul may range from USD 500 to 600 per month covering accommodation, food, clothing, books, transportation, and other utilities.

Is Egypt good for MBBS?

The MBBS degree program is approved all over the world. Low MBBS fee structure. The MBBS universities in Egypt are positioned as the best 500 universities on the planet. In excess of 21 nations, MBBS pivot is accessible in India, the UK, the USA, Canada, Germany, and so on.

Is studying medicine in Turkey hard?

Most of the students extend a year or two in the program but they always catch up and become doctors eventually. Thus, it can be said that it is really difficult to study medicine in Turkey because of these reasons.

Is it hard to study medicine in Turkey?


For Turkish citizenship it is very hard to enroll because students will need AAA grades. For a medical degree in Turkey, the applicants have to do very well in the YÖS Exam. The YÖS Exam is there to select candidates for study through the universities own procedures.

How do I become a cardiologist in Turkey?

Cardiology ... 4 years ... the required score of 70.
In this article we will learn about the steps required for each doctor to specialize in Turkey, including new laws added in 2020.
  1. Learn Turkish.
  2. Pass the STS exam.
  3. Complete the mandatory training.
  4. Pass the TUS exam.

Which medical University is best in Turkey?

Here are the best global universities for clinical medicine in Turkey
  • Hacettepe University.
  • Istanbul University.
  • Ankara University.
  • Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa.
  • Dokuz Eylul University.
  • Ege University.
  • Marmara University.
  • Koç University.