What is PEPT?

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PEPT is an acronym for positron emission particle tracking which, in simple terms (more complete explanation at www.peptflow.com>About PEPTFlow>Positron Emission Particle Tracking) involves tracking a radio active particle in three dimensions as it passes through the extruder.

Who qualifies for PEPT?

Examinees must obtain a rating of at least 75% in all subject areas in one grade level in order to pass it. If they obtain a passing rate in all subjects, they are considered as a qualifier in the said level.

What is PEPT in DepEd?

The Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT), under the Accreditation and Equivalency Program (Executive Order No. 733, s. 1981), is an exam administered by the Department of Education (DepEd) through the Bureau of Education Assessment.

What is ALS and PEPT?

PEPT-ALS Passers are those declared eligible for admission to college after taking the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) or the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Test, have never enrolled in any college/university, and have never taken the UNP-CAT before.

What is PEPT result?

DESCRIPTION: An examination designed for learners in special circumstances to determine their appropriate grade level in the formal school system. The result of PEPT will allow learners to access or resume schooling and obtain certification of completion by grade level in the DepEd formal system.

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When should I take Ncae?

The NCAE, which used to be given to fourth-year high school students, is now administered for third-year high school students both in public and private secondary schools.

Where can I take the Ncae exam?


When the given requirements above are ready, visit the BEA-EAD office, 2F, Bonifacio Bldg., Meralco Ave., DepEd Central Office, Pasig City. Register at the BEA-EAD and request for a schedule. Take the examination of the schedule given.

How do you take PEPT?

Due to IATF rules, only applicants aged 15-64 years old are allowed to register and take the PEPT at DepEd Central Office.
Use an active Gmail account, access https://bit.ly/PEPTOnlineReg and submit the following:
  1. Accomplished PEPT Form.
  2. Scanned copy of the requirements.
  3. Scanned copy of the proof payment.

Can I skip a grade in high school Philippines?

In high school, one does not skip a grade. One takes classes, earns credits, and is ranked by the number of credits one has. If you want to get out of school a year early, tell this to your academic counselor and take the classes that you need to graduate early.

Can I go to college after ALS?

According to an order released by the Department of Education (DepEd) regarding ALS passers who are eligible to enroll directly to College, those who passed the A&E Tests HS Level from 2018 and previous years, and those who will pass the said exam in 2019 are eligible to enroll directly to College in any public or ...

What is Bureau of Education assessment?

The Bureau of Education Assessment (BEA) is an office under the Curriculum and Instruction strand that develops a harmonized and standardized assessment mechanism for student learning, teacher effectiveness, leadership and management, system efficiency and effectiveness; and provide policy recommendations based on ...

What is the curriculum of ALS?

The ALS Curriculum reflects the set of knowledge skills and competencies that learners should develop to meet the minimum requirements of basic education. It is comparable to the formal school curriculum. The teaching and learning processes and resources are based on the ALS Curriculum.

How long is als school?

In ALS, students have to attend 10 months of school or 800 hours in the classroom.

What is acceleration exam?

Exam for Acceleration (EA) - Provides an opportunity to earn grade level or course credit in which no prior formal instruction was completed. The EA is designed for a very small percentage of learners who have both the academic and emotional need to advance a course.

What does placement test mean?

Definition of placement test

: a test usually given to a student entering an educational institution to determine specific knowledge or proficiency in various subjects for the purpose of assignment to appropriate courses or classes.

What is placement assessment?

Placement assessments are used to “place” students into a course, course level, or academic program. For example, an assessment may be used to determine whether a student is ready for Algebra I or a higher-level algebra course, such as an honors-level course.

Can a 14 year old go to college?

Colleges sometimes admit children aged 14 or 15 who are being electively home educated, to take courses on an infill basis by arrangement with the local authority or with the parents/carers.

How can I skip 6th grade?

How do you skip a grade?
  1. Gather some intel.
  2. Look into your school's policies (and politics) on grade skipping.
  3. Talk to your child's teachers.
  4. Get buy-in from leadership.
  5. Fulfill any remaining requirements.

What grade level has the highest passer in Pilipino?

Other universities follow a 5-Point Scale, wherein the highest grade is a 1.00 and the lowest is a 5.00 (failing mark). The lowest passing mark is actually a 3.00.

What are the applied subjects in Senior High School?

Applied subjects that you are going to study as part of the SHS curriculum include:
  • English for Academic and Professional Purposes.
  • Practical Research 1.
  • Practical Research 2.
  • Filipino sa Piling Larangan. Akademik. Isports. ...
  • Empowerment Technologies (for the Strand)
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Inquiries, Investigations, and Immersion.

What is accreditation and equivalency test?

What is the Alternative Learning System Accreditation & Equivalency (ALS A&E) Test? The ALS A&E Test is a standardized paper and pencil test. It is designed to measure the competencies of those who have neither attended nor finished formal elementary or secondary education.

Is Ncae required for senior high school?

Aside from meeting the NCAE grade cut-off, incoming senior high school students interested in pursuing the STEM strand need to achieve a final grade not lower than 85 percent in junior high school. The rest of the learning strands and career tracks have no similar requirements.

What is percentile rank in Ncae?

Percentile Rank – shows the test taker's position among all the examinees. If an examinee scores at percentile rank 99+, it means that he scored above the other 99 percent of the examinees.

How many items are in Ncae?

The exam was administered by the Department of Education (DepEd)through the National Education Testing and Research Center (NETRC). The students answered 590 items in span of seven hours and 30 minutes.

Is Ncae result important?

This NCAE results helps the students choose or decide the course that they want to pursue. The NCAE is very important especially to those Grade 9 or 3rd year students because it helps the students to know their skills and to know also the track that they are going to take in senior high school.