Which Indian colleges accept NIOS?

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List of Universities & Institutions Recognizing NIOS Examination Degree Certificate
  • Nagarjuna University ,Guntur.
  • Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (Deemed University), Prasanthinilayam , Anantpur.
  • Andhra University , waltair.
  • Osmania University , Hyderabad.
  • Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.

Does all colleges accepting NIOS certificate?

NIOS certificates are legally valid in all institutes and universities in India. As it is a board under central government like CBSE and CISCE. SRM does not accept Nios completed 2 courses.

Is NIOS accepted in private colleges?

Yes, private colleges accept NIOS Students.

Can NIOS take admission in regular college?

I would like to inform you that Yes, of course, you can apply for the regular college after passing NIOS. It is a recognized board and has equal importance as same as other boards. You can take admission in any of the colleges after doing 12th from NIOS.

Does NIT accept NIOS?


Yes, NIOS board is applicable for admission in IIT or NIT.

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Do Canadian universities accept NIOS?

Yes NIOS certificate is accepted in Canada. you can get a student visa for Canada.

Does IISC accept NIOS?

Your answer is YES.! The National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS), formerly National Open School, (name changed in 2002) is the board of education under the Union Government of India .

Does Australian universities accept NIOS?

NIOS certificates are legally valid in all institutes and universities in India. As it is a board under central government like CBSE and ICSE. Yes, you can pursue higher studies in Australia after passing from NIOS board.

Does Mumbai University accept NIOS?

An official from the University of Mumbai (MU) said it accepts students from all the boards, including NIOS, without any preference. “It's wrong to deny admission to a student on the basis of their board.

Does IIT accept NIOS?

YES, your NIOS marksheet is fully valid to be used for IITJEE Advanced.

Does Bangalore University accept NIOS?

In Bangalore university you will get admission being a NIOS student. You will get admission anywhere in India being a NIOS student. NIOS is highly recognised board in throughout India.

Is NIOS valid for IAS?

Yes, but first you have to have atleast a Bachelor's degree for applying for UPSC exams. NIOS provides education only upto Secondary and Sr. Secondary (10th and 12th). Minimal qualifications for entering UPSC exams is BA, BSc, Btech etc.

Is NIOS a CBSE board?

What is NIOS. NIOS is "Open School" to cater to the needs of a heterogeneous group of learners up to pre-degree level. It was started as a project with in-built flexibilities by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in 1979.

Is NIOS Marksheet valid for NEET?

Yes you are eligible for NEET UG with improvement marksheet from nios.

Does Pune University accept NIOS?

Candidates who have done 12th from NIOS board are eligible to get admission in any college of Pune.

Is NIOS valid in London?

ANSWERS (4) NIOS is a board under Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India and same thing is clearly mentioned in marksheet too. The board will be very much recognized in UK.

Is NIOS valid for IIM?

Secondary and get into a college. Hope this helps. Thank You. According to MHRD NIOS is a centralised board so no institution can discard it ,but in IIMs they would require a very strong reason for giving you a call, as NIOS is generally opted by those who aren't good in acads.

Is NIOS valid for CLAT?

Yes. NIOS Board allows it.

Is NIOS good for JEE preparation?

Yes Girish, NIOS students are eligible for JEE mains and Advanced. In fact Arjun Bharat, All India Rank 26 in IIT-JEE 2017 has passed out of NIOS.

Is NIOS valid for ielts?

ANSWER (1) Yes, NIOS certificate is accepted by many foreign universities for providing admission in their universities. Few universities may require you to appear for the IELTS. Jobs abroad are also available to students who have completed their schooling from NIOS.

Does University of Toronto accept NIOS?

Yes they do accept. Let me clear your confusion, National Institute of Open Schooling is an organisation run by central government.

Is NIOS valid for Indian army?

Yes. NIOS is one of the National Boards and the Students passing Secondary &Sr. Secondary from NIOS are eligible for recruitment in Indian Army as well.

Is NIOS good for future?

No Dear, you will not face any problem in getting the job in future. NIOS is a board of Open schooling that's why people thinks that is has less value which is not true. NIOS is a highly reputed and recognized board of India. You can take admission in any college after passing class 12th from NIOS board.

Is Ignou and NIOS same?

IGNOU is a distance learning university that offers UG and PG courses, whereas, NIOS is an open school and it offers secondary and senior secondary courses.

Does NIOS follow NCERT?

The books for NIOS are specially designed by NCERT (National council of Education Research and Training) so as to make the students understand the subject properly and gain maximum knowledge without any assistance.