What are the disadvantages of science stream?

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Science students are always seen complaining about how many courses and rigorous studies they had to do. This stream calls for a lot of pressure from entrances as well as boards exams. There is undue stress lingering in the minds of students due to extreme competition.

What are the disadvantages of taking science?

The disadvantages of science and technology are :
  • it can be easily handled by irresponsible people.
  • We will be too dependent on that. ...
  • Sometimes it affects our health and our lifestyles (we will be complacent and lazy.) ...
  • It destroys our simple and healthy life (the traditional lifestyle I miss).

Is that taking science stream is good?

It allows you to be much smarter, intelligent and progressive. 2. When you study subjects like Physics & Chemistry, it enhances your understanding of the world, causes, effects, etc. It allows you to develop scientific knowledge and theory about everything in the world that you come across.

What are advantages and disadvantages of science?

1) Life is become easy and comfortable through science and technology. 2) Travelling has become easy and fast in minutes. 3) Communication is become easy, fast and cheaper. 4) Standard of living have increased with the increase in technology.

Which science stream is best?

Here are the top 20 High Salary courses after 12th Science:
  • Medicine: MBBS.
  • Engineering and Technology: BTech/BE.
  • BSc Information Technology.
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • BSc Computer Science.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy.
  • Alternative Medicine Courses: BHMS, BAMS, Naturopathy Courses.
  • BSc in Nursing.

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What can girls do after 12th science?

List of Career options for PCM Girls.
  • Tech in Computer Science. After 12th science PCM, most of the girls like to go with BTech course. ...
  • B.Sc. ...
  • Bachelor of Computer Application. ...
  • Aeronautical Engineering. ...
  • Tech in Textile Technology. ...
  • Bachelor of Architecture. ...
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management. ...
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology.

Is science stream easy?

Science is often considered a tougher and rigorous stream than Commerce because the latter has more scoring subjects which are theoretical while Science has technical and math-oriented subjects which can be harder to master!

What are 10 Disadvantages of science and technology?

10 Disadvantages of Science and Technology
  • Environmental Degradation. ...
  • The Rise and Surge in Cybercrime. ...
  • Increase in Terrorism Capabilities. ...
  • Information Overload. ...
  • Loss of privacy. ...
  • Increased Addiction to Online Media. ...
  • Increased Vulnerability of Essential Services. ...
  • Decreased Human Value (Outsourcing and Downsizing)

What are the 5 disadvantages of technology?

17 Digital Technology Disadvantages
  • Data Security.
  • Crime and Terrorism.
  • Complexity.
  • Privacy Concerns.
  • Social Disconnect.
  • Work Overload.
  • Digital Media Manipulation.
  • Job Insecurity.

Who invented science?

The Lagoon: How Aristotle Invented Science. Aristotle is considered by many to be the first scientist, although the term postdates him by more than two millennia. In Greece in the fourth century BC, he pioneered the techniques of logic, observation, inquiry and demonstration.

Which stream is best for future?

  1. Science Stream- The Most Attractive Stream. ...
  2. Commerce Stream- Best Stream for Business & Finance Studies. ...
  3. Humanities or Arts Stream- Explore Creativity. ...
  4. Vocational Courses- (Professional/ Short-term courses)

Which stream has more scope?

According to the social psychology science is declared as the best stream. Science includes engineer, doctor, a scientist or many more. Science has the best scope. Apart from Science, Arts and Commerce are also not bad.

Is science stream stressful?

Stress and pressure

Science students are always seen complaining about how many courses and rigorous studies they had to do. This stream calls for a lot of pressure from entrances as well as boards exams. There is undue stress lingering in the minds of students due to extreme competition.

Why science is important after 10th?

Students get to learn the skills which are relevant in workplaces. It helps them get the best possible job in the market. Science students can get to study in top colleges of the country like IIT, AIIMS, etc. The subject creates the mindset of the student to have a more practical approach towards anything in life.

Who should choose science stream?

Choosing this stream not only contributes for a beautiful tomorrow, but also creates optimism for mankind. Science teaches students skills that are relevant to most of the workplaces. It provides a flexible base to students enabling them to find a well-paid and respectable job.

What are the disadvantages of technology to students?

Here are 5 disadvantages of technology in the classroom and how to get past them for your students.
  • Distracting Students. ...
  • Requires Management and Training. ...
  • Leads to Tech Disparity. ...
  • Cost Money. ...
  • Less Face Time. ...
  • Final Thoughts.

What are the disadvantages of new media?

Disadvantages of New Media
  • Misinformation spreads like wildfire. ...
  • We can live in an ideological bubble. ...
  • There is fierce media competition. ...
  • There is a wider customer base for companies large and small. ...
  • Children can access inappropriate information more easily.

What are the disadvantage of Internet?

Below is given a list of the complete disadvantages of the Internet.
  • Addiction, time-waster, and causes distractions. ...
  • Bullying, trolls, stalkers, and crime. ...
  • Spam and advertising. ...
  • Pornographic and violent images. ...
  • Never being able to disconnect from work. ...
  • Identity theft, hacking, viruses, and cheating.

What are the effects of science?

By drastically changing our means of communication, the way we work, our housing, clothes, and food, our methods of transportation, and, indeed, even the length and quality of life itself, science has generated changes in the moral values and basic philosophies of mankind.

What are 3 reasons why science is important?

Here are ten reasons why science is important:
  • #1. Science teaches you how to think analytically.
  • #2. Science teaches you how to solve problems.
  • #3. Science has many benefits for young students.
  • #4. Science helps us live longer.
  • #5. Science reduces child mortality.
  • #6. ...
  • #7. ...
  • #8.

What is the negative effects of science and technology?

delays in social and emotional development. physical inactivity and obesity. poor sleep quality. social issues, such as social incompatibility and anxiety.

Is 11th science easy?

No It's not hard. It depends on how much time you are spending to study. If you like science subject then you should take science stream. 11 & 12 standard's science is very interesting.

Is class 11 Biology hard?

Many students opt for Biology thinking it is an easy and interesting subject. But after seeing the vast syllabus of class 11, they tend to realize that it requires some hard work to get good marks in this subject. Syllabus of Class 11 Biology is completely different from that of class 10.

Is class 11 computer science Tough?

Class 11 Computer Science is definitely easier than its counterparts like Maths, Physics and Chemistry. You would be surprised to know that around 1.5lkh students enrol this subject yearly, that too from only CBSE. The coursework is already taught to ICSE board students in lower grades.