Who is mrunal Patel?

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Mrunal has practiced public accounting since 2000. He has experience in providing tax services to both public and private companies in the consumer products, apparel, and manufacturing and distribution industries.

Who is mrunal Patel Upsc?

Mrunal Patel is nowadays very popular among civil service aspirants in India. His simplicity and modesty always attract students and methods of teaching rarely replicable. He is teaching an Economy for civil service aspirants at an online education platform. Mrunal Patel's books for IAS Prelims are also very famous.

What is meant by mrunal?

(Mrunal Pronunciations)

In Local: Name Mrunal generally means Lotus stack, is of Indian origin, Name Mrunal is a Unisex name, which means both Boy and Girl can have this name. This name is shared across persons, who are either Jain or Hindu by religion.

Is mrunal economy free?

Mrunal's win20CSP series contains FREE Economy updates that occurred after Prelim-2019- for the benefit of those appearing in Prelims-2020!

How is mrunal Sir for economy Quora?

Fast forward to 2021, Mrunal Sir is undoubtedly one of the best faculties for Indian Economy for UPSC. His lectures are one of the best sources for building the foundation. His teaching skills are such that one can relate, connect and recall the concepts whenever required.

Biography of Mrunal Patel

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Are mrunal videos free?

The video lectures help the students to learn on the go as they can start preparing when they have free time. The availability of standard lectures in your smart devices can help you learn without any doubts.

How do I revise mrunal?

You must have to go first through the NCERT'S and Reference books and then have to revise same portion from your institute's materials. This is the only correct way to study for any GS paper. Hence follow either Mrunal IAS notes or Sriram IAS notes for revision purpose. It's completely your choice.

What is Win20CSP?

Win20CSP series contains FREE Economy updates for Mrunal's past UPSC students for future future Prelims and Mains of UPSC Civil IAS/IPS exam.

What is mrunal economy?

Mrunal Patel

Renowned UPSC Faculty Mrunal Patel will be teaching Economy including its theory, Contemporary Issues & Current Affairs, including the latest Budget and Economic Survey. This course is primarily targeted for UPS...

Where can I get free notes for UPSC?

This post contains links to all UPSC study materials (notes) provided by ClearIAS. All online notes are completely free.
UPSC Books and Study Materials for Free Download
  • NCERT Books Download.
  • Yojana Magazine Download.
  • Kurukshetra Magazine.
  • Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine.
  • IGNOU Books.
  • ClearIAS downloads.

What is the meaning of name Mrunmayee in Marathi?

Mrunmayee is Marathi Girl name and meaning of this name is "Earth; Goddess Sita".

Is mrunal a male or female name?

A submission from India says the name Mrunal means "Mrunal is a Masculine name but named after both boys and girls and it's meaning is lotus stack" and is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin. According to 2 people from India, the name Mrunal is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin and means "Root of lotus".

How is mrunal Quora?

mrunal videos are extremely good,if you are not getting anything from books, you can watch those 85 videos but i would say that if you are able to understand concept from books then read it and in case of any confusion, as mrunal sir has mentioned topic of videos in each one, you can watch those specific videos in ...

How many videos are there in mrunal economy?

Mrunal Economy [2020] - 1 To 38 Lectures [spiral Bound] (Paperback, MRUNAL) These are the complete lecture series by Mrunal sir for IAS mains entrance .

Who became IAS without coaching?

This IAS officer is Sarjana Yadav of Delhi who prepared for UPSC exams without any coaching and with a job. Sarjana Yadav became an IAS officer in 2019 by securing 126 rank all over India, in civil services exam which was her third attempt.

Are mrunal videos available in English?

Besides, same content is available in English-text articles and English PPTs on the site.

What is twin balance sheet problem mrunal?

Economic survey notes that the level of NPA in Indian economy, is among the highest in the BRICS nations! This NPA problem has created stress in the balance sheets of both the corporate and public sector banks, hence a new term was coined “twin balance sheet problem”.

What should I read in microeconomics mrunal?

  • MiE/P1: Microeconomics- Type of Goods, Giffen-Veblen-Inferior, Elasticity of Demand & Supply.
  • MiE/P2: Types of Market Structures, Marginal Utility Curve, Avg. Cost, Economies of Scale.

How are mrunal notes for UPSC Quora?

Mrunal sir's economy notes are good, you can read them. But I will suggest you to watch mrunals videos on YouTube, and making notes out of that. It will help getting your basics done. Then you can read Srirams IAS notes for more clarity and following the newspaper on a daily basis is sufficient for economy.

Where can I find mrunal economic notes Quora?

Budget and Economic survey , Current affairs form daily news paper and 1 current affairs magazine. These sources r enough for economy. Yes, you can refer to mrunal sir's notes for Prelims and Mains.

What is Win series of mrunal?

Mrunal's Win21CSP series contains FREE Economy updates that occurred in 2020 and 2021 for the benefit of those appearing in future Prelims and Mains of UPSC Civil Services Exam!

How are mrunal videos Quora?

How is the Mrunal video lectures helpful in the preparation of the civil services exam (both in PT and Mains)? - Quora. Mrunal videos helped me a lot. These videos are free of cost and have one of the best quality. Those who can not afford coaching classes and those who stay far away from Delhi, must watch these videos ...

How can I cover economics for UPSC?

UPSC Prelims: How to Cover Indian Economy in 50 Days
  1. Day 1 – 2: Read class IX NCERT textbook 'Economics'. ...
  2. Day 3 – 5: Read class X NCERT textbook 'Understanding Economic Development'. ...
  3. Day 6 -7: At this point, solve previous years' questions papers of both the prelims and the mains.

What is the meaning of Sakshi?

Sakshi comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “witness,” frequently used as a given name in India and other South Asian cultures. In contemporary slang in India, it can refer to a cute, fun, young woman. Related words: atman. cutie.