Which Youtube channel is best for biology NEET?

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With over 6.23 million subscribers, Khan Academy is the best platform for the preparation of NEET Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The channel provides chapter-wise video tutorials, NEET exam analysis, student feedback etc.

Which YouTube channel is best for biology?

11 Amazing Biology YouTube Channels That Will Have You Gripped
  1. Shomu's Biology has a lot of great lectures. ...
  2. iBiology brings world-leading scientists to your screen. ...
  3. MIT OpenCourseWare is a huge channel. ...
  4. Amoeba Sisters is fun and educational. ...
  5. Khan Academy is one of the best. ...
  6. Crash Course is another big hitter.

Which is the best YouTube channel to crack NEET?

Top 10 YouTube Channels For NEET Preparation
  • LeanroHub/Exam Fear Education. Exam Fear Education is a great choice for NEET candidates. ...
  • EtoosIndia Education. ...
  • Neela Bakore Tutorials. ...
  • NEET Prep NEET Preparation. ...
  • Vedantu NEET Tutorials. ...

Which is best for NEET biology?

The best books for NEET 2022 Biology and the most useful NEET study materials for Biology are listed below:
  • NCERT (Textbook) Biology – Class 11 & 12.
  • SC Verma Biology books.
  • Dinesh Objective Biology.
  • Biology by GRB Bathla's Publications.
  • Trueman's Biology – Vol 1 and Vol 2.
  • Biology Books by Pradeep's Publications.

What is the fastest way to learn biology for NEET?

Tricks to keep in mind while preparing for NEET 2022 Biology
  1. Revise all diagrams and tables from NCERT books thoroughly.
  2. Examples for the plant kingdoms, animal kingdom, plant morphology, plant anatomy, and animal tissue to be read from NCERT.
  3. Practice pedigree analysis to get quick inferences.

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Is Bio easy in NEET?

NEET Biology Paper Analysis

Both Botany & Zoology were Easy to Moderate in terms of difficulty level. Questions were based on the NCERT syllabus. From Biotechnology 11-12 questions were asked in paper. From Human Physiology, approximately 4 questions were asked from Locomotion and Movement topics.

How is NEET scored in Biology?

How to Score 300 in NEET Biology?
  1. Read class 11th and 12th NCERT line by line.
  2. Focus on spaced learning instead of rote learning.
  3. Give attention to high scoring chapters that carry most weightage.
  4. Emphasize on conceptual clarity.
  5. Summarise better with short notes, flash cards, flowcharts and mind maps.

Is Dr Ali biology enough for NEET?

Dr ALI objective biology book is enough for practicing for good marks in neet. Dear Aspirant, NEET is a big competitive exam and no one book is enough for neet. You need to study from a various combination of study materials like coaching materials, NCERT textbooks, helpbooks, previous year papers, etc.

Is MTG enough for NEET?

Answer. Yes, MTG is certainly good source of short notes (which will save your time while revising) as well as quetsions.

Which YouTube channel is best for biology class 11?

Biology Class 11th Top 5 Youtube Channels to Learn Online Free
  1. Shiksha House.
  2. Unacademy NEET.
  3. Singh creations Education.
  4. Etoos Education.
  5. Biophilic - Bhawna puri.

Who is the best teacher of biology in YouTube?

Shomu's Biology- The channel's videos are aimed at high school and undergraduate Biology students , however, anyone will find it informative and interesting. The channel was set up and is run by, Suman Bhattacharjee.

Is YouTube enough to crack NEET?

YouTube sessions are not enough for NEET/ JEE preparation. The majority of these sessions are of low and moderate quality, and they lack 2-way interaction between teacher and students. You need teachers who clear the instant doubts in live online classes.

Which class is best for Biology?

10 Best Classes for NEET UG Biology in 2020
  • HINDI. Biology. ...
  • HINDI. Structural Organisation. ...
  • ENGLISH. Biology. ...
  • ENGLISH. Biology. ...
  • HINDI. Structural Organisation. ...
  • ENGLISH. Previous Year & Mock Questions. ...
  • HINDI. Biology. ...
  • HINDI. Structural Organisation. Learn Important Topics of Biology through PYQs - Part 1.

Who is best Biology teacher for NEET?

I would suggest you to follow Neela Bakore Tutorials as her teaching methodology is good and also she maintains the level that is required for AIIMS . You can also follow vedantu on you tube as the biology teachers are good on that platform . Just clear up your basics and revise NCERT as many times as possible .

Which is the best youtube channel for class 12th Biology?

Biology Class 12th Top 5 Youtube Channels to Learn Online Free
  2. iWiz Education.
  3. Biology in Hindi.
  4. ExamFear Education.
  5. Singh creations Education.

How do you get 360 in NEET biology?

NEET has 180 questions in total with the maximum marks that can be scored is 720, where Physics and Chemistry have 45 questions each while Biology carries 360 marks, with 90 questions in total. Hence, for you to score 360 in biology, you must get all 90 questions from Botany and Zoology subsections bang on.

How many chapters are there in 11th biology?

List of Chapters in NCERT Biology Class 11 Book. There are about 22 chapters in the NCERT Biology Class 11 book which shed light on various facets of the field like Cell Cycle, Anatomy, Digestion, Mineral Nutrition, etc.

Is NEET easy to score 600?

Cracking NEET successfully is through the combination of consistency and determination. The previous year, close to 8 lakh students cleared NEET out of which some cleared the exam with a score above 600. This must give aspirants a good idea of the cut-throat competition.

Is Dr Ali objective biology good for NEET?

4.0 out of 5 stars Good book for neet. Good book with too many questions. Almost every chapter have 200 and above questions.

Which is the best chemistry practice book for NEET?

Best Books for NEET 2022 – Chemistry
  • NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class XI and XII.
  • Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon.
  • ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern.
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee.
  • Dinesh Chemistry Guide.
  • Practise books by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic), MS Chauhan (Organic) and N Awasthi (Physical)

Is Ncert enough for NEET biology 360?

hi, ncert books is enough to clear your concepts of PCB but this is not enough to crack 360 full marks. you need to study MTG publications PCB books and last previous years papers. you may also follow arihant physics and chemistry books for various types of numerical problems.

How do you score a 200 mark biology NEET?

For the NEET preparation focusing only on biology is Ok but you have to attempt the chemistry and physics portion equally too. As you said you are good at biology and have strong basics and you study regularly and revise it too. Then, yes you can score 200+ in 10 days. - Study regularly at fixed time.

How do you get 150 marks in NEET biology?

8 Top Tips on How To Score 150+ in Physics and Chemistry in NEET...
  1. Master NEET Marking Scheme. ...
  2. Have a Plan. ...
  3. Pick The Best Study Material. ...
  4. Find a Mentor. ...
  5. Solve Papers. ...
  6. Trial Run with Mock Tests. ...
  7. Focus on Concept Clarity. ...
  8. Get your Doubts Solved.