Which is better PhD or JRF?

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A PhD degree is needed for employment as a professor or a researcher or a scientist in a university or an institution. While a JRF provides financial assistance for pursuing higher studies and academic research. A person with a JRF may not get a PhD degree.

Do we need JRF for PhD?

Candidates can pursue a PhD without appearing for UGC NET or JRF. Candidates can apply to the individual Universities conducting direct entrance exams for their respective PhD programs. However, it is always advisable to qualify UGC NET or JRF for better opportunities for jobs and promotions in the future.

Can I do PhD and JRF together?

The fellowship will be for 5 year totally (mostly). That 5 year divided into two parts i.e. 2 year of JRF and 3 year of SRF. Once you joined any institute as JRF then you can registered for PhD.

Which is better NET or JRF?

UGC NET & JRF are same exams. The only difference is that you need more marks for JRF as compared to NET. Top 6% of students who qualify NET exam gets JRF. NTA Conducts the UGC NET exam twice a year.

What is the salary of JRF?

Under the JRF scholarship, the eligible candidates get Rs. 31,000 for the first 2 years and then Rs. 35,000 for the rest of the tenure. Apart from this amount, the candidates who are not staying on the college campus are also eligible for an HRA amount.

JRF or PhD: Which is the better option after Clearing UGC NET Exam | Difference between JRF and PhD

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Why UGC NET is waste of time?

Thus, UGC Net promotes rote-learning, mugging up data, superficial analysis and eventually becomes a test of 'memorization' rather than 'learning'. To be quite frank, the mind of an academic is extremely different than that of a UPSC aspirant, a difference which our education system perhaps fail to understand.

How many years course is PhD?

Traditionally, a PhD involves three to four years of full-time study in which the student completes a substantial piece of original research presented as a thesis or dissertation. Some PhD programs accept a portfolio of published papers, while some countries require coursework to be submitted as well.

Who gives JRF?

A large number of JRFs are awarded each year by CSIR. to candidates holding BS-4 years program/BE/B. Tech/B. Pharma/MBBS/ Integrated BS-MS/M.Sc. or Equivalent degree/BSc (Hons) or equivalent degree holders or students enrolled in integrated MS-Ph.

What is SRF in PhD?

Junior Research Fellow (JRF) / Senior Research Fellow (SRF) Research Fellow. Qualification.

Is PhD possible without NET?

Yes absolutely, you can certainly pursue PhD without qualifying NET or JRF provided you qualify the written tests and interviews of the respective universities or institutes.

Which is important PhD or NET?

D. In nutshell, as per the new policy, PhD has become mandatory for the direct recruitment for the post of assistant professor in Indian universities. Any candidate who has been awarded a PhD degree as per the regulations of UGC, will be exempted from eligibility condition of qualifying UGC-NET/SET.

Is SRF and PhD same?

JRF can be of different types like either you can earn your own fellowship by qualifying CSIR, UGC, ICMR or DBT etc. or institute can recruit you as project fellow or Project JRF. The difference will be in funding. In simpler way i can say JRF/SRF is post name and PhD is the degree.

What is the percentage of JRF?

To be eligible for JRF, the candidates need to score at least 40% aggregate marks in both the papers of UGC NET. The validity of the JRF Letter of Award is only two years after the declaration of the result.

Is SRF equal to PhD?

Sc / B.Sc(Ag) or equivalent degree with minimum 60% marks and at least three years of research experience. Candidates who have submitted their PhD thesis and are awaiting the award of PhD degree may be considered for SRF (Extended).

What is age limit for JRF?

The upper age limit for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) is 35 years for men as on 1 July of the year of application and 45 years for women. The candidate must have at least a high-class master's degree with a second-class bachelor's degree, or second- class master's degree with a first-class bachelor's degree.

Is NET exam tough?

NTA NET is one of the most renowned and prestigious national-level exams. Every year lakhs of students appear for this examination to become an Assistant Professor or JRF. This makes NTA NET to be the toughest higher education exam. If you wish to qualify, then you must follow the proper UGC NET preparation strategy.

In which subject PhD is best?

Top 10 Most Popular PhD Fields
  • Chemistry, General. ...
  • Clinical Psychology. ...
  • Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering. ...
  • Psychology, General. ...
  • Education, General. ...
  • Physics, General. ...
  • English Language and Literature, General. ...
  • Audiology / Audiologist and Hearing Sciences.

What is the salary of PhD in India?

PHD Student salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.4 Lakhs to ₹ 12.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.1 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 114 salaries received from PHD Students. Very High Confidence means the data is based on a large number of responses.

Is there age limit for PhD?

No, there's no age limit for PhD but the age limit for Junior Research Fellow (JRF) is 28years.

Is JRF hard?

JRF is available for five years, subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions laid down by the UGC. So be clear about your goals before filling out the NET application form. “It is a tough exam to crack. Barely five per cent of those who appear clear it,” says Delhi-based career counsellor Pervin Malhotra.

Which exam is tough UPSC or NET?

UPSC is a very tough exam and requires focus and dedication on your part. Preparing alongside UGC NET is not recommended however nothing is impossible you can do it.

Is Clearing NET Easy?

UGC NET is one such exam which is considered neither tough nor easy . Though the career as a lecturer is quite good . There are many people who are not able to clear the exam .

What is full form of UGC?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) came into existence on 28th December, 1953 and became a statutory Organization of the Government of India by an Act of Parliament in 1956, for the coordination,determination and maintenance of standards of teaching, examination and research in university education.

What is pass mark in UGC NET?

Ans. If you belong to the general category, you must have a minimum of 40% marks in both papers. And the NTA UGC NET qualifying marks for OBC and other reserved categories are 35%.