Which class is best for IIT preparation?

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The proper time to start IIT preparation should be from class 9.

What is the right age to start preparing for IIT?

Preparation of IIT should be started 10th onwards alongwith NTSE/Olympiad. 3 years quite enough for it.

Which class is best for IIT?

Best IIT Coaching in India
  • Aakash Institute. Aakash Institute provides coaching for NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, AIIMS and JIPMER at 175 centres across India. ...
  • Allen Career Institute. ...
  • Vidyamandir Classes. ...
  • Resonance. ...
  • FIITJEE. ...
  • Chate Coaching Classes. ...
  • PACE IIT and Medical. ...
  • Bansal Classes Private Limited.

Which class is most important for IIT?

12th class has more weightage in JEE Main exam. Generally, it has 40:60 ratio. 40% for 11th class and 60% for 12th class.

Which class is best for starting JEE preparation?

Starting JEE preparation in class 9 or 10 clears the basics (learning key skills) and is called the JEE foundation. For many aspirants, class 11 is the right time to start preparing for JEE.

Important Books for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Preparation | Best Books for IIT JEE | Vedantu JEE

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Is 1 year enough for IIT JEE preparation?

If you are looking to take up the challenge of IIT JEE preparation in 1 year, IIT Advanced is the final step to get into your favorite IIT in India. One year is enough for an extensive preparation as you can follow the 1 year study plan for IIT JEE.

Can I crack IIT after 12th?

Now as your class 12th is ending, you can easily take a call on your chances of cracking the exam in a few months. The qualifying marks for the JEE Main are generally around 85-90. Even after spending hours on revision and solving multiple mock tests you are scoring around 80 on the mocks, it is not a very high score.

Is 11th class important for JEE mains?

Class 11th syllabus serve like a solid-base in JEE Main and class 12th syllabus help you in cracking the JEE Main. Both classes are important and you need to prepare well for your JEE Main exam 2019.

Can a 11th student give JEE?

Hello, As per JEE Mains guidelines, you need to be appearing for 10+2 qualifying examination or have appeared for it. You cannot give mains in class 11th.

Is 11th Physics tough?

Yes, class 11 Physics syllabus is considered as the toughest of all the subjects by various students. It is very difficult, complex and comprehensive in comparison to class 10t syllabus for Physics.

Is Kota good for IIT?

However, it can be rightly said that Kota is the best place for IIT JEE preparation. This is due to the fact that IIT is what is thought of day in and day out at Kota. This place provides the best education when it comes to cracking engineering exam in India.

Which class is best for JEE?

Here is the list of best 10 coaching institutes for IIT JEE Main/Advanced preparation in India:
  • Allen. ...
  • Resonance. ...
  • FIITJEE. ...
  • Narayana. ...
  • Aakash. ...
  • Vibrant Academy. ...
  • PACE. ...
  • Vidyamandir Classes. Run by a group of Ex-IITians, Vidyamandir Classes have been able to produce extraordinary results over the past years.

Is physics wallah enough for JEE Main?

Yes, JEE Mains can be cracked by Physics Wallah provided you are comfortable with his teaching style.

How many hours should I study for IIT?

It is recommended that students invest a minimum of six hours regularly while preparing for the IIT exam.

Is Ncert enough for JEE mains?

NCERT books explain all the topics in a more detailed way so that the students understand and perform well in the exam. JEE Main toppers and experts also recommend NCERT for JEE Main preparation. According to experts, studying NCERT is enough to qualify JEE Main.

How many seats are there in IIT?

As of 2021, the total number of seats for undergraduate programs in all IITs is 16,234.

Can we give JEE exam after 10th?

To go for JEE, after 10th a candidate must have studied class 12th from PCM(Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics). So, you should select Science stream(PCM) in class 12. Then later you can give JEE Main and after selection JEE Advanced where you will be asked questions related to PCM. Hope this helps.

How many attempts are there in IIT JAM?

There is no restriction on the number of attempts. One can appear as many times as one wants. You can give IIT JAM as many times as you want .

Is 12th easier than 11th?

No, both are same level. If you are in class 11th with conceptually, then you do have to face problem in class 12th. You will find class 12th syllabus easier as compare to class 11th. And, entrances exams also contains about 60% weightage from class 11th.

Is class 11 Chemistry hard?

It is one of the easiest branch of Chemistry if read properly or it can become the toughest branch if not read in correct manner.

Is 12th JEE easier than 11th?

Students coming to class 11 find it a bit difficult as there is a major shift in the syllabus which requires logical learning and analytical thinking. Compared to that, they find class 12 a bit easier than class 11.

How can I get IIT after 10th?

Students can also enter IITs for other courses as well through JAM (Joint Admission Test) for M.Sc., GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering),for designing courses UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design), CEED(Common Entrance Exam for Design), HSEE (Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Exam) ...

How can I cheat in JEE mains?

5 Smart Tips to Cheat in JEE Main 2015
  1. 1) Stay away from Extremes: For questions which have answers in numerical values, stay away from the upper most and lower most value. ...
  2. 2) Look for oft-repeated units and values: If three of the options mention the same unit, it is likely that this unit would be correct.

Can I get air 1 in JEE without coaching?

The answer, as per many IIT JEE Toppers is yes. Believe it or not, there are many students who have cracked the examination by means of self-study and not with the help of coaching classes. Take for example Ankit Jalan, AIR 45 rank IIT JEE 2011.