What is PCB in 11th?

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Subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology (PCB) are required for students aspiring to take up careers in medicine or dental studies, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, agricultural and dairy science.

Can I take PCB in 11th?

Yes, you can take all 4 subjects in class 11 – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. If you are not sure whether you would like to pursue medicine, engineering or any other science course, then you can choose both Biology and Math (PCMB).

Is PCB good option?

So it's a good career option in the future for any students because it has good scope after certain years. Eligibility: After class 12th with PCB if you want to pursue homeopathy then bachelor and masters both courses are available.

How much percentage is required for PCB in 11th?

Re: Minimum marks required in 10th to study 11th PCB in any decent school? A minimum of 70% in aggregate is required to get admission in any good school, however if you wish to get admission in top rankling school, you should try to score above 85% in aggregate.

Is PCB better than Pcmb?

If you are ready to study those particular subjects well then choose PCB. Otherwise if you don't want to study that particular subjects offered by the college along with PCB then go for PCMB. At the end of the day your focus must be on Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

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Is PCB tough?

No its not tough. generally in CBSE till 10th we just learn some small basic stuffs about science and we students dont get mentally prepared for 11th syllabus which is conceptual and complex compared to 10th. its very simple . just focus on the conceptual part more.

Is PCB hard?

Neither Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics (PCMB) combination is hard nor Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) combination is tough.

Which is harder maths or Biology?

Originally Answered: Which subject is difficult, maths or biology? Both are equally difficult and easy according to each one's perspective. Math is a game of logic, numbers and analytical skills whereas biology is for the most part a highly theoretical subject with the exception of a few areas such as genetics.

Which subject is easy in 11th?

Physical Education

This is one of the easiest and scoring disciplines in different commerce subjects in Class 11. Physical Education is ideal for those interested in sports, yoga, physical fitness, physiology, etc.

Is Biology class 11 hard?

Many students opt for Biology thinking it is an easy and interesting subject. But after seeing the vast syllabus of class 11, they tend to realize that it requires some hard work to get good marks in this subject. Syllabus of Class 11 Biology is completely different from that of class 10.

Which job is best for PCB students?

Popular careers for PCB students
  1. Medicine and Surgery (Medical doctor) A career in medicine and surgery is the most sought-after profession by PCB students after class 12th. ...
  2. Dentistry. ...
  3. Biotechnology. ...
  4. Botany. ...
  5. Pharmacy. ...
  6. Ayurved. ...
  7. Physiology. ...
  8. Zoology.

Which job is best for Biology students?

Best Jobs for Graduates With a Biology Degree
  • Biological Technician. ...
  • Biochemist. ...
  • Genetic Counselor. ...
  • Health Communications Specialist. ...
  • Health Educator. ...
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical Product Sales Representative. ...
  • Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner. ...
  • Medical and Health Services Manager.

Is Maths easy or Biology?

Both are better. Actually you must must must choose both so that your opportunities become double. ... Especially if you are non medico than you must choose biology as biology is far easier than maths. Suppose if you are preparing for JEE then don't focus on bio if NEET then don't focus on maths.

Which is easy PCM or PCB?

The scope for PCM is better than PCB, so you can choose PCM. Regarding the question of which is easier, it is the individual's choice some students like Mathematics and some like Biology. The choice is yours if you want to study MBBS then you can choose PCB or you can choose PCM.

Is 11th PCM hard?

No its not difficult, since i know a few average students with me in school who did take PCM and passed in the 11th & 12th std. It is not difficult if you are ready to work hard. Of course you need to have a good interest for studying maths. So be calm and study well.

Is 11th Maths difficult?

Yes, Maths in class 11th is quite tough but it depend on how you take the subject. If you have interest in it then, eventually you will start loving the subject and it will become easy for you. Math is all about practice and practice. More you practice, it will become easy for you.

Which group is best after 10th?

So here the top 5 career options after passing class 10:
  • Science: Science offers many career options such as engineering, medical and research roles. ...
  • Commerce: Commerce is the second most popular career option after science. ...
  • Arts/Humanities: ...
  • ITI (Industrial Training Institute): ...
  • Polytechnic courses:

What should I pack for 11th?

The board offers many choices, but the most commonly-opted for optional subjects with science are:
  • Medical – Psychology, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Economics, Home Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education.
  • Non-Medical – Computer Science, Economics, Physical Education, Engineering Drawing, Fine Arts, Psychology.

What is PCB course?

Subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology (PCB) are required for students aspiring to take up careers in medicine or dental studies, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, agricultural and dairy science.

Why do you choose biology?

If you love to learn about living things and how they relate, studying biology might be the right fit for you. A biology major gives you an in-depth understanding of the natural world. It also helps you learn how to conduct research, problem solve, organize, and think critically.

Which science is hardest?

The Hardest Science Degrees
  1. Chemistry. Chemistry is famous for being one of the hardest subjects ever, so it's no surprise that a Chemistry degree is fiercely challenging. ...
  2. Astronomy. ...
  3. Physics. ...
  4. Biomedical Science. ...
  5. Neuroscience. ...
  6. Molecular Cell Biology. ...
  7. Mathematics. ...
  8. Nursing.

Is maths compulsory for PCB?

You need to have standard mathematics only for opting mathematics at higher level... Other than that you can choose your subjects. However, I would highly recommend you to not go for pcb since it will be really tough for you and will involve a lot of maths.

Can an average student do PCB?

It would be perfectly fine to take pcb in 11th if u are good with basic maths. Many of my friends have opted for pcb with psychology or CS. Maths which is required for physics will be taught by your teacher.

What is the scope for PCB?

What is the scope of PCB after 12th? Pharmaceuticals, healthcare, genetics, and clinical research are all options for aspirants. Agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition, cosmetics, marine biotechnology, environmental conservation, and waste management are among the many government and commercial sectors.