Will the Marines take you with a GED?

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For the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), the GED diploma is recognized and accepted as a basic enlisting qualification. Be aware, though, that you can join the U.S. Marines without holding a high school diploma, but you are required to meet strict additional requirements before your application will be accepted.

Will the military take someone with a GED?

Can You Join the Military With a GED? Yes! You can join the military with a GED. The military often requires a high school diploma, but it is still very possible for you to become a member of the armed services after you earn a GED.

What military branches accept GED?

The GED credential is accepted for purposes of enlistment into the Marine Corps, but it is not equivalent to a high school diploma. The Commandant of the Marine Corps mandates that 95 percent of Marine Corps enlistees will be Tier 1. The GED credential is considered as Tier 2. A high school diploma is Tier 1.

Do you need a diploma to join the Marines?

To enlist as a Marine, you must obtain your high school diploma and be a legal U.S. resident between 17 and 28. To commission as a Marine Officer, you must be a United States citizen between 20 and 28 and have obtained both a high school diploma and a bachelor's degree.

Can high school dropouts join the military 2021?

Joining the US Army is possible even if you don't have a high school or college diploma.

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Do Marines take high school dropouts?

Marine Corps minimum GED scores

The USMC (United States Marine Corps) recognizes GED diplomas as basic qualifications for enlisting. So if you don't hold a high school diploma, you still can join the Marines Corps but you'll have to meet additional requirements to get accepted.

Does the military check for high school diploma?

NOTE: A high school diploma does not guarantee enlistment. The military reviews a number of factors including academic history, good scores on the ASVAB test, results from recruiter interviews and pre-enlistment physicals, and many other factors that may play a part in the enlistment process.

Do you have to have a GED to join the military?

Those seeking to join the U.S. Army must have a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) certificate to enlist. However, that almost certainly will not be enough—the Army only allows a tiny fraction of its total enlistments each year to have a GED.

What GPA is required for the Marines?

How high of a GPA do you need to join the Marines? The minimum required high school GPA is 2.5. Besides, you must score no lower than a 920 on your SAT and 19 or more on your ACT.

Can high school dropouts join the military?

Every branch of the military will accept applications from someone who doesn't have a high school diploma. You must, however, have a GED certificate. The military only enlists a small amount of GED candidates each year based on a percentage of the total number of people enlisting.

Is the GED test hard?

The GED test is hard because it is very time-pressured. But if you prepare with good resources, the GED is quite easy. The GED test gives you limited time (from 70 to 150 minutes, depending on the subject) for around 35-40 questions per subject.

Is joining the military at 26 too old?

If you're interested in joining the Air Force at 25 years old, or any branch of the military, you're in luck. All branches, the U.S. government says, impose a minimum enlistment age of 17.

Can you join the military while in high school?

Split-option enlistment -- As a junior in high school, you can enlist in the Army National Guard and not interrupt your high school education. You start by attending basic training the summer after your junior year. You will return home in time for your senior year in the fall.

What are the requirements to join the Marines?

What Are the Qualifications to Join the Marine Corps?
  • To enlist, you must be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien.
  • Meet exacting physical, mental and moral standards.
  • Be between the ages of 17-28. ...
  • Have a high school diploma.
  • Take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.

Can you join Marines at 17?

WHAT IS THE MARINES AGE REQUIREMENT TO ENLIST? You must be 17 years old to contact a Marine Recruiter and enlist in the Marine Corps. If you meet those requirements, please contact a local recruiter by requesting more information. You will also receive information in the mail about the Marine Corps.

How many Marine recruits drop out?

Across Branches of the Military

The Navy, Army, and Marines have recruits drop out at roughly the same rate as each other, between 11 and 14 percent annually. Contrary to what many think, the goal of officers in basic training isn't just to push recruits to drop out.

How old do you have to be to join the Marines?

Age Limits for Enlisting

You must be at least 17 to enlist in any branch of the active military. The oldest you can be to enlist for active duty in each branch is: Coast Guard: 31. Marines: 28.

What disqualifies you from joining the military?

There are age, citizenship, physical, education, height/weight, criminal record, medical, and drug history standards that can exclude you from joining the military.

Can you join the army at 16?

You must be at least 16 years old to join the Army as a soldier. You can start your application when you're 15 years and 7 months. Be enlisted before your 36th birthday. If you're under 18, you'll also need parental consent to join.

Can you be a Marine for 2 years?

As do the other services, the Marine Corps participates in the National Call to Service Program. While this program is often referred to as "two-year" enlistments, the actual required time on active duty is 15 months, following basic training and job training.

Do grades matter in the military?

You must have your diploma in most cases but your grades don't matter. YOu must obtain minimum scores on the ASVAB and of course your eligibility for particular jobs will be determined by your ASVAB.

Does GPA matter in the military?

GPAs And Enlisting In The United States Military

In general, an applicant's high school GPA itself won't matter–the real question is did you get a high school diploma?

Is GED multiple choice?

The GED is a computer-based test. The types of questions you'll see include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, drop-down, and extended response, among others. Each exam has a possible score range of 100-200 points, with a passing score of 145.

Will the GED test change in 2021?

On September 1, the price of the Online Proctored (OP) GED test subjects will increase by $6 in most states. You can check here to see the current price. The price for in-person testing, which 75% of students continue to choose, will not change.