Which AIIMS is best?

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As of the latest rankings, AIIMS Delhi is the highest-ranking AIIMS college in India. AIIMS Bhopal holds the second position.

Which AIIMS is most beautiful?

AIIMS Rishikesh located in the lap of Nature, in front of Ganga, having most Beautiful campus with scenic Beauty. On other side AIIMS Jodhpur is lacking in natural beauty and experiences scorching heat in summer.

Which AIIMS is best after Delhi?

For most students, AIIMS Bhopal is one of the first choices after AIIMS Delhi. Being located inside the city gives it an edge as compared to the other AIIMS. Academically it's one of the best colleges with a number of international medical conferences like TELEMEDICON-15, ASTICON-1.

Which new AIIMS is better Quora?

Aiims Jodhpur-best in academics out of all new aiims. excellent faculty. But strict administration and less focus on extracurricular activities are some of its flaws. Aiims Bhubaneswar-best in infrastructure and all the departments are well established.

Which is better AIIMS Delhi or aiims Rishikesh?

As per your query is concerned, AIIMS NEW DELHI is far more better than AIIMS Rishikesh. According to the report published in National Institute of Ranking Framework ( NIRF ) 2021, AIIMS NEW DELHI has been ranked as the topmost college of India whereas AIIMS Rishikesh is not even included in top 10 colleges.

Top 5 AIIMS colleges in India | Best AIIMS after AIIMS Delhi

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Why AIIMS Delhi is best?

The institute provides ample opportunities to participate in national and international conferences as well as exchange programmes. Such exposure helps students achieve standards at par with the best in the world. AIIMS students have gone on to become doyens not just in India but in international institutions as well.

Which is biggest university in India?

University of Delhi

The university was established in 1922 and has since become India's largest institution of higher learning and one of the largest in the world, with over 132,000 students. It has two main campuses in the north and south of Delhi, with a total of 77 affiliated colleges and 16 faculties.

Which IIT campus is beautiful?

IIT Guwahati is among the most beautiful IIT campuses of India. Spread over an area of 700 acres, it is not just the top engineering colleges of India but also is the most beautiful college campuses in India. It is located on the northern banks of River Brahmaputra and surrounded with luxuriant hills.

Which IIIT has the best campus?

List of Top IIIT In India based on 2022 Ranking
  • IIIT Hyderabad, Hyderabad. Hyderabad, Telangana | AICTE, UGC Accredited. ...
  • IIIT Bangalore, Bangalore. ...
  • IIITDM Jabalpur, Jabalpur. ...
  • IIITM Gwalior, Gwalior. ...
  • IIIT Allahabad, Allahabad. ...
  • IIIT Chennai, Chennai. ...
  • IIIT Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar. ...
  • IIIT Lucknow, Lucknow.

Is AIIMS Delhi better than Oxford?

AIIMS Delhi ranks ahead of Oxford, Cambridge in world's top 100 medical colleges. Delhi: Racing ahead of Oxford, Cambridge in rankings for best medical schools in the world, the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi has secured 23rd rank with a score of 86.38.

Is AIIMS better than Oxford University?

According to the list, Delhi-based AIIMS has overtaken Oxford University Medical School and University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. AIIMS has got better ranking than these two. Delhi-based AIIMS Medical College has joined the top-25 medical colleges in the world.

Which is tough AIIMS or IIT?

Aiims and jee are two completely different Exams. AIIMS is a bit tough require very hard work to crack because it has lesser amount of seats. JEE is easier but both needs hard work to get into a good college.

Which is best IIT Delhi or AIIMS?

NIRF Rankings 2021: AIIMS Delhi declared best medical college again, IIT Madras tops overall category.

What is special in AIIMS?

The medical science here is highly advanced which is the reason why AIIMS as a hospital witnesses so many patients from different corners of the world. It is globally renowned and recognized for its technology driven approach. This makes AIIMS the dream college for all the medical aspirants of the country.

Do AIIMS Delhi students drink?

Most of the students were drunk and did not listen to us but we did not harm or manhandled any student,” he added. Admitting that they were partying late, the students alleged that even after giving an assurance to wrap the celebrations soon, the authorities did not wait and got “physical” with them.

Which is best AIIMS Delhi or aiims Bhubaneswar?

After first counselling, the cut-off rank under general category for AIIMS New Delhi is 51, while the cut-off rank of AIIMS Bhubaneswar is 569. It is 591 for AIIMS Bhopal, 786 for AIIMS Jodhpur, 1300 for AIIMS Rishikesh, 1588 for AIIMS Raipur, 1850 for AIIMS Patna, 5366 for AIIMS Guwahati and 6078 for AIIMS Jammu.

Which AIIMS has best campus Quora?

AIIMS BHOPAL :- It has the best location in Bhopal city middle wit a huge campus spanning in nearly 143 acres and Bhopal is the best of the cities that you can find in India be it it's lakes ,tourist spots ,dams it's just too beautiful. You won't find too much crowding here (specially in New Bhopal .

How is life at AIIMS BBSR Quora?

One has an amazing quality of life at Aiims-Bhubaneswar. There's a lot to read and a lot of work to be done, but at the end of the day, you feel happy that you're at a place that gives you all the scope in the world to do something good!