Why did you choose MCA?

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An MCA degree helps students to pick up skills to develop tools that enhance the working of applications. The MCA course came into being when the industry realized that there was a dearth of skilled IT professionals. Several colleges also offer integrated MCA programmes.

Why do you want to be an MCA?

MCA qualified students can find jobs easily in government and private sector. Numerous job are available in both the sectors. Candidates can get profiles as per their skills and caliber. If you pursue the course from a well-recognized university, you will get the better jobs and career opportunities in this field.

What are the benefits of doing MCA?

Benefits of Doing MCA Course
  • Technical Education. MCA is a technical and professional degree with a lot of value. ...
  • Employment. Even BCA students get good jobs, so, you can imagine how good it must be for the MCA graduates. ...
  • High Salary. ...
  • On Trend. ...
  • Better Equipped for Future.

Is MCA a good career option?

Compared to the existing number of jobs in the IT field, more recruitments or hirings may take place in the coming years. Therefore, MCA can be one of the best career options for the aspirants who are looking for jobs in the IT sector.

Why did you choose BCA?

Enormous Career Opportunities:

BCA provides the students with theoretical knowledge and practical experience that helps them to go for various job possibilities in the sphere of computer application from handling projects to complex programming. A BCA degree prepares the students to deal with anything and everything.

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What did you learn during BCA?

The study period of BCA includes various subjects such as Programming in C Language (Basic and Advanced), Networking, World-Wide-Web, Data Structure, C Language Programming, Database Management, Mathematics, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming using C++, Programming Languages, JAVA, Operating Systems, Web ...

What can we learn from BCA?

BCA Course Subjects and Specialisations
  • Animation.
  • Accounting Applications.
  • Systems Analysis.
  • Personal Information Management.
  • Programming Languages.
  • Internet Technologies.
  • Computer Graphics.
  • Music and Video Processing.

Is MCA good for future?

Since MCA is a degree of great scope, you can get a job after completing this as well! Hardware Engineer: Yes, you read it right. You can become a hardware engineer after an MCA degree as it will help you understand the postulates of designing, installing, and troubleshooting telecommunications systems.

What is best after MCA?

System Analyst

He provides better and improved business solutions—one of the best career options after MCA. They use analysis and design techniques and implement them with technology. They design systems to improve the current scenario by implementing the solutions.

Is MCA a waste of time?

Master in Computer Applications is not considered a waste as you said. It definitely has its own value. The term MCA is coined and applicable only in India.

Does MCA have value?

As per Payscale, the salary of an MCA graduate in India is around 7.96 lakh per annum. Entry-level applicants generally earn around Rs 2-3 LPA. Experienced professionals could expect their package to be somewhere around 20-22 LPA.

Which MCA specialization is best?

Here are the top MCA specialisations in India:
  • MCA in Management Information Systems (MIS) ...
  • MCA in Systems Management. ...
  • MCA in Systems Engineering. ...
  • MCA in Systems Development. ...
  • MCA in Cloud Computing. ...
  • MCA in Mobile Computing. ...
  • MCA in Networking. ...
  • MCA in Hardware Technology.

Which is tough MBA or MCA?

Is MBA a more difficult course or MCA? Both MBA and MCA are challenging courses with a stringent curriculum. For candidates who have studied BCA, MCA will seem to be an easier course because of similar curriculum. Similarly, MBA will sem to be an easier course after BBA.

What is syllabus of MCA?

MCA Syllabus IGNOU

Semester 1. Semester 2. Design and Analysis of Algorithms. Data Communication and Computer Networks. Discrete Mathematics.

Can MCA student get job in Google?

Thanks. If you are strongly skilled in respective areas, you can definitely get the job. Even you don't need for computer science degree then. If you are strongly skilled in respective areas, you can definitely get the job.

Can I become teacher after MCA?

As per my knowledge yes you can become a lecturer after completing your master's degree i.e, MCA without pursuing B. ed. You can join as a government teacher But for that, you need to clear a government teacher exam known as PGT (Post Graduate Teacher).

What is MCA full form?

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

How tough is MCA?

Critics cite numerous reasons as to hold MCA as one of the toughest amongst the postgraduate level programs. The various applications that are extensively covered by this course make it quite formidable.

Is MCA is equal to B Tech?

MCA is generally assumed equivalent to B. Tech in IT and CSE field as course structure is same but B. tech provides more scope and generally B. tech candidates are preffered over MCA and higher salary is offered.

Is BCA good for future?

It is very good for a person who further wants to make his/her future in field of computer programming and software developing. A person with BCA degree can easily get job in the big IT companies. A BCA student can also go for further studies like for MCA or MBA. It is worth doing if u do it from a good college.

Is BCA an engineer?

The BCA is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications for duration of 3 years. After completing BCA, a student can go for MCA which is a master course in computer application and is considered equivalent to engineering course (B. Tech).

Is MCA necessary after BCA?

It's not necessary to do MCA after BCA. If you are looking for good career growth then you have to choose MCA. But my personal opinion is doing MCA will mostly waste of time and if you are joining a job you will get 3 or 2 years experience in the industry.

Which BCA specialization is best?

Top Specializations you can opt for after BCA
  • Computer System Analyst.
  • Software Engineers or Programmer.
  • Database Administrator.
  • Software Publisher.
  • Software Application Architect.
  • Software Consultants Hardware Engineer.
  • Web Designer/Web Developer.
  • Senior Technical Consultant.

What is eligibility for BCA?

Basic BCA eligibility criteria in most Indian colleges

Candidate must have passed 12th in any stream or equivalent from a recognized board. Candidate must have a minimum aggregate of 50% in Class 12th exam. Candidates who appearing for their final 12th board exam,s can also apply for admission.

Should I study BCA?

After receiving a BCA degree you can be among the top most well paid freshers in the industry. The average annual salary package for a computer application engineer is approximately INR 5 lakhs. So if you want to kickstart your career with a lucrative base salary then BCA is the programme you need to pursue.