Which is better Nmims or IMT?

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On one hand, NMIMS ranks higher than IMT in NIRF ranking, offers a much more diverse range of courses and has more affordable course fees, IMT has seen its graduates grabbing some of the best salary packages in the management industry and it offers a much wider selection of exams basis which admissions are accepted.

Is NMIMS worth the money?

In conclusion, NMIMS is a great option to pursue your MBA journey, especially if you get a chance to get admitted to PGDM Core or PGDM HR programs which are the highlights of NMIMS as an institute. It has proven its mettle over the years in giving ample growth opportunities and placement opportunities to students.

Which is the best IMT campus?

IMT Ghaziabad and ImT Hyderabad are best because of its infrastructure and placements and rankings. College is known for its grooming facilities and faculty with great learning pedagogy. IMT Nagpur and IMT dubai not much recommended because of placements.

Which is better NMIMS or welingkar?

Though both are old and are reputed enough, NMIMS outscores Welingkar on faculty, placements and campus. Also if you are looking marketing, NMIMS is way ahead of Welingkar.

Which campus of NMIMS is best?

Mumbai campus is the best as compared to others for its academics and other records. Mumbai campus is the best as compared to others for its academics and other records. Mumbai campus is the best as compared to others for its academics and other records.

NMIMS - Mumbai vs. IMT - Ghaziabad | B-School Comparison | Admission Process | NIRF 2020 Ranking

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Is IMT in car good?

In an iMT, you will be welcomed by loud beeps once the car starts stalling. Moreover, it will kill the acceleration thus protecting the engine from the unnecessary wear. If gear shifting is not a problem for you, iMT is surely a better option. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Does IMT accept CAT score?

The management entrance exams in India whose scores are accepted by IMT Ghaziabad are GMAT, XAT, CAT and CMAT. The CAT 2020 rank predictor is also available to check your predicted scores.

Does IMT fees including hostel?

The hostel fees are included in the total program fees and the total program fee is 19.53 lakhs.

What percentile is required for IMT Ghaziabad?

The expected cutoff for IMT Ghaziabad 93-96 percentile in CAT exam.

Is IMT Ghaziabad UGC approved?

Yes, IMT Ghaziabad distance learning courses are approved by the UGC-DEB.

What is NMIMS famous for?

The NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai is one of the highly ranked management institutes in India. School of Business Management (SBM) of NMIMS, Deemed to be University (as per UGC Norms) is one of India's premier business schools.

Which NMIMS is best for MBA?

The most popular programme of NMIMS, Navi Mumbai is PGDM offered through the School of Business Management. In the 2020 final placement process, the highest CTC was Rs 15 LPA and the average CTC was Rs 9.85 LPA.

Is getting into IMT easy?

You can only get admission in IMT through there admission process which is quite complicated and mostly because of these complications they ignores some useful and necessary steps of there admission process.

What is the cut off mark for IMT?


The Institute of Management and Technology Enugu (IMT) has however adapted to the minimum Cut-off mark of 120 for its 2021/2022 admission exercise. You might ask questions like: I had 120 and above but was not still given the admission to study my desired course?

Should I buy manual or iMT?

Many buyers prefer manual transmissions because they are slightly more fuel efficient than their automatic counterparts. With the iMT, there's the convenience of clutch-free gear operation along with the fuel saving benefits of the manual.

Is iMT better or manual?

However, one thing is certainly clear is the fact that iMT is a less sophisticated technology when compared to an AMT unit, since the gear shifting on board the iMT is done almost in the traditional way. Due to fewer complexities, the iMT will be much cheaper as far as maintenance is concerned.

Is iMT technology successful?

Are iMT gearboxes reliable? With regard to reliability and long term durability, iMT vehicles are equipped with the same components as a regular manual set-up, with the only difference being the addition of an actuator that's operating the clutch.

Does Narsee Monjee have girls hostel?

We have two full-fledged hostels and four rented residential accommodations (taken care of by the University) in Mumbai, separately for boys and girls.

Is NMIMS NAAC approved?

Further, NMIMS deemed-to be University is accredited by NAAC with 3.59 CGPA and Grade A+ in the 3rd cycle (Mumbai Campus). Additionally, Bachelor of Technology programs of IT and EXTC are accredited by NBA since 2014.

Is NMIMS better than SIBM Pune?

Overall : SIBM is a slightly better bet than NMIMS, majorly because of smaller batch size which does have an important impact, and the slightly lesser fee at SIBM Pune. However, final call between NMIMS and SIBM should be based on the specialization you are interested in.