Is typing compulsory for SSC CHSL?

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SSC CHSL 2022 Tier 3 (Skill Test/Typing Test) Selection Process. The candidates are required to enter it on a computer at a speed of 8, 000 key depressions an hour. Important points to remember: This test is qualifying in nature.

Is typing necessary for postal assistant?

If you want to join as the Postal Assistant, Sorting Assistant, Lower Divisional Clerk, and Court Clerk Posts, typing test is mandatory. Skill Test- If you're applying for the Data Entry Operator Post, you must be able to type 8000 key depressions per hour to qualify.

Is Tier 3 compulsory in SSC Chsl?

A: SSC CHSL Tier-3 is for candidates who are applying for the post of Data Entry Operator (DEO). This Typing Test and Skill Test is of qualifying nature. So, you need to clear Tier-3 in order to feature in the Final Merit List.

Is typing is necessary for SSC CGL?

What is DEST in SSC CGL? DEST full form is "Data Entry Skill Test". DEST comprises only a typing test in which students have to make 8000 key depression per hour, i.e. 2000 key depressions in 15 minutes. It is a speed test that can be cleared easily by practice.

Is skill test compulsory for SSC Chsl?

Candidates who have applied for the post of DEO are required to prove their skill in a 15-minute test where a sheet containing 2000-2200 strokes would be offered.


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How many mistakes are allowed in typing test?

Maximum 8% mistakes would be permissible to pass the test, meaning thereby that at least 92% accuracy is required in addition to the typing speed. 5. Proper care has to be taken for spaces while typing punctuation marks. Wrong spacing of punctuation marks will be treated as space error.

Is Chsl Tier 2 qualifying?

Tier II of SSC CHSL Exam is qualifying in nature. The Final Merit is prepared based on the scores obtained in Tier I and Tier II only.

Is typing test compulsory for Chsl Quora?

Yes the typing test is mandatory for all the post of SSC CHSL. SSC CHSL has 3 tiers in which tier 3 called skill test or typing test.

Where can I practice typing?

Websites to Practice Typing
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  • ...
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  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

What is Type touching?

With that being said, what exactly is touch typing? Touch typing is a technique that creates a structure where you have to place different fingers on specific areas on your keyboard. You are using all your 10 fingers, and each one is in charge of a section or a column on the keyboard.

Is Backspace allowed in SSC typing test?

You can use ARROW KEYS, BACKSPACE or MOUSE to correct a mistake anytime during the test. 2. Use the TAB key once if there is space in the start of the passage.

What is LDC typing test?

LDC means lower division clerk. Ther is a separate section for Clerk Grade 2 and Junior Assistant, In the notification. So, let's get ready for Rajasthan High Court LDC Typing Test. Recently a Rajasthan Government has issued a detailed notification of LDC.

Does SSC CHSL have interview?

SSC CHSL Selection Process 2020 FAQs

Are all candidates eligible to appear for an interview? Eligible candidates who fulfill the criteria of required cutoff after the written exam will be eligible for an interview.

Is Tier 1 marks added in SSC Chsl?

SSC CHSL Result 2022 for Tier 1

The total marks weightage of the exam is 200, students who qualify the tier 1 will appear for tier 2 of the exam.

How do I clear my first attempt Chsl?

  1. For the quantitative aptitude section, solve as many practice questions as possible. ...
  2. For general intelligence or the reasoning part, again solving as many questions from a Logical reasoning book is the best way. ...
  3. For the general awareness section, read the newspapers and watch the news regularly.

How is SSC Chsl scored?

Important Points to Score Better in SSC CGL/CHSL Exams 2022
  1. SSC Repeats its questions exam after exam. ...
  2. General Awareness can also be scoring. ...
  3. Understanding the Basics of Maths is a Must. ...
  4. Current Affairs are Equally Important for SSC CHSL/ CGL Exam. ...
  5. Don't Avoid questions on Reading Comprehension.

Does SSC exam have negative marking?

Penalty of Wrong Answer: There is a negative marking of 0.50 Marks for each wrong answer. There is no sectional cut off. No point will be deducted if the question is left blank or unattempted by a candidate.

Does SSC MTS have negative marking?

Is there any negative marking in the SSC MTS exam? Ans. Yes, there will be a negative marking of 0.25 mark for every wrong answer in the SSC MTS exam.

What is the passing score for typing test?

Typist: 50 WPM. Legal secretary: 50-60 WPM. Computer coders: 60 WPM. Transcription: 60-75 WPM.

Which font is used in SSC typing test?

The SSC typing test examwill be based on Hindi Mangal font.

How do you pass a typing test?

How to increase your typing speed
  1. Focus on accuracy over speed. When I was learning to type, I spent a lot of time trying to get the words out as quickly as possible. ...
  2. Stop with the hunt and peck. ...
  3. Practice this phrase. ...
  4. Set specific goals. ...
  5. Use online tests and resources. ...
  6. Stretch your hands, neck, and shoulders.