What is Bachelor of Arts in social Studies?

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Social studies education includes the core disciplines of history, geography, political science, economics, psychology and sociology.

What is Bachelor of Arts major in social studies?

The Bachelor of Arts major in Social Science is a four-year program that uses sociology, economics, geography, politics, history, anthropology, and geography to study specific cultural and geographical areas in the Philippines and Asia as a whole.

What is Bachelor of Arts social studies in education?

Programme Description

The Social Studies programme has been designed to equip students with relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them teach Social/Environmental studies at the Basic and Secondary levels and/or to undertake supervisory under the district directorates of education.

What is the meaning of BA social science?

B.A (Social Science) or Bachelor of Arts in Social Science is an undergraduate Social Science program. Social science is the field of study concerned with society and human behaviors. ... Some programs offer concentrations in areas of social sciences, such as sociology, anthropology, human services, or psychology.

What are the 4 subjects in social studies?

Although social science typically refers only to academic disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, geography, economics, and political science, the term social studies includes the aforementioned social sciences as well as humanities disciplines like history, American studies, and philosophy.

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What are the two types of social studies?

Branches or types of social studies
  • History Sociology Geography Geology Politics Law Government Archaeology Anthropology Linguistics International Relations Psychology.
  •  The study of the past. ...
  •  The study of the physical features of the earth.

What are the six contents of social studies?

It is an educational discipline that is made up of courses in History, Economics, Civics, Sociology, Geography and Anthropology.

What is difference between BA and BA in social?

the key difference is about subjects , in BA Social science student study only his/her subjects of humanity while in BA arts student study Humanity +literature subject where literature subject will be core subject .

Why is it called Bachelor of Arts?

Bachelor of Arts (BA or AB; from the Latin baccalaureus artium, baccalaureus in artibus, or artium baccalaureus) is a bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate program in the arts, or in some cases other disciplines.

What can I do after BA Social Science?

International Relations, Development Studies, Peace Building, Anthropology, Archaeology, LLB - LLM , Media, Journalism and Social Work, there is so much Social Science graduates can pursue after completing their course of education.

Is social studies a core subject?

In high schools, a core course of study will typically include specified classes in the four “core” subject areas—English language arts, math, science, and social studies—during each of the four standard years of high school.

What can you do with a social studies education degree?

Career Opportunities
  • Area and Cultural Studies Professor.
  • Elementary School Teacher.
  • High School Teacher.
  • Middle School Teacher.
  • Principal.
  • Superintendent.
  • Tutoring Services.

Does Knust offer social science?

At the beginning of the 2014/2015 academic year the University Council approved the transfer of the Faculty of Art from the college to reconstitute the College of Art and Built Environment. Consequently, the college now has three Faculties i.e. Law, Social Science and the School of Business and the Research Centre.

Is a BA a Bachelor's?

A BA (Bachelor of Arts) or a BS (Bachelor of Science) degree are both four-year university degrees that share general education requirements. In the U.S., these common courses are standardized and may include: English and writing, mathematics, natural science, and social science and history.

What courses are under Humss Strand?

HUMSS Strand
  • Psychology.
  • Philosophy.
  • Political Science.
  • International Studies.
  • Languages (English and Filipino)
  • Literature.
  • Communications.

What is Arts and social science course?

The Humanities and Social Sciences are academic fields which focus on the study of people, societies, and social knowledge. In general, both fields study human intellectual history and behavior.

What is the difference between a BS and a BA degree?

The main difference between the BA and the BS is the subject matter. BA degree coursework tends to focus on critical thinking, communication, and holistic learning. BS degrees tend to be focused on natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering, with coursework in logic, reasoning, and quantitative skills.

Is BS better than BA?

A BA and a BS serve different purposes. Neither degree ranks as better than the other, but one might better suit specific career goals. For example, students interested in technical careers may need a BS for graduate school applications. In some majors, undergrads choose between a BA and a BS.

Do employers care about BA or BS?

The short answer is no. Employers and graduate school admissions officers rarely care which type of Bachelor's degree you were awarded. They care far more about which major you pursued, where you went to school, the fact that you have a bachelor's degree at all, and how you performed in your classes.

How long does a Bachelor of Social Science take?


The Bachelor of Arts [BA] and Bachelor of Social Science [BSocSci] degrees offer a flexible degree structure spread over a minimum of three years of full-time study.

What is difference between arts and Social Science?

Humanities and social sciences deal with human aspects like politics, law, linguistics, economics, and psychology. One of the major differences between the two is that humanities involve a more critical and analytical approach whereas social sciences deal with more of a scientific approach.

How many subjects are there in Social Science?

In the CBSE curriculum, Social Studies is divided into 4 subjects i.e. History, Political Science, Geography and Economics.

What is social studies in simple words?

Definition of social studies

: a part of a school or college curriculum concerned with the study of social relationships and the functioning of society and usually made up of courses in history, government, economics, civics, sociology, geography, and anthropology.

What are the 7 themes of social studies?

According to national social studies, standards, culture, global connections, time continuity, and change are considered as major themes. Other major themes include individual development and identity, people, places and environments, individuals, groups and institutions and science, technology, and society.

What is scope of social studies?

Basically, scope of Social Studies entails man, his environment (physical environment and social environment) as well as science and technology which man uses to make his environment suitable or conducive for him. It also entails the fact that Social Studies is an integrated subject.