What is IPS syllabus?

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The IPS Syllabus for Civil Services Prelims Exam is as follows: Syllabus of Paper I (General Studies – I) Current events of national and international importance. History of India and The Indian National Movement. Indian and World Geography-Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.

How many subjects are there in IPS?

Your main exam will consist of 9 papers. You will have Two qualifying papers of 300 marks each. Marks of qualifying paper will not be considered or counted. Rest other 7 subjects will be of 250 marks each.

What should I study for IPS?

To get into the Indian Police Service (IPS), you need to clear the Civil Services Exam (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) with high marks. Civil Service Exam (CSE) is a common exam conducted by UPSC for the recruitment of candidates to various services like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc.

Is IAS and IPS syllabus same?

Are the exams the same for the IAS and the IPS? - Quora. Yes,there's only one single exam for both the services i.e the UPSC Civil Service Exam (CSE).

Who is bigger IAS or IPS?

Both IAS and IPS are very powerful positions in their respective fields but IAS is much more powerful than the IPS. An IPS has only the responsibility of its department, but an IAS has the responsibility of all the departments of the district. An IAS officer is the head of the police department too.

UPSC (ICS) IAS, IPS Syllabus explained and Simplified

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How are IPS selected?

The Indian Police Service (IPS) selection will be made through the Civil Services Examination (CSE) conduct by the UPSC along with more than 20 services. The application process and selection process is common for all the services. Approximately, over eight lakh candidates apply for the IPS exam every year.

Is math compulsory for IPS?

As per the eligibility criteria for qualification category for IPS, a candidate must hold a Bachelor's degree from any of the universities recognised by the UGC or possess an equivalent qualification. So, Mathematics is not important for IPS Officer examination.

How much percentage is required for IPS?

For the eligibility you need to have 45% marks in your graduation. For becoming an IPS officer your 12th marks don't matter and neither your stream matters. You have to give the entrance exam conducted by UPSC and for this you can do graduation in with any course. Your being a non medical student won't matter at all.

Is IPS exam difficult?

Those who all clear the stages of examination become an officer in IAS, IPS, or IFS, and other services. It is considered to be one of the hardest examinations.

Which group is best for IPS?

If you see syllabus of IPS exam, you will recognize that arts stream is the most suitable discipline for this exam. You can choose arts stream subjects like Political science, Geography, History etc in 11th standard.

Does IPS required height?

In the general category, the minimum height for IPS for males is 165cm, while in the other category, it is 160cm. The minimum height necessary for IPS is 150 cm for women in the general category and 145 cm for women in the other categories.

Do IPS get bodyguards?

At present, there are around 200 IAS and 180 IPS officers posted in the state, which makes the average number of bodyguards for them to around three for each officer.

How can I join IPS?

Steps to Become an IPS Officer
  1. Step 1: Apply to UPSC. The first step for a student to become an IPS officer is first to understand how to apply for the UPSC exam. ...
  2. Step 2: Write the Preliminary Exam of CSE. ...
  3. Step 3: Write the CSE Mains. ...
  4. Step 4: Personal Interview.

What is the age for IPS exam?

Ans. To become an IPS officer, the candidate must be at least 21 years old. For General category IPS aspirants, the upper age limit is 32 years. For OBC and SC/ST candidates, the upper age limit is 35 and 37 respectively.

What is full form of DSP?

DSP Full form is Deputy Superintendent of Police. DSP is a rank of a police officer in the police force in India. DSP represents state police forces which known as a state police officer.

Can IPS have tattoo?

In the IPS examination and in all of the Forces examination, tattoo is prohibited, it is not allowed. Your selection is not possible in any Indian Force, if you have tattoo on your body.

How many IPS are there in India?

The authorised cadre strength of Indian Police Service is 4920. (3270 Direct Recruitment Posts and 1650 Promotional Posts). The Civil List of IPS officers is an updated (annual) list maintained by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India that lists the posting details of all IPS officers in India.

Can I join IPS after 12th?

The eligibility is 21 years, Indian Citizenship, and graduate. Only after passing all three stages of the UPSC exam can you become an IPS officer and become a part of the elitist service. Right after the 12th standard, you can take any stream that interests you. It can be arts, commerce, sciences, and anything else.

What is IPS salary?

The basic salary of an IPS officer starts at Rs. 56,100(TA, DA and HRA are extra) per month and can go on to reach Rs. 2,25,000 for a DGP.

What is collector salary?

Collector salary in Government Of India ranges between ₹ 16.2 Lakhs to ₹ 23 Lakhs. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of Government Of India.

Whose salary is more IAS or IPS?

The salary of an IAS officer is more than that of an IPS officer because their responsibilities are also more. Talking about the 7th pay commission, the salary of an IAS officer ranges from Rs 56,100 to 2.5 lakhs per month. Apart from this, the salary of an IPS officer ranges from Rs 56,100 to Rs 2,25,000.