What is difference between ICSE and IGCSE?

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IGCSE has a broader spectrum of subjects as compared to ICSE. The IGCSE curriculum prescribes localised content to be taught in the respective regions while ICSE is focused on a common goal of study with common contents. IGCSE is an international standard curriculum and ICSE is a national-level examination.

Is GCSE and ICSE same?

It is also recognized and regarded as equivalent to the GCSE and other international curricula. It was developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations. For the students in the curriculum, the ages are from year 10, which is Grade 9, and the test is taken at the end of year 11, or Grade 10.

Is ICSE and Cambridge the same?

ICSE is an educational board that is governed by the Council of the Indian School Certificate Examination. Whereas IGCSE is an educational board that is governed by the University of Cambridge International Examination.

Can I switch from ICSE to IGCSE?

It depends on what you want to do. In case you want to definitely go aboard go with AS and A levels (That's what IGCSE is called in 11th and 12th). Or else you can opt for our very own CBSE or ISC as they're more oriented with the Indian Entrance exams.

Which board is best in world?

ICSE Board has better acceptability than any other board, particularly in foreign lands. While CBSE Boards are also widely accepted, students with an ICSE certification get the upper hand in foreign schools and universities.

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Is IGCSE good for Indian students?

Yes, it is recognized by CBSE, CISCE and state education boards in India as a qualification for entry to Class XI or for other higher secondary education courses. It is also a recognized Class X qualification, as one of the prerequisites for admission to undergraduate courses in India.

Is ICSE good or IGCSE?


The syllabus followed by ICSE is more comprehensive and well-structured. The syllabus gives equal importance to all subjects and promotes the in-depth study of subjects. The IGCSE board, on the other hand, is more practical and application-based.

Which is better IGCSE or IB?

To summarize, we at Uwezo feel, IGCSE is the best option for students upto the 10th grade. And, IB a better option if they are pursuing their degrees in any of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs, which will give them a competitive advantage during college.

Which is harder IGCSE or GCSE?

The GCSE is considered more rigorous because the rules are more stringent, such as the fact that students can only sit for the GCSE exams in June and resits can be taken in November each year. Therefore, the IGCSE is considered “easier” due to its flexible nature.

What is IGCSE curriculum India?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a comprehensive two-year programme, spread over Class 9 and 10, leading to the final examinations taken at the Class 10 level. All Indian Boards and Universities accept IGCSE as equivalent to SSC/ICSE/CBSE.

Which is the toughest board in India?

Which board is toughest in India? Ans. ICSE is one of the toughest boards managed by CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination). It is similar to AISSE conducted by CBSE.

Which is best board in India?

The top education boards in India are:
  • State Boards.
  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
  • Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)
  • Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE)
  • National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)

Is IGCSE accepted in USA?

Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Level

Leading universities in the US require Cambridge International AS & A Levels for admissions, but some colleges and universities will accept students with five Cambridge IGCSEs or Cambridge O Levels at grade C or above.

Is ICSE harder than IB?

Ans. On a whole, the IB curriculum is more challenging than the CBSE and ICSE board. After IB next is ICSE and then comes CBSE.

Why is ICSE so tough?

ICSE Syllabus is tougher when compared to CBSE because of the detailed study of all the subjects of ICSE Board. But ICSE Syllabus provides more practical knowledge and it aims to build analytical skills in students. This board has an advantage for the students who will be appearing in TOEFL Exam.

What is the benefit of ICSE board?

Studying an ICSE syllabus helps to develop the management skills of your child, and thus they do well while studying management. The syllabus followed by the ICSE board is such that it enhances the analytic skill of the students by providing them with practical knowledge of the subject that they are studying.

Which syllabus is best for child?

CBSE is the best choice for students who want to pursue a career in medical or engineering. CBSE offers more talent search examinations and scholarships for students and the volume of syllabus is less. ICSE focuses on the child's overall growth and has a balanced syllabus.

Which board is best to study abroad?

For instance, many students end up choosing CBSE or ICSE board when they are more comfortable in a content-based pedagogy and a more articulated learning path. On the other hand, people who are more comfortable with a research-based pedagogy prefer IB Diploma or A levels.

Does BYJU's have IGCSE?

Byju's — byju's unethical behavior, selling igcse product which did not have (playing with careers of small kids) 3 i had checked on the website also, there are no courses offered for igcse. 4 i had done the online chat also on www.byjus.com but counsellor clearly told me they do not have learning app for igcse board.

Can IGCSE students crack NEET?

If you are asking about eligibility, then the answer is yes, you are eligible to appear for NEET. If the question is about whether you will be able to crack NEET since it is based on NCERT books, you can answer yes.

Can I join university after IGCSE?

Yes, both IGCSEs and GCSEs are accepted for entry to universities in the UK.

Which board is best ICSE or IB?

When compared to the national education boards IGCSE and IB appear to have an advantage as they have an international orientation in addition to the ingredients for subject knowledge building. The emphasis on language acquisition also gives them an edge over CBSE, and to a lesser extent, over ICSE.

Is ICSE good for NEET?

Class 11 and 12 syllabus is well focused on the preparation of competitive examinations. The general past trend is in favor of CBSE on the number of students qualified for IIT JEE and NEET. Some of the past students of ICSE board feels that, till class 10, ICSE is better than CBSE.